Skill Levels Required:
90 Mining.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
250 Chimes, 1 Taijitu, 25 Alaea sea salt, 1 Medium prayer lamp, Banky crablet pet and Cyclosis teleport tablet unlocked in the Waiko Reward Shop, and an Undead Jed.
Starting Point:
Talk to Lookout Ekahi at any of his dock locations.
  1. After talking to Ekahi at any of his dock locations, he will agree to take you to his home Island, Cyclosis. Once on the Island head to the North East corner and talk to Ichi. Talking to the Khan of Cyclosis, you learn that several villagers have gone missing over the last few nights. Get your gear (fire spells are suggested) and talk to Ekahi. He will confirm that you are ready for night watch duty.


  2. Upon agreeing that you are ready, night will fall. Talk to Ekahi and after a bit of chat he will inform you that there is movement to the North West.


  3. You will now have to defeat 27 Zyclopses. They enter the city from near the docks and segregate into groups of three to try and destroy various buildings.


  4. When all Zyclopses have been defeated return to Ekahi. He will suggest resting until morning. When you agree it will become day once more.


  5. Talk to Ichi and you will inform him that there were Zyclopses attacking the city. He will tell you to talk to See for a way to protect the city.

    Ichi Zyclops

  6. Walk South West to just South of where the pier connects the Island. Here you will find See. After a confusing introduction, you will be able to ask about the Zyclopses. Only the first chat option is necessary. See will tell you to take 30 Sea salt to Sinuman, she should be able to help you grind it smaller.


  7. If you do not have any salt, you can mine the Salty crabletines on the beach North of the pier.


  8. Once you have 30 pieces of Sea salt, talk to Sinuman. She can be found outside of the building just North of the bank. She will complain that she doesn't do salty things, only sweet, but once you explain it is to help protect the city she will take the salt and grind it into Crushed salt for you. She will then suggest you talk to Daya to get the salt blessed.

  9. Walk West and then South around the city toward the pier. Daya is located outside of the tower just North of it. You will inform him that you need your bag of salt blessed to help protect the city from Zyclopses. It will very quickly and unceremoniously become Blessed salt.


  10. Take this to Ichi, he will give some to all of the villagers to spread in front of their doors. He will then inform you that Ekahi has not returned from his mission.


  11. Ekahi is located on the beach just below Ichi. To get there you will need to get on the beach near Daya and walk around the outer edge of the Island.


  12. When you reach Ekahi you will find him with someone familiar... kind of. It seems that Jed "survived" his encounter with the Thasaluss and Cora on the Harbinger; he also seems to have become a Zombie. After a long speech about what he has lost, Undead Jed insists that Ekahi owes him and sucks away part of his life force and then threatens to kill you.

  13. Undead Jed only has 100 life points, so you should be able to one hit him and be done with it. Ekahi will admit to not feeling quite right and you will tell him that he should get back to the ship.


  14. Back at the ship, talk to Ekahi once more. He will say that he feels different. Evie will question what happened which leads to Jemi suggesting seeking help for Ekahi's condition on Tuai Leit and Gully recognizing the name Cora.


Miniquest complete!


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