Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Starting Point:
Either one of Laniakea's island locations. Her South Eastern ruins location is advised.
  1. When you begin talking to Laniakea, ask her about herself (option 3) and then ask her about poisons (option 4). She will begin telling you about poisons in general which will culminate in asking you to help her obtain a rare fish called Fugu. Agree to help her and you can begin collection supplies to catch it. If you have not yet obtained the Totem of navigation top from the rubble to the East of Laniakea, now is a great time to do so.


    Supplies can be obtained in any order, the steps below are in order assuming you have begun the miniquest at Laniakea's location within the South Eastern ruins. This creates a quick, efficient route enabling you to complete the miniquest in less time.

    Supplies Map

  2. Once you have finished talking to Laniakea, walk down the stairs at the South end of the ruins. Once you have reached the bottom of the dirt ramp that leads to the stairs, walk slightly West and investigate the rocks. Here you will find a Block of stone.

    Block of Stone

  3. From here travel North to the Overgrown Idols. Across the river from the Eastern Idol is a cluster of dense jungle vine. Searching this you will find a Jungle vine to use in creating your fishing rod.

    Jungle Vine

  4. Continue North and make your way to the Herby Werby entrance. To the East of the pit you will see some strange foliage. Investigating it will allow you to obtain Ancient arbuck.

    Ancient Arbuck

  5. Use a Digsite pendant, or home teleport to Varrock, and make your way to Stormbreaker. Board the ship and travel to Anachronia. Once on the island, search the crate along the North edge of the ship to receive an Old spring.

    Old Spring

  6. Walk East along the coast until you reach the Southern peninsula. Near the end of this landmass, you will encounter a Strange bird. Inspect it to pluck a Shimmering feather from its plumage.

    Shimmering Feather

  7. Assuming you began this Miniquest with Raw arcane apoterrasaur meat, you can now teleport to the Base Camp. If you forgot to collect it beforehand, you can either complete an instance of Big Game Hunter or purchase one from the Grand Exchange.


  8. Once you arrive at the Base Camp, walk South and speak to either Eliza or Alpheus – Note that you must have completed the Tutorial with Giles before you will be able to do this. They will notice your Block of stone and assist you in obtaining a Dirty stick from it and suggest that it can be cleaned. Click the bucket to the West of them and you will clean it off to obtain an Immaculate jungle stick.

    Base Camp

  9. Now that you have all necessary items, it is time to start combining them. Use the Immaculate jungle stick and Jungle vine on each other to create a Custom jungle fishing rod. Use the Ancient arbuck on the Raw arcane apoterrasaur meat to create Herby meat, then use this meat with the Old spring and Shimmering feather to create Custom fishing lure.

    Making Magic

  10. With your new fishing gear in tow, travel to the West of the volcano where you will find a Strange fishing spot. You are not required to stand immediately along the coast(as seen in the image), you will be able to reach the spot from the level above. Cast your lure and you will quickly catch a Fugu.

    Secret Fishing Spot

  11. Return to Laniakea, at either of her locations, and speak with her. She will excitedly thank you for managing to catch a Fugu for her. She will then exchange your catch for the Totem of intimidation middle.

    Lose Ends

Congratulations, Miniquest complete!


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