Skill Levels Required:
None for picking a faction, see jobs section for specific requirements.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
To complete all the jobs you will require: Armour and weapons, 9 Bronze bars or 3 Eggs, 16 of the same type of Log or 16 of the same type of Cloth, one of each of the following runes; Fire rune, Earth rune, Air rune, Water rune, Body rune, and Mind rune.
Items Recommended:
Teleport runes for easy travel.
A title, a wieldable banner in your faction colors, 44,000 combat experience, 13,000 Agility experience, 52,250 non-combat skill experience (detailed below), Book of the Gods, a Relic helm in your faction colors.
Starting Point:
One of the faction Emissaries (See below).

Table of Contents

The Emissaries

The Emissaries have appeared on Gielinor trying to convince you to join their cause with their words. Speaking to each emissary will allow you to ask who each god is, why you should follow them and what they want.

You can change which faction you support at anytime. Changing your faction will keep your progress in any jobs you have completed for the emissary, but will replace your banner and Relic helm (if you have it) with the versions from your new faction. You will also have your title replaced with the new faction title.

Alignment Name Image Location Location
Armadyl Taw'paak Taw'Paak South of Falador Taw'Paak's location
Bandos Murknose Murknose Goblin Village Murknose's location
Saradomin Julienne Julienne Falador Julienne's location
Seren Endwyr Endwyr South of Port Sarim Endwyr's location
Sliske Relomia Relomia Draynor Village Relomia's location
The Godless Holstein Holstein Port Sarim Holstein's location
Zamorak Moldark Moldark Edgeville Moldark's location
Zaros Soran Soran Varrock Soran's location

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Jobs (Members only)

To receive jobs from emissaries you must be a RuneScape Member. All jobs you receive will be identical no matter which allegiance you pick. If you change your allegiance without completing all jobs then your progress will not be reset, and you can only complete each job once. The jobs are split up into three categories; combat, skill, and exploration. All jobs can be completed without returning to your emissary by simply using the Check Progress option on your banner.

Completing each job will award you some experience in the skill associated with that job. Completing a full set of jobs will improve your banner, giving it a special daily ability to improve your skills for 30 minutes.

As you complete jobs you will also unlock new pages in your Book of the Gods. When you complete you 3rd, 6th and 9th job you will get new pages for your chosen faction. After completing all jobs you will unlock all stories for all factions.

Combat Jobs

Combat jobs will have you fighting monsters around Gielinor until you have an Empowered curved fragment. There are a total of six combat jobs that will reward a total of 44,000 combat (Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic or Constitution) experience.

Job Details Requirements Reward
1 Kill 10 Goblins. After the tenth kill pick up the message, then use your banner to contact your emissary. None. 500 Combat XP
2 Kill Black knights or White knights until one drops a Message. (Note: White knights will not work if you emissary is Saradomin, Black knights will not work if your emissary is Zamorak.) 25 Attack, Magic or Ranged. 2k Combat XP
3 Go to Yanille, and click your banner at the flower patch near the house portal. Choose the "Start diversion" option. Once you start you will need to stay in combat with Yanille guards for 3 minutes. 30 Attack, Magic or Ranged. 4k Combat XP
4 Go to the Kalphite Hive and kill Kalphite workers until one drops a Curved artifact. 40 Attack, Magic or Ranged. 7.5k Combat XP
5 Kill Jogres until they drop 5 Jogre talismans, kill Blue dragons until one drops a Perfect blue dragon scale, kill any demons until one drops a Demon horn. Once you have all items contact your emissary. 50 Attack, Magic or Ranged. 10k Combat XP
6 For the final combat job take the Prepared curved artefact to the Fire runecrafting altar near the Duel Arena. Once you start the event you will be attack by a Black demon. 55 Attack, Magic or Ranged. 2x 10k Combat XP

After completing all 6 combat jobs your emissary will upgrade your banner, allowing you to contact them to gain a Combat Boost. This will increase your combat skills (Attack, Defence, Magic, Ranged, and Strength) by 5 levels for 30 minutes. This can be done once per day.

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Skill Jobs

Skill jobs will have you crafting and collecting fragments for your emissary until you have an Empowered metal artefact. There are a total of five skilling jobs that will reward a total of 53,250 experience in various skills.

