Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
2,500 Chimes.
Items Recommended:
Items Acquired During Quest:
3,000 Chimes, 2 Taijitu, 1 Medium Thieving XP lamp, A fully armed and repaired ship, and Whereabouts of Stan's stolen property and Jacob.
Starting Point:
Talk to Evie at any of her dock locations.
  1. Talk to Evie at any of her dock locations. Her location at Waiko is recommended. She will inform you what you are going to Goshima; it is where her brother was sold to and where Cora's base is. Unfortunately, your ship is in a bit of disrepair and could use a bit of fire power.


  2. Because Evie needs some parts to repair the ship, you will need to talk to Rosie. She can be found at the North Western corner of Waiko market. The parts will cost you 2,500 Chimes in total, however, she can't help you acquire the cannon.


  3. Return to your crew. You will inform them of the situation, give Evie the Ship repair kit, and set sail for Goshima.

    To Goshima

  4. When you reach Goshima, it is up to you to collect the items needed for the cannon.
    • Azure globe ' Found in a crate North of the pier; just West of the divination location.
    • Broom ' Found on the North East side of the small triangular tent to the East of the large round tent.
    • Cannon barrel ' Directly South of the East end of the pier; near the shipwreck.
    • Cart ' Just South of the gate to Goshima; along the cliff.
    • Gunpowder ' Found in the barrel on the North West beach. There are two barrels floating in the water, the item is found in the one on the beach.
    • Rope ' Found on the ground in the South most tent in the Druid camp.


  5. While searching for the pieces you will also manage to find a note on the Northern gate post. Examining or reading the note informs you it is from 'J' and addressed to 'E' which leaves little doubt it's for Evie from her brother.


  6. Take all of these items back to Evie. She will confirm the letter is from her brother and inform you that she won't be leaving your crew for a while longer. She will then begin creating your cannon.

    Congratulations Mini-Quest Complete!


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