Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
450 Chimes, 5 Bamboo, and 15 Fish oil.
Items Recommended:
Combat equipment and food.
1,000 Chimes, 30 Fish oil, 5 Taijitu, Bundle of bamboo, unlock the Moai decoration for your claimed isle, a Medium Agility lamp, and an additional crew member.
Starting Point:
Waiko Moai, at the North Eastern corner of Waiko Island.
  1. Travel to Waiko and head east until you reach Khan's house, then head north up the pathway. There, talk with Waiko Moai.


  2. After talking with Waiko, travel to the island of Aminishi. Once you land on the island follow the beach West then North to find Aminishi Moai.


  3. Return to Waiko and talk to Rosie(supplies) in the Waiko market.


  4. Travel to Whale's Maw and head North West. Find then talk to Sea Witch Kaula.


  5. You now have to return to Waiko and talk to Rosie about how to build a bowl. You will need to obtain 150 Chimes and 5 Bamboo. You will also get a soil bag. Simply travel to Aminishi and fill the bag from the beach.


  6. After you hand it everything to Rosie, you will need to find Yuehanxun the Dealer. You can find her to the path East of the Waiko bamboo patch. You will need to gather 15 Fish oil and then return to her.


  7. Travel to Aminishi and find Cap'n Ekahi about using his ship. He will let you for 300 chimes. After getting permission to use the ship you can now go talk to Aminishi Moai about being moved. She will be carried off and loaded onto the ship.


  8. Make sure you have any combat gear with before start this step. If you are prepared go and talk to Cap'n Ekahi and then use the rowboat. While traveling on the ship, Cap'n Ekahi and two ogres will attack you. All three ceatures scale to your level and attack with melee. After wounding them they will bring you back to Waiko. You can safespot these by stepping behind the mast.


  9. Once you land you can go talk to Waiko Moai to end the mini-quest!

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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