Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed:
268 Coins
Items Recommended:
Varrock, Falador, Watchtower, Ardougne, Camelot teleport methods, Games necklace, and an Amulet of glory (4).
Starting Point:
Barbarian Outpost (east of the Barbarian Assault minigame).
  1. Talk to the Barbarian Guard at the Barbarian Outpost. He will give you an official Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl card. There are 10 bars you must visit to complete this part.

    Barbarian guard

  2. The bars - The following order is suggested if you are walking. See this suggested list if you have all of the City Teleports available.

  3. Bar: Blurberry's Bar
    Location: Grand Tree, upstairs and to the East. Talk to Blurberry.
    Drink Name: Fire Toad Blast
    Price: 10 gp

    Blurberry's Bar

  4. Bar: Forester's Arms
    Location: Seer's Village, northwestern corner below coal cart area
    Drink Name: Liverbane
    Price: 18 gp

    Forester's Arms

  5. Bar: Flying Horse Inn
    Location: East Ardougne, northwestern corner in the same building as the start of Temple of Ikov quest
    Drink Name: Heart Stopper
    Price: 8 gp
    Note: This drink hurts you for around 15 hits.

    Flying Horse Inn

  6. Bar: Dragon Inn
    Location: Yanille, southwestern corner
    Drink Name: Fire Brandy
    Price: 12 gp

    Dragon Inn

  7. Bar: Dead Man's Chest
    Location: Brimhaven, southeastern corner by the Jewelry Merchant
    Drink Name: Old Supergrog
    Price: 15 gp
    Note: 30gp needed for the boat to the island

    Dead Man's Chest

  8. Bar: Karamja Spirits Bar
    Location: Karamja Island, southeast corner - closest to East dock
    Drink Name: Ape Bite Liquor
    Price: 7 gp

    Karamja Spirits Bar

  9. Bar: Rusty Anchor Inn
    Location: Port Sarim, in the northeast corner north of the Entrana dock area
    Drink Name: Black Skull Ale
    Price: 8 gp
    Note: 30gp for the boat to Port Sarim

    Rusty Anchor Inn

  10. Bar: Jolly Boar Inn
    Location: Varrock, in the northeastern corner by the Lumber Mill
    Drink Name: Olde Suspiciouse
    Price: 10 gp

    Jolly Boar Inn

  11. Bar: Blue Moon Inn
    Location: Varrock, in the southern side by the Sword Shop
    Drink Name: Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot
    Price: 50 gp

    Blue Moon Inn

  12. Bar: Rising Sun Inn
    Location: Falador, in the west side west of the bank
    Drink Name: Hand of Death Cocktail
    Price: 70 gp

    Rising Sun Inn

Teleport Route:

If you are teleporting, then this path is recommended. Using the Home Teleport lodestones in place of each teleport is also a quick travel option if you have them unlocked.

  1. Varrock Teleport/Lodestone
    Blue Moon Inn
    Jolly Boar Inn
  2. Falador Teleport/Lodestone
    Rising Sun Inn
  3. Port Sarim Lodstone/Explorer's ring teleport
    Rusty Anchor Inn
  4. Karamja Lodestone/Ship Charter to Brimhaven
    Dead Man's Chest
  5. Amulet of Glory teleport/Boat to Karamja (30gp)
    Karamja Spirits Bar
  6. Yanille Lodestone/Watchtower Teleport
    Dragon Inn
  7. Ardougne Teleport/Ardougne Lodestone
    Flying Horse Inn
    Blurberry's Bar (if you have completed Tree Gnome Village quest, use the Gnome Spirit Tree located at the Khazard battlefield).
  8. Seers' Village Lodestone/Camelot Teleport
    Forester's Arms

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