Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
500 Chimes, 2 Taijitu, 1 Medium XP lamp, Islands That Once Were Turtles teletab in Waiko reward shop, and a tragic backstory.
Starting Point:
Talk to Quartermaster Gully at any of his dock locations.
  1. While you can begin this miniquest at any of Gully's dock locations, it is suggested to start on Islands That Once Were Turtles, as that is where the entire miniquest takes place. That being the case, talk to Gully, you can ask him: what Cora was to him, what happened to her, why are you at the fort, and what is she up to now. Once done learning all you can from him you will begin to explore the island.


  2. Climb the rope ladder, just North East of the ship, and into the watchtower. Here you will find a Skulls Pirate. Talk to him and you will learn that Cora put him in his current state, but little else as it is "too traumatic" so you must continue your exploration.

    Skulls Pirate

  3. Climb down the ladder, continue North East until you reach another rope ladder on the East side of the causeway. Climb the ladder into the watchtower and talk to the Skulls mercenary. He will inform you that Cora trapped their minds within their bones some twenty years past. He hasn't moved or felt much since that day. After he insists that you leave him to his torment, climb down the ladder and continue to the ruined tower.

    Skulls Mercenary

  4. Climb the tower all the way to the top and speak with the Skulls thief. He will mostly just complain that he never got to do any pirate things. He was only recently initiated and wasn't around when Cora was first kidnapped and yet she had no mercy for him, thus he shares the fate of the other Skull pirates. He insists he is too depressed to talk about it more.

    Skulls Thief

  5. Walk down the tower and back to Gully. You will inform him of the things you learned talking to the dead Skulls pirates.

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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