Items Acquired During Quest:
Medium Hunter XP lamp
Starting Point:
Talk to Irwinsson on Anachronia.
  1. Travel to the island of Anachronia and speak to Irwinsson at his hunter shop, just south of the lodestone. Ask him to tell you more about himself. He will admit that the only thing he remembers is that he came from the North. You will then mention Rellekka, which rings a bell to him, and explain that his outfit and stature reminded you of that of a Fremennik. He will ask you if you know his father Sigli. Inform him that his father is a great hunter and respected by his people. Irwinsson will then ask you to tell his father that he is sorry about everything.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Anachronia is by using the Anachronia lodestone.


  2. Head to Rellekka and talk to Sigli the Huntsman, wandering around south of the longhaul. Yuo tell him that you have spoken to his son and that he is sorry for leaving. Sigli will feel sorry that things turned out this way. When you tell him that he sees his father as his idol, Sigli will ask you to give Irwinsson's greatbow to him.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Rellekka is by using the Rellekka lodestone.


  3. Return to Irwinsson on Anachronia. Talk to him about Sigli and give him Irwinsson's greatbow

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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