Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Herb Seeds of your choice (unless you have unlocked Plant Power Tier 1 upgrade)
Items Recommended:
Sand seed or Mystical sand seed
Small XP lamp and Tier 5 of the Infernal Puzzle Box.
Starting Point:
"Meeting Spot" North of Edgeville/the Grand Exchange
  1. Talk to "Anne Dimitri" and you will be prompted with the quest overview screen. Accept the quest and she will ask you to help the druids revitalizing the Kharidian Desert.


  2. Make your way to the Garden Of Kharid...
    If you have already unlocked the Plant Power Tier 1 upgrade from the Garden Of Kharid shop, skip to step 4.

    If you have previously talked to Polletix and have begun to accumulate points, but have not yet purchased the upgrade, skip to step 3.

    If you have not yet talked to Polletix, you can ask what's going on here and she will tell you about their attempts to heal the Kharidian Desert. Ask what they are doing now and you will volunteer to help. Finish the dialog to complete the step.

    Gimme The Deets

  3. In order to unlock Plant Power Tier 1, you will need to earn 250 Crux Equal favour. After having talked to Polletix about it, you will begin to earn it every time you harvest herbs from any herb farming patch. For more information on how to gain favour, see our Garden Of Kharid guide. Once you have enough favour (you can check it in your currency pouch in the "Standard" section), Right click on Sydekix and open his shop. Purchase the Plant Power (Tier 1) upgrade to complete the "Power Planter" Achievement.

    Spend That Money

  4. Talk to Polletix again and ask how it's going to report your findings.

    The Plants Be Good

  5. Return to "Anne Dimitri" North of the Wilderness wall and talk to her. She will show you a new recording. In the cutscene, you will see: Nymora and K'ril talking in the Hydra Portal of the Infernal Source, Bilrach showing up to banish K'ril back to Infernus, and Nymora confronting Moia about her sister Avaryss' soul. Finish the dialog to complete the step.

    And Action

  6. Make your way to the throne room of the Falador castle and talk to Adrasteia. After you finish filling her in, you will complete the miniquest.

    Bout Time

Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

You Did It

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