Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed:
Fishing bait, Bow (Dark, Crystal, Sacred clay, Quick, or Ogre bows do not work), Oak logs, 2 Bars (see step 5 and 7), 2 Logs (see steps 5, 7, and 10), Attack potion (2), Super antifire potion OR Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield and Antifire potion, Prayer potion, Magic equipment, and Runes for Earth spells.
Items Recommended:
Games necklace and Food.
Ability to light fires with a bow, ability to catch fish without a harpoon, ability to smith spears, ability to obtain Roe and Caviar from fish to enhance potions, ability to smith hastas, ability to send out pyre ships to train Prayer, and access to the Ancient Cavern.
Starting Point:
Talk to Otto Godblessed at the western side of the Baxtorian Falls, south of the Barbarian Outpost
  1. Head to the small hut along the western side of the Baxtorian Falls and speak with Otto Godblessed. He will wonder if you have some barbarian blood in your body. Ask him what he thinks and he will tell you that he can teach you advanced firemaking, fishing rod, and spearing techniques. But first, you will need to learn the basic skills.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Baxtorian Falls is by using the Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and then walking south.

    Otto Godblessed

  2. Ask him to supply you with more details on how to catch fish without a Harpoon. He will explain for you how to do this and give you the Barbarian skills book, which contains information on tasks he has set to you and how you are to train these skills. Head to a harpoon fishing spot and catch a fish without a Harpoon in your inventory. Return to Otto when you have successfully caught a fish bare-handed.

    Note: The nearest harpoon fishing spot is located in the Fishing Guild

    Bare-handed fishing

  3. Ask Otto Godblessed if there are any other ways to use a fishing rod. He will inform you that Barbarians do not use small, weak fishing rods, but instead use heavier Barbarian rods. They also only fish at the nearby lake. Search Otto's bed to obtain one of these rods. Head to the fishing spots north of the hut and cast your rod out with Fishing bait in your inventory.

    Note: Keep the leaping fish because you will need it later on.

    Bare-handed fishing

  4. Return to Otto when you have successfully caught a leaping fish and tell him that your mind is ready for some Firemaking wisdom. He will explain how to light a fire using a strung bow. Use the bow with the logs to start a fire.
    Logs Level Required Logs Level Required
    Regular 21 Maple 65
    Achey tree 21 Mahogany 70
    Oak 35 Eucalyptus 78
    Willow 50 Yew 80
    Teak 55 Magic 95
    Arctic pine 62 Elder 99
    Bow Fire

  5. You have now finished the basic barbarian training. Head back to Otto and select the first option. Eventually, you will get the option to ask for more details about the use of spears. Otto will inform you that Barbarians forge their own spear because they are hard to find by using any metal bar on the nearby barbarian anvil. Other anvils are not suited for this forging. Use the bar and matching logs on the anvil to forge a spear. Show Otto the spear.
    Metal Logs
    Bronze Normal 5
    Iron Oak 20
    Steel Willow 35
    Mithril Maple 55
    Adamant Yew 75
    Rune Magic 90

  6. Speak Otto and select the first option. Eventually, you will be able to ask about the secret knowledge of Herblore. He will explain to you that Barbarians potions both heal you and give you some of the original effects of the potion. You will have to make him a lesser attack potion mix. To do this, gut the leaping fish in your inventory to receive either Roe or Caviar. Both of these are suitable for the potion. Use whichever you have on the Attack potion (2) to make an Attack mix (2). Take the mix to Otto and he will be eternally grateful.

    Note: If you don't retrieve anything from the fish, simply catch another one and try again.

  7. You have now finished the intermediate barbarian training. Talk to Otto again and select the first option. He will tell you that he is ready to reveal the secret of the one-handed hastas. Ask him about the spears and he will tell you that hastas are created in the same way as spears with the. Hastas require the same materials and skills as spear. Otto will then request that you smith a hasta. Use the bar and matching logs on the nearby barbarian anvil to forge a hasta. Show Otto the hasta.

  8. Tell Otto Godblessed that you have completed Firemaking with a bow and you will learn of an Ancient Cavern below a whirlpool that many Barbarian Warriors have perished in. For your final task you need to retrieve one of their bones, and sacrifice them on a pyre location around the lake. Talk to Otto again and he will give you a book called My notes to record entries from ancient pages that may be obtained in the cavern. Head to the north dock on the lake and dive into the whirlpool to enter the Ancient Cavern

    Note: Before diving into the pool, prepare yourself to fight Mithril Dragons (level 150). Super antifire potion OR Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield and Antifire potion, Prayer potion, Food, Magic equipment, and Runes for Earth spells are a recommended strategy.


  9. Once inside of the cavern, climb down the nearby ladder to the lowest level. Run past the Brutal green dragons (level 150) and climb up the ladder to the south. Prepare yourself and kill Mithril Dragons until you receive Chewed bones.

    Strategy: Mithril Dragons use attacks from the full combat triangle along with the same long-range dragonfire used by the weaker metal dragons. It is advised to turn on Protect from/Deflect Range and attack them with Earth spells from a distance. Remember to drink a Super antifire/Antifire potion.

    Mithril Dragon

  10. When you have the bones leave the cavern. Construct a pyre at one of the pyre sites along the lake with the Chewed bones and a log. You will automatically build a pyre and set it alight. As a reward you will receive an item, possibly even a Dragon full helm

    Note: Depending on which type of log you used, you could also receive a 300% bonus on the next type of bone you bury, up to five times. For more information, refer to the Firemaking skill guide. If you build a funeral pyre with Mangled bones you will be attacked by a level 152 Ferocious barbarian spirit. The spirit must be killed to receive your reward for constructing the pyre. However, you will have no chance of receiving a Dragon full helm from using Mangled bones.


  11. Return to Otto Godblessed and tell him about your adventures.

    Congratulations! Mini-quest Complete!

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