Quests Required:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Recommended:
Armor Weapon Food Potions
Wilderness sword (1, 2, 3, or 4) Falador teleport*
*Lodestone or other method of travel will also work
Small XP lamp and Tier 3 of the Infernal Puzzle Box.
Starting Point:
Falador Castle throne room
  1. Once in the throne room, speak to Adrasteia and accept the miniquest. She'll tell you that it seems Trindine is leaving mocking notes for her with condescending drivel. Oh no, how devious. You can tell Adrasteia that you expect nothing less or that Trindine isn't so bad once you get to know her; the answer doesn't matter. Adrasteia will tell you to go meet with Trindine at the "usual place" in the Wilderness.


  2. Make your way to the meeting place North of Edgeville/the Grand Exchange. The fastest methods are teleports to the Grand Exchange (such as a Grand Exchange Teleport, Ring of wealth, or Luck of the Dwarves) coupled with the Agility shortcut on the North West wall, the Wilderness sword (1, 2, 3, or 4) teleport, and the Edgeville lodestone. Talk to Anne Dimitri (Trindine) to learn that she is no longer a sarcastic Saradominist spy and has become a sardonic Zamorakian cultist. As the conversation continues, she will tell you that she has learned some new information which can help weaken the forces of K'ril, but will not share this information with you until you have completed a task for her.

    If you have already completed the "Gross Misconduct" achievement, you can skip the next step as you will tell her you have already killed a large amount of demons.


  3. Travel farther into the Wilderness and kill 144 of ANY type demon located there (list and map below). Click the map below for a larger view. Once you have killed the demons to complete the "Gross Misconduct" achievement, return to Anne Dimitri North of Edgeville/the Grand Exchange.
    1. Abyssal Beast 2. Abyssal demon 3. Abyssal Lord 4. Abyssal Savage
    5. Black demon 6. Gargoyle 7. Greater demon 8. Greater demon ash lord
    9. Greater demon berserker 10. Hellhound 11. Kal'gerion demon 12. Lesser demon
    13. Ripper demon 14. Waterfiend

    Note that many of the demons within Demon Raids (Demon Flash Mob) also count, however, this is not recommended as you must do a majority of the damage for the kill to count for the achievement and the Imps don't count.

    Wilderness map

  4. With the combat complete, speak to Anne Dimitri again and a cutscene will begin. Once it completes, speak to Anne Dimitri once more and complete the conversation.

    Finished already?

Congratulations, Miniquest Complete!

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