Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
250 Chimes, 2 Taijitu, 1 Medium Construction XP lamp, and a notable setback.
Starting Point:
Talk to Jemi on the Cyclosis dock.
  1. While on Cyclosis, talk to Jemi at the dock. She will suggest that there may be answers to Ekahi's malady on Tuai Leit.

    Note: This miniquest must be started on the Cyclosis dock. Speaking to Jemi anywhere else will not give you the option to start.


  2. Travel to Tuai Leit by talking to Quartermaster Gully and you will be on the way.


  3. Unfortunately, this voyage doesn't seem to go as smoothly as the others. On the way there you are intercepted by a large ship with black sails. The Harbinger!


  4. The Harbinger will fire harpoons at your ship, making you guys "sitting ducks", before their captain boards and demands you hand over Ekahi.

    Not Happening

  5. After a reunion of sorts, Cora informs you that if Gully is anything like the man she once knew there is no way he will allow you to hand over Ekahi. As a result, the Harbinger will open fire upon your ship.

    Rest in Peace

  6. You will only have access to the main part of your ship, you will not be able to climb the stairs and repair the other parts. Your mission now is to repair the holes blasted in your ship while the rest of your crew works to free the ship from the Harbinger's harpoons. Before a blast lands there will be a white bulls-eye where it will hit. If you are standing too close to the location, you will be hit for 470 damage. Once your crew as freed the ship, you will sail away to safety.

    Fire at Will

  7. Your damaged ship will now arrive in Tuai Leit. A bit worse for wear, but still alive, you have reached your destination and survived an attack from the Harbinger.

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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