Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Pyre logs (Teak or higher), Food, Armor, an Ivandis flail or Blisterwood weaponry (Polearm, Staff or Stakes).
Skill Levels Recommended:
A high Firemaking level
A high combat level since the Vyrewatch can hit very hard.
Items Recommended:
Some Guthix balance potions and any Blisterwood weapons you may have.
Starting Point:
Meiyerditch, east of Burgh de Rott.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

Vyrewatch Locations:

These creatures are located east of Burgh de Rott, within the city of Meiryerditch and Darkmeyer to the North. Vyrewatch can also be encountered during the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble mini-game. There are 6 variations of these creatures, each of a different combat level.

Types of Vyrewatch:

Vyrewatch (level 100)
Vyrewatch (level 104)
Vyrewatch (level 108)
Vyrewatch (level 112)
Vyrelord (level 140)
Vyrelady (level 140)

All drop only one item, the Vyre corpse.

Vyre Corpse


Ivandis Flail:

Ivandis Flail

An Ivandis flail is made during the Legacy of Seergaze quest. When the Vyrewatch are down to less than half of their health you can use the flail's special attack on the Vyrewatch. This causes the Vyrewatch to be suspended frozen in mid-air and allows you to attack then without retaliation. When wielding the Ivandis flail, a charge is used up each time you activate the special attack. The flail turns to Flail dust after all 30 of its charges are used.

How To Make A Ivandis Flail:

Items Needed Step Materials Action Outcome
Rod of ivandis
Rod of ivandis
1 Silver bar, Sapphire, Mithril bar, and Rod clay mould Use a Silver bar on a furnace Silvthrill rod
2 Silvthrill rod, Cosmic rune, and Water rune Cast a Level 1 enchant spell Silvthrill rod (enchanted)
3 Silvthrill rod, and Rope Use the Silvthrill rod on the well under
the Paterdomus Temple
Rod of ivandis
Enchanted sickle emerald (b)
Enchanted sickle
emerald (b)
1 Silver bar, and Sickle mould Use a Silver bar on a furnace Silver sickle
2 Silver sickle Use the silver sickle on the Nature Altar (Mort
Myre Swamp) from The Nature Spirit quest
Silver sickle(b)
3 Silver sickle(b), Emerald, and Chisel Use the Emerald with the Silver sickle (b) Silver sickle emerald(b)
4 Silver sickle emerald(b), Cosmic rune, and 3 Air runes Cast a Level 2 enchant spell Enchanted sickle emerald (b)
Silvthril chain
Silvthril chain
1 Silver bar, Mithril bar, and Chain link mould Use a Silver bar on a furnace Silvthril chain
Rod of ivandis + Enchanted sickle emerald (b) + Silvthril chain + Chisel
Rod of ivandis , Enchanted sickle emerald (b) , Silvthril chain , and Chisel
Use each item on the other Ivandis Flail
Ivandis flail

Hint: Take several Silver sickles, Emeralds, Enchantment runes and a Chisel to the nature altar and make several Enchanted sickle emerald (b) as you bless each Sickle. This will save you a substantial amount of time when making new Ivandis flails.

Blisterwood weaponry:

Blisterwood weapons are made during The Branches of Darkmeyer quest. They are stronger and faster than an Ivandis flail and so it is highly recommended to use them if you can.

How To Make Blisterwood weapons:

Weapon Image Materials required
Blisterwood Polearm Blisterwood polearm Two Silver sickels and a Blisterwood log
Blisterwood staff Blisterwood staff Blisterwood logs
Blisterwood stakes Blisterwood stakes Blisterwood log

Strategy For Killing Vyrewatch:

EITHER: Wear highest level melee armor possible. A Bunyip pouch (level 68 Summoning) can be used for healing. When the Vyrewatch get to less than half of their health use the attack special of the Ivandis flail. Using a Guthix balance potion on the frozen suspended vyrewatch can do up to 19 damage to them, but will not necessarily kill them.

OR: After completion of Branches of Darkmeyer, you simply have to fight the Vyrelords and Vyreladies outside the bank in the upper tier of Darkmeyer. When healing is necessary, go into the bank room and shut the door in order to get all life points restored. This method ensures that no food is necessary and, should you lag or such, your grave will be right next to the teleport from Drakan's medallion.

The only reason this strategy is valid is due to the rapid health recovery induced by being at a bank.

Burning The Corpses:

Items Needed: Pyre log, Vyre corpse, and a Tinderbox

Take an inventory full of Corpses, Pyre logs and a Tinderbox down into the basement of the Paterdomus Temple, west of Canifis. There, go down the stairway to access the Columbarium.


Once inside the Columbarium, use your Pyre logs on a funeral pyre, followed by the corpse. Then, light it to obtain a Columbarium key and 79 Prayer XP. The Firemaking XP will depend on the type of pyre log used. For more information on how to make Pyre logs, refer to the Mort'ton Shade Burning mini-game guide.

Hint: Maple pyre logs are the easiest to make due to the readily availability of Maple logs on the Grand Exchange.


Use the Columbarium key on the wooden recess to receive a reward, in the form of an item.

Wooden Recess


Prayer Experience:

For each Vyre corpse you burn you will receive 79 Prayer experience, independent of which pyre logs you used.

Firemaking Experience:

For each Vyre corpse you burn you will receive Firemaking experience, depending on which pyre logs you used.

Pyre Logs Firemaking
Firemaking XP
Per Log
Teak 40 120
Arctic pine 35 158
Maple 50 175
Mahogany 55 210
Eucalyptus 63 246
Yew 65 255
Magic 80 404.5

Ivandis Flail Improvement:

For every 50 Vyre corpses burned, you receive an improvement to your Ivandis flail, which allows you to hit harder and more accurately. You get this improvement a maximum of 10 times. Once you have burned 500 corpses, you will receive a message that you have mastered the flail. You can check your progress by searching the lectern at the southern corner of columbarium - you will then get a message informing you how many vyrewatch corpses you have burned:

Checking burned amount

Key Loot:

Columbarium Key


Adam full helm (g) Adam full helm (t) Adam kiteshield (g) Adam kiteshield (t)
Adam platebody (g) Adam platebody (t) Adam platelegs (g) Adam platelegs (t)
Adam plateskirt (g) Adam plateskirt (t) Adamant arrow (15-29) Adamant full helm
Adamant javelin (12-28) Adamant platelegs Adamantite ore (8) Black full helm (g)
Black full helm (t) Black dragonhide set Black kiteshield (g) Black kiteshield (t)
Black platebody (t) Black platebody (g) Black platelegs (g) Black platelegs (t)
Black plateskirt (g) Black plateskirt (t) Blood rune (7-20) Blood talisman
Blue charm Cactus seed Chaos rune (7-19) Coins (875-5,394)
Crimson charm Death rune (8-15) Dragon spear Dwarf weed seed
Earth rune (62-122) Gold bar (7-20) Gold charm Green charm
Grimy avantoe (2) Grimy cadantine (2) Grimy dwarf weed (2) Grimy harralander (2)
Grimy irit (2) Grimy kwuarm (2) Grimy lantadyme (2) Grimy ranarr (2)
Grimