Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Slayer helmet or Masked earmuffs Mirror shield, Leaf-bladed weapon or Slayer darts or Broad tipped arrows/bolts, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
4000 Slayer (1000 per boss kill) XP, full access to the Desert Slayer Dungeon, and ability to use the Slayer Portals. These one way teleport portals take you to following locations:

Starting Point:
Lowest level of the Desert Slayer Dungeon.
  1. Travel to Pollnivneach and climb the well in the center of the city.

    Note: Make sure you have a Slayer helmet or Masked earmuffs equipped at all times or you the smoke, that fills the dungeon, will damage you.


  2. Now, follow the northern corridor to an area filled with Mighty banshee (level 91). In the four corners of this large hall, you will find rooms blocked by mystic barriers. Step through these barriers and then down the stairs. Pass through another mystical barrier into a room containing the boss of that monster race (see below). These bosses can be defeated in any order.

    Note: Throughout the battles, each boss will summon several of his minions. It is advised that you focus all your attacks on the boss while ignoring their minions. Once the boss dies, the minions will disappear as well. Remember to have your Masked Earmuffs or the Slayer Helmet equipped at all time.


  3. When you pass through the barrier to the northeast, turn on Protect from Ranged prayers and drink a dose of Super anti-poison. During the fight, the Monstrous cave crawler will poison you and reduce the duration of potions such as Super anti-poison. An Anti-poison totem will not protect against this monster's poison. The only way to block any poison is by using the Poison purge aura.

    Monstrous cave crawler

  4. Equip a Mirror shield and have Super restore potions ready. Turn on Protect from Magic prayers and pass through the barrier in the southeastern corner. The Basilisk boss will lower your stats during the fight, even with a Mirror shield equipped. It is advised to keep an eye on your stats and drink a Super restore potion when your levels have dropped too low.

    Basilisk Boss

  5. Once you pass through the southwestern barrier, turn on Protect from Melee prayers. Equip a Leaf-bladed weapon, Broad tipped arrows/bolts), or use Slayer darts to fight the Mightiest turoth.

    Mightiest Turoth

  6. As you go through the barrier to the northwest, turn on Protect from Melee prayers. Equip a Leaf-bladed weapon, Broad tipped arrows/bolts), or use Slayer darts to fight the Kurask overlord

    Kurask Overlord

  7. When all four bosses have been defeated you will receive your reward.

    Desert Slayer Dungeon Complete

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