Skill Levels Required:
42 Mining
44 Slayer
A high combat level.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Food, Armor, and a weapon.
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
Speak to Surok Magis by the statue of Saradomin, east of Varrock.
  1. Make your way to the statue of Saradomin near the Earth Altar, east of Varrock, and speak with Surok Magis. He will tell you that it wasn't hard to escape from the library and will order you to leave. When you attempt to arrest him, a cut scene will occur in which he casts a spell on you and disappears into the statue.

    Note: If you have not excavated the statue during the What Lies Below and Surok Magis is not at the statue, then speak with Anna Jones sitting on a bench next to the statue and she will give you a Bronze pickaxe. Excavate the statue and enter it. Climb back out and Surok Magis will appear.

    Statue and Surok

  2. Enter the open statue and you will appear in the hidden lair of the Dagon'hai, that leads to the Chaos Altar. A cut scene will occur in which Surok Magis escapes through a portal. Head into the first room to the west, where Dakh'thoulan Aegis is wondering around, and step into the portal.

    Note: Before entering the Chaos Tunnels, make sure you have an Anti-dragon shield, Prayer potions, Antipoisons Armor, weapon, Food, and a one-click teleport option with you.

    Chaos Tunnels Entrance

  3. Now, you have to follow Surok Magis's footsteps in the Chaos Tunnels (See map below). While traveling through the tunnels, make sure that you enter all the potals with footprints next to them. However, not all rooms contain portals with footprints. During your hunt, two cut scenes will occur; one in which Surok Magis kills two Fire giants and another one in which he summons two Big wolves (level 62), that you can simply ignore.

    Note: Beware of the aggressive monsters in the tunnels. For more information on the monsters, refer to the Chaos Tunnels map.


  4. After having reached the end of the long path, you will appear in a room with aggressive Dagannoths (level 88). In the southwestern corner you will see a portal, leading you to Surok Magis. Step into the portal.

    Note: If you have used up too much of your supplies, it is advised to not enter the room with the Dagannoths (level 88) and instead to leave the tunnels by teleporting out of the room with non-aggressive Nechryaels. You may then visit a bank and return to the portal using the shorter route mentioned on the map above.

    Portal to Bork

  5. Cut scene will occur in which Surok tells you that he has lured you here to liquidate you. He will then summon Bork (level 107). Bork can hit up to 2500 damage with his melee attack and will summon Ork legions (level 86) to aid him in the battle. It is advised to keep auto-retaliate off and simply ignore the legions. During the battle, Surok Magis will attack you with spells that deal up to 500 damage.

    Melee Strategy: Turn on the Protect from Melee prayer and keep it on at all times. Do not switch prayers for Surok Magis or Bork will deal a lot of damage to you. Use your best crush weapon and heal yourself after Surok's attacks.

    Magic/Ranged Strategy: Turn on the Protect from Melee prayer and lure Bork towards the western edge of the U-shaped section of the northern wall (See image below). When Bork is within melee range, quickly run to the other side of the U-shaped section. Bork will be trapped and unable to hit you. Switch to Protect from Magic to negate Surok's attack. Players using this safespot only need to switch to Protect from Melee/Ranged when Bork summons his Ork legions (level 86).

    Bork Fight

  6. After killing off Bork, you will see Bork's last breath and fall. Surok Magis will escape and the cave will start collapsing. Pick up the drops and teleport out of the cave.

    Congratulations! Mini-quest Complete!

Daily Bork Battle:

After the mini-quest, you will be allowed to fight Bork once a day for additional experience and rewards. For this daily battle you can take the short route (See map above) instead of the long route via the lair of the Dagon'hai. To shorten the route to reach Bork even more, you can use the Mask of Dust/Helm of Devilry, Helm of Grotesquery/Mask of Granite, or Hoardstalker ring to teleport to the Chaos Tunnels.

The base Slayer experience and rewards increase if: a Ring of wealth or higher Luck item is worn, upon the completion of The Mighty Fall quest, and/or completion of the Hard Varrock Tasks. For more information, check the tables below.

Note: If you leave during your daily battles, you will not be able to access the room again and will have to wait till the next day to return. This daily resets at midnight GMT.

Slayer Experience
First Kill Additional Kills
Base experince Hard Varrock Tasks The Mighty Fall Hard Varrock Tasks
+The Mighty Fall
5,000 1,000 3,000 4,000 8,000

Item Quanity of items recieved per kill
Base drops Ring of wealth
or higher equipped
Hard Varrock Tasks The Mighty Fall Ring of wealth
+Hard Varrock Tasks
Ring of wealth
+The Mighty Fall
Hard Varrock Tasks
+The Mighty Fall
Ring of wealth
+Hard Varrock Tasks
+The Mighty Fall
Big Bones 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Coins 2-10,000 2-10,000 4-20,000 2-10,000 4-20,000 2-10,000 4-20,000 4-20,000
Blue Charm 5 5 10 10 10 10 20 20
Crimson Charms 7 10 14 10 17 13 20 23
Green Charms 2 3 4 5 5 6 10 11
Uncut dragonstone 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Uncut diamond 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 2
Uncut Ruby 1 2 2 1 3 2 4 5
Uncut Emerald 1 3 2 1 4 3 2 4
Uncut Sapphire 1 0 2 1 1 0 2 1

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