Quests Required:
Quests Recommended:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Medium xp lamp and Closure's ghost book cosmentic override
Starting Point:
Closure's study.
  1. Talking to Closure will bring to light that his study is a mess (not that you can tell the difference). Accept the Miniquest and Closure will tell you Relomia stole some of his biographies! He will also tell you that should she write in them, they would change the history of the people those biographies are about. He wants you to track her down. To help you find her, he will show you his memory of the break-in. Continue the dialogue and the memory will be played for you. You will conclude that her statement about getting a cold drink suggests she will be at the Blue Moon Inn, where you found her in Foreshadowing. Complete the dialogue with Closure and you will leave his memory.


  2. Head to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and talk to the Bartender. He will disappoint you by not being a fan looking for an autograph, but instead will have a handwritten message for you from Relomia. She has pulled a Bowser and told you that "Your Relomia is in another Inn." More importantly, she hints at her location by saying that she wants things to be a little more "BOARing" for you. Wouldn't you know it, the other major inn in the Varrock area is the Jolly Boar Inn, located North East of the city, right by the Wilderness trench, the Infernal Source Dig Site, and the Lumberyard.

    Blue Moon Inn

  3. Go to the Jolly Boar Inn (using an Archaeology journal (with 22 Archaeology) or a Lumber Yard Teleport are the fastest methods) and talk to Relomia at the South end of the building (right by the bar). After a brief argument, she will give you a Stack of Closure's biographies and vanish.

    Jolly Boar Inn

  4. Return to Closure with his biographies. He is grateful for the help, but will say it is too late. Ava, Merlin, and Ozan are already in the lobby waiting. He can't simply revert her changes to the books without some references to figure out what the original text said. He will tell you that if you talk to the people in the waiting room he can put you into their memories and you can help discover what needs to be fixed.

    Books Returned

  5. You can fix the memories in any order, but here we will cover them alphabetically. When you enter the memory of an individual you will have an Oneiric manipulator in your inventory. This will enable you to play, restart, or pause the memory. In each memory there will be three key details that Relomia has changed. Once you have used the Oneiric manipulator to play the memory once and then reset it, you will be able to investigate each key detail (one of which will always be your past self). Investigating it will make it cycle through a list of three options. You must leave the correct option to correct the memory and enable the person to leave.

    Key Details

    • Ava
      • Talk to Ava to enter her memory. This memory is straight out of Animal Magnetism, but instead of giving her undead chickens, you will give her an undead cow and then Cow1337killr will come and kill her. Restart the memory to start fixing it.


      • On the East wall is a "Lever B", which is one that is found in the basement, not in here. Investigate it until it shows a standard lever. Investigate your past self and change what you give Ava from an undead cow to Undead chicken. Finally, the West wall has a "Spooky clock." Investigate it until it becomes a wardrobe. Play the memory again and you will return to Closure's study. Talk to Ava to tell her she is free to go.

        Ava correct
        Click image to see corrected area.

    • Merlin
      • Talk to Merlin to enter his memory. This memory is from Merlin's Crystal, but Relomia has changed it so that you break the latsyrc with a cannon, killing Merlin in the process. Restart the memory to start fixing it.


      • Start by investigating the latsyrc (which is just crystal backwards) until it is a giant crystal with Merlin inside. Then investigate the 'Merlin sucks' shield on the West wall until it is a wallshield. Finally, instigate your past self to change how you break the crystal to Excalibur. Play the memory again and you will return to Closure's study. Talk to Merlin to tell him he is free to go.

        Merlin correct
        Click image to see corrected area.

    • Ozan
      • Talk to Ozan to enter his memory. This memory is out of Diamond in the Rough, but instead of jumping off the roof of the bank, a goblin appears and shoots Ozan in the back with an arrow. Restart the memory to start fixing it.


      • Interact with Ozan and your past self to determine who jumps down first. Your past self should jump first and Ozan should jump second. Then enter the convenient portal to go to the ground and interact with the empty cart until it is a cart filled with straw. Play the memory again and you will return to Closure's study. Talk to Ozan to tell him he is free to go.

        Ozan correct
        Click image to see corrected area.

  6. With all of the people gone, talk to Closure and he will remark that leaving the biographies easy for anyone to take and edit is a bad idea before giving you your reward.

    The end

Congratulations, Miniquest complete!


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