Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Wicked hood and Ring of Dueling (any charge)
Up to 4 Small XP lamps and 2 Large XP lamps for Pay to play.
Up to 2 Small XP lamps and 1 Large XP lamp for Free to play.
Starting Point:
In the building North West of the Varrock lodestone.

Find Benedict in the building just inside of the South Varrock city entrance, North West of the lodestone. He will inform you that he has been with his master since he was a "pup", but now that he is old he has misplaced some of his master's possessions and would like your help in locating them. Once you have agreed to help, he will give you a Scrapbook that contains doodles of the places these items have been left.


As you find each of these items, Benedict will appear and exclaim that you have found one of the missing items and ask you to take a closer look around to make sure there are no other items in the area. A short cut scene will then show the area surrounding you, giving you a chance to see the world via NXT. He will then disappear in a cloud of smoke, with the item, and tell you "On to the next location!". There is a total of sixteen locations.

You will receive a Small XP lamp for every four items you collect and a Large XP lamp for collecting all of the free to play items and/or all of the Pay to play items.

Free to Play Locations:

Scrapbook Image Location Specifics Item Map
Page 01 Lumbridge Castle Topmost floor of the castle, this is the level with the bank. Item is next to the North staircase. Pipe Pipe Location
Page 02 Falador Castle Topmost floor of the Western section of the castle. Item is North East of the herb patch. Monocle Monocle Location
Page 03 Al Kharid Palace Climb the Western stairs to the topmost floor. Item just North of the stairs. Toffee apple Toffee apple Location
Page 04 Duel Arena Walk into the lobby of the Arena. Continue East to the statue, where you will find the item at its feet. Package Package Location
Page 05 Varrock Castle Topmost floor in the Northwestern corner. Item is just East of the flag. Fox pelt Fox pelt Location
Page 06 Runespan* (1) Enter the lowest level of Runespan at the top of the Wizards' Tower. Item just South West of the entrance. Crystal Crystal Location
Page 07 Ashdale Head South toward Magda. Item is West of her. Surgical mask Surgical mask Location
Page 08 Mudskipper Point Item is just South West of the fairy ring (A-I-Q), at the edge of the water. Toy ship Toy ship Location
Page 09 Paterdomus You will need to be on the Varrock side of the River Salve. South West of the temple is the item, slightly South of the beacon. Scarf Scarf Location


Members only Locations:

Scrapbook Image Location Specifics Item Map
Page 10 Castle Wars* (2) Walk onto the viewing wall (just behind the portals to the West) and walk as far North along it as possible. The item is at the end. Sweets Sweets Location
Page 11 Tuska's Back* (3) Item is just South of where Wizard Chambers stands for the Anima Islands Distraction and Diversion. (If you wish to avoid having to come back to Tuska later, look at the Frogburger information and complete it now as well.) Foot Foot Location
Page 12 Polypore Dungeon* (4) Enter the dungeon and go East to the Neem drupe vine where you will find the item. Cinnamon Cinnamon Location
Page 13 Grand Tree Use the Eagle's Peak lodestone and walk South. If you have at least 37 Agility you can use the shortcut near the Terror bird pen. Otherwise continue South and East and enter the Tree Gnome Stronghold via the entrance gate. Once in the Stronghold go North to the Grand Tree and climb the ladder twice. Once you are on the second floor, walk South to find the item. Flask of tea Flask of tea Location
Page 14 Mazcab* (3) Now that you are on Tuska's back travel South to the World Window. Once through the portal go North. You will find a Frogburger on the West side of the corridor before you reach the end. Frogburger Frogburger Location
Page 15 White Wolf Mountain Walk up the mountain toward the Gnome glider, located in the North central area. Raw fish like thing Raw fish like thing Location
Page 16 Sorcerer's Tower* (5) Climb to the very top of the tower. Item is North of the ladder on the roof. Money pouch Money pouch Location

As a conclusion, Benedict will once again give you a Small XP lamp and a Large XP lamp. He will also ask you to keep this little mishap just between the two of you.

Congratulations! You have now completed Benedict's World Tour!

*There are several ways to reach: Runespan, Castle Wars, Tuska's Back, Mazcab, and the Sorcerer's Tower. Below are the various ways to reach them.

  1. Runespan - at the top of the Wizards' Tower.
  2. Castle Wars
    • Use Ring of Dueling(any charge), choose the Castle Wars option.
    • Teleport to Ardougne (Level 51 Magic and completion of the Plague City), or travel to the lodestone and walk Southwest until you get to the Battlefield. Walk South on the West side of the river and you will eventually find it.
    • Use the Yanille lodestone and walk West.
    • After you complete Enlightened Journey, you can travel by hot air balloon right outside of the lobby. The only condition is that you must have traveled there at least once from Entrana already.
  3. Tuska's back - also a stepping stone to reach Mazcab
  4. Polypore Dungeon
    • Use the fairy ring teleport with code B-I-P
    • Use the Al Kharid lodestone. Travel North through the gate. Continue North and East around the Duel Arena. Go through the Gate to the West of the Mage Training Arena, and follow the path North and East until you reach the dungeon.
  5. Sorcerer's Tower

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