Job Details Requirements Reward
1 After accepting the job either make 3 bowls of scrambled egg or 3 bronze 2h swords. What you make will determine the XP reward when you complete the job. 12 Cooking or 13 Smithing 750 Cooking or Smithing XP.
1,000 coins.
2 Find 5 metal fragments while you fish, mine or cut trees. Fragments can only be found in items that require level 30 or higher to collect. Whichever skill you use to gather your fragments will determine the XP reward. At least level 60 in either Fishing, Mining, or Woodcutting and level 30 in the other two. 4k Fishing, Mining, or Woodcutting XP.
3 Build a bonfire (uses 4 of the same type of log per bonfire), or a flag (uses 4 of the same type of cloth per flag) using your banner in the Varrock square, the Ardougne marketplace, the Draynor marketplace and at the Rimmington well. What you build will determine what XP you'll get as a reward when complete. 40 Crafting or Firemaking 7.5k Crafting or Firemaking XP.
4 Pickpocket bandits or guards (Menaphite thugs, Desert Bandits, Paladins, Heroes, or Knights of ardougne), or hunt implings (eclectic, spirit, nature, magpie, ninja, pirate, dragon, zombie, or kingly imps) anywhere in the world until you get 5 Metal fragments. 50 Hunter or 55 Thieving. 10k Hunter or Thieving XP.
5 For the last skill job you must collect 4 Small gemstones (use your banner on any mining ore), 4 Smooth stones (use your banner on any fishing spot), 4 Strong sticks (use your banner on any tree). At least one of these must be of high quality. Once you have all 12 items use the Metal artefact on an anvil to prepare it. Then add each of the following runes (in order); Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Body, and Mind. This will create an Empowered metal artefact.

Note: When you complete this job, you must have at least level 50 in the skill you want to use the XP reward on.
30 Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing.

70 Fishing or Woodcutting.

100 total in Crafting and Smithing.

200 total in Magic, Runecrafting, Summoning, or Prayer.
10k Fishing, Mining, or Woodcutting XP.

10k Crafting or Smithing XP.

10k Magic, Runecrafting, Summoning, or Prayer XP.

After completing all 5 skill jobs your emissary will upgrade your banner, allowing you to contact them to gain a Skill Boost. This will increase on of your skills (Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Firemaking, Fishing, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Runecrafting, Thieving, Woodcutting) by 2 levels for 30 minutes. This can be done once per day.

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Exploration Jobs

Exploration jobs will have you getting armour supplies for your chosen faction, as well as finding Strange fragments hidden around the world. There are a total of four exploration jobs that will reward a total of 13,000 Agility experience.

Job Details Requirements Reward
1 Speak to store owners, asking them to supply your faction with armour.
Helmets: Skulgrimen in Rellekka, Peska in Barbarian Village.
Platebodies: Horvik in Varrock, Zenesha in East Ardougne, Raum Urda-Stein in Jatizso.
Platelegs: Louie Legs in Al Kharid, Seddu in Nardah.
Shields: Cassie in Falador.
None. 500 Agility XP.
2 You must find 8 fragments hidden around the world. You will be given a note that gives a count of where they can be found. See the table below to see exact locations for all 12 fragments. None. 2k Agility XP.
3 Use your banner on prayer altars around the world until you find 4 hidden messages. It is random for each play as to where you'll find the messages. None. 3k Agility XP.
4 For your final exploration task you must take your Strange artefact to the fire, water, earth, air, mind and body runecrafting altars. When you touch one altar you must touch the opposite altar within 90 seconds of the first. The opposites are Water and Fire, Earth and Air, and finally Mind and Body. None. 7.5k Agility XP.

Fragment Locations

You only need to collect 8 of the 12 fragments for Exploration job 2. The fragments are the red dots seen in the middle of each minimap image. Each minimap has north pointing to the top.

Number Location Location Image
1 West of the Cooks' Guild in Varrock. Fragment 01
2 East of the Varrock lodestone, directly south of the prayer altar. Fragment 02
3 North-east of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, outside of the wall. Fragment 03
4 The cow field north-east of Lumbridge castle. Fragment 04
5 South-east of Draynor manor. Fragment 05
6 North of the fire runecrafting altar and the duel arena, east of the Al Kharid Mine. Fragment 06
7 West of the fire runecrafting altar. Fragment 07
8 East of the Gamers Grotto entrance, north of the north-east corner of Falador. Fragment 08
9 North-west of the Dwarven Mine entrance, north of Falador. Fragment 09
10 East of the clan camp, just outside the chicken pen of the Farm south Falador. Fragment 10
11 South-west of Melzar's Maze, north-west of Rimmington. Fragment 11
12 South of Port Sarim, east of the Seren emissary, Endwyr. Fragment 12

After completing all 4 exploration jobs your emissary will upgrade your banner, allowing you to contact them to gain an Exploration Boost. This will increase your Agility by 5 levels for 30 minutes. This can be done once per day.

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Once you have complete all three sets of jobs your Book of the Gods will be completed, and you will be able to read the stories for all 8 factions. You will also receive a Relic Helm in your faction colors, this helm is a level 60 hybrid helm.

Name Image Stat Enhancements
Damage Accuracy Style Speed
Banner of ** Banner of 111 150 Crushing Average

** is the name of your chosen faction.

Name Image Stat Enhancements
Armour Life Bonus
Relic helm of ** Relic Helm 146 0

** is the name of your chosen faction.

If you lose or destroy your faction Banner or Relic helm you can reclaim a new one from your faction emissary. The banner will cost you nothing, but you will be required to pay 80,000 coins to reclaim your Relic helm.

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