Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
None, however at least 33 Quest Points are required.
Items Needed:
At least one Champion's scroll e.g. Champion's scroll (aberrant spectre).
Starting Point:

Getting Started:

There are 13 monsters in RuneScape that have a rare chance of dropping an item known as a Champion scroll. Upon obtaining one of these scrolls from a monster, you will be challenged to a duel in the Champions' Guild arena by the Champion of that monster's race.

To face the Champion, head to the Champions' Arena down the trapdoor in the Champions' Guild and use your scroll on Larxus to arrange the duel. Furthermore, each duel has a special rule that you must follow and these along with all Champions are listed in the Lesser Champions table below. When you're ready to start the duel, open the Champion statue to enter the arena.

Imp Champion

Lesser Champions
Champion Combat Level Image Special Rule Scroll Image Constitution/Slayer
Experience Earned
Imp 14 Imp Champion No abilities Imp Champion Scroll 160
Goblin 24 Goblin Champion Magic attacks only Goblin Champion Scroll 53
Skeleton 40 Skeleton Champion Ranged attacks only Skeleton Champion Scroll 69
Zombie 51 Zombie Champion No Magic attacks Zombie Champion Scroll 240
Giant 56 Giant Champion Melee attacks only Giant Champion Scroll 96
Hobgoblin 56 Hobgoblin Champion No Melee attacks Hobgoblin Champion Scroll 232
Banshee 74 Banshee Champion No Prayers or Melee attacks Banshee Champion Scroll 143
Ghoul 86 Ghoul Champion Weapons only and No inventory Ghoul Champion Scroll 188
Earth Warrior 102 Earth Warrior Champion No Prayers Earth Warrior Champion Scroll 432
Aberrant Spectre 102 Aberrant Spectre Champion 2h Weapons only Aberrant Spectre Champion Scroll 274
Jogre 107 Jogre Champion No Ranged attacks Jogre Champion Scroll 317
Mummy 120 Mummy Champion No shield Mummy Champion Scroll 473
Lesser Demon 162 Demon Champion No weapons or armor Lesser Demon Champion Scroll 592

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Champions of Champions

Upon defeating your 10th lesser champion, you will be challenged by the human champion of champions, Leon d'Cour.

Upon defeating all 13 lesser champions and Leon d'Cour, you will be challenge by the gnome champion of champions, Glouphren.

Champions of Champions
Champion Combat Level Image Special Rule Constitution/Slayer
Experience Earned
Human (Leon D'Cour) 144 Human Champion No inventory 766
Gnome (Glophren) 100 Gnome Champion Magic attacks only and no shield 262

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Leprechaun Champion:

If you want to try out a challenge without finding a scroll, you can talk to Larxus and accept an informal challenge from the Leprechaun Champion. This will open the nearby trapdoor to the training room where you can start the duel.

Combat level Image Special Rule Constitution/Slayer
Experience Earned
32 Imp Champion No items 57


After defeating your first Champion, you can claim some Calling beads from Larxus. These beads can be used to summon an Imp banner carrier which follows you around carrying a banner either displaying the image of a Champion you have defeated or the total number you have defeated in Roman numerals.

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