Quests Required:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Small XP lamp and Tier 4 of the Infernal Puzzle Box.
Starting Point:
"Meeting Spot" North of Edgeville/the Grand Exchange
  1. Talk to "Anne Dimitri" and ask for an update. You will be prompted with the quest overview screen. Accept the quest and she will tell you that one of the devices she'd been using to spy on the civil war was stolen by the Wandering Ramokee and Nikkel, who can be found standing next to the Deathmatch entrance.


  2. Talk to the Wandering Ramokee or Nikkel and discuss the miniquest when prompted. They are bickering about which Zamorakian faction is better: K'ril's or Bilrach's. The Wandering Ramokee will agree to give the stolen device back to you if you can settle their argument.

    who is better?

  3. In order to make an "informed decision", you must complete 1 Wilderness Flash Event. They happen at the top of each hour. For more information about Wilderness Flash Events, visit our guide for them. Note that each "phase" of the Bloodwood Tree and Infernal Star will count as 1 Event. Once you have completed 1, it will complete the Walk on the Wild Side I achievement. If you already have this achievement, you can skip step 3.

    Wildy Events

  4. Once you have completed the Walk on the Wild Side I achievement, return to Edgeville and talk to Nikkel or the Wandering Ramokee again about Civil War II. You will have to side with K'ril or Bilrach, but ultimately you choice doesn't matter. Once you make your call, you will be given back the device. The device isn't an actual item, so don't worry when you don't find it in your inventory.

    Make A Decision

  5. Cross the bridge to the East and then North over the Wilderness wall. Talk to "Anne Dimitri" again and you will give her the device. You will see a cutscene involving Jaxyys, Lux, and Solmestix in the Wilderness in which Vengeance (from the Dungeoneering Saga) will appear and kill Jaxyys and Lux after some chatter. After the cutscene ends, finish the dialog to obtain your rewards.


Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

You Did It

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