Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Weapons, armor, food.
2,000 Chimes, 10 Taijitu, 1 Large combat XP lamp, Goshima teleport tablet unlocked in the Waiko Reward Shop, and Unlocked "of the Arc" title, and A sense of closure.
Starting Point:
Talk to Ekahi at any of his dock locations.
  1. While talking to Ekahi, you and your crew will set up a plan of attack against the Harbinger. Basically, they will use Vera, the cannon Evie built, to shoot the ship, then the crew will keep them busy and the ship afloat while you hunt down Cora.


  2. Gather your weapons and set sail! You will be fighting several monsters in multiway combat in 5 stages. If you die at any point you will return to the stage you last reached. For example, if you die at the 3rd stage you will not need to refight the enemies that you have already defeated.

    Set Sail

  3. Fire the cannon and you will board the Harbinger. While you are fighting onboard the Harbinger, your crew is doing their best to attract their attention and not let Sarim's Revenge sink; your ship will continue to take damage until the Zyclops cannoneers are defeated.

    Fire the Cannon

  4. Now that you are on the ship, climb the ladder just to the South of you and you will meet your first enemies.

    Battle Begins

  5. Up the ladder you will find 3 Zyclops cannoneers. Once you have killed them your ship will no longer take damage. Climb the ladder on the center of the ship to face the next group.

    Zyclopse Cannoneers

  6. On the deck of the ship you will need to defeat 6 Zombies. Once they are gone walk up the stairs to the North.


  7. Here you will face 2 Skeletons. Kill them and climb a ladder to the North in order to progress to the next and last fight before reaching Cora.


  8. Your final pre-boss fight is against 2 Zyclops. Defeat them and you can now face Cora at the helm of the Harbinger.


  9. Cora will immediately fire at you using magic once the second Zyclops is killed. You will fight her down to 1 life point, at which time she will admit defeat and insist that you cannot do this.

    Cora's Fight

  10. You will now take Cora to Goshima to try and get her to understand that her Khan is no longer the person she once knew; Jiangshi cannot help themselves and she has killed all of the island inhabitants. She will follow you around the island as you show her the damage her Khan has wrought. After wandering the island (the Jiangshi will not be present for this), Cora still can't believe it; she will insist seeing her Khan.

    Follow Me

  11. Now the Goshima Khan/Jiangshi will appear. She can be found South of the Eastern edge of the pier. Walk over and talk to the Jiangshi and you will converse with Cora more. Finally, you will convince her to release the Jiangshi.


  12. The scene will fade and you will reappear at the dock with your crew. Talk to Cora and she will inform you that it is done and the khan has been released so all of those afflicted by the curse should return to normal. Ekahi confirms that he is feeling much better.

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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