Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
1,000 Thieving Experience
Starting Point:
  1. Speak with Darren Lightfinger to learn that he is looking into expanding the guild and thus he has purchased an expensive toy dragon made completely from rubies. The Plan is for you to steal it from Urist and demand his money back as the item cannot be delivered on time.


  2. Make your way to Varrock and talk to Urist. He will inform you that the commission is almost complete and is currently sitting on his stall.


  3. Walk slightly West and speak with the Market Guard near the fountain. Through some conversation, he will tell you that Urist values the talisman he keeps in his back pocket.


  4. Return to Urist, right click him, and choose pickpocket. Doing so, you will obtain Urist's talisman. Step several paces North of him and drop the item. Speak to Urist and he will go over to look at the talisman and complain.


  5. Quickly go to the Guard and distract him by accusing Gypsy Aris' sign of giving him the evil eye. Once he's distracted, go and steal the dragon from the stall.


  6. Soon Urist will return to his normal position, you can then talk to him to get a refund since he cannot find the dragon and cannot complete a new one on time. With the Toy baby dragon and a Banker's note in hand, return to the Guild and speak with Darren Lightfinger to give him both items. Your screen will black out and you will appear at the trap door - Mission complete.

    Caper One Complete

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