Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
250 Smithing xp and 750 charges on the Gofannon amulet.
Starting Point:
Speak to Doric in his hut North of Falador.

Make sure that you smith all items AFTER receiving the task from Doric. Doing it beforehand will not count, thus you will be required to make them again.

  1. Speak with Doric and ask if he has any more tasks for you to do. He will admit he does, but that he has some very specific rules which you must follow. Because he wants top quality, you are not permitted to buy the finished pieces from the Grand Exchange, you must make them yourself; buying the needed bars and ores is permitted though.

  2. Agree to these terms and he will explain that Askel has requested an Iron full helm +1. Use Doric's nearby anvil to either upgrade a plain Iron full helm (2 Iron bars) or make an Iron full helm +1 from scratch (4 Iron bars).

  3. Once you have the item created, travel to the Artisan's Workshop and speak with Askel. He will take the helm and will then reward you with 250 Smithing experience and 750 charges to your Gofannon amulet.

    Doric 1

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