Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Goblin potion, Ghostspeak amulet (unless you have Morytania Hard Tasks completed), Ring of visibility (unless you've received Sliske’s Gift), a Dramen staff or Lunar staff (unless you've completed Fairy Tale Part III), Law rune, and Air rune.
Items Recommended:
Food and prayer potions for lower level players.
13,750 Prayer experience.
Starting Point:
Ancient Goblin Temple.
  1. Unequip all items, gather your Ghostspeak amulet and Ring of visibility (if necessary), and travel to the cave by the Fishing Guild. It is suggested to bring some food and prayer potions along as well, particularly if you are a lower combat level.

    Cave entrance

  2. Enter the cave and make your way North West until you reach the entrance to the Goblin Temple. Drink your Goblin potion and climb down the stairs. Remember, sunlight and any strenuous activity (combat) will negate the potions effects, causing you to become human again.

    Goblin entrance

  3. Inside the temple, head North and enter the door to the crypt.


  4. Equip your Ghostspeak amulet and Ring of visibility, and the ghost of Hopespear will appear before you. Talk to him and a long conversation will ensue. Ask him "Why are you here?" and tell him "I visited Yu'biusk". He will then ask you to take the bones of the five priests buried nearby to Yu'biusk and bury them there.


  5. In order to make the priests drop their bones instead of just collapsing, you must engage in ritual combat. This means unequipping everything (except for your Ring of visibility and Ghostspeak amulet) and defeating them all bare-handed. You cannot mage them, nor can you equip anything in the midst of the fight. They use a combination of melee, magic, and ranged to defeat you. Strongbones will also summon a group of level 15 Skoblins to help him.

    Note that the priests can be summoned and defeated in any order, however, it may be easiest to defeat them in the same order as before: Snothead, Snailfeet, Mosschin, Redeyes, Strongbones. To summon them you will need to say their name at their grave marker. Each priest will drop a special bone when defeated correctly.


    Note: Players may not be able to pick up the goblin priests' bones after killing them due to a glitch. This can be solved by using Telekinetic Grab spell on the bones, hence the runes brought along.

  6. After defeating all the priests, take their bones (and your Dramen staff or Lunar staff if needed) to the nearest Fairy Ring. Dial B-L-Q to teleport to Yu'biusk.


  7. Bury the bones anywhere in Yu’biusk and each priest will grant you Prayer experience, totaling to 13,750.


    Congratulations! You have laid the Goblin High Priests to rest!

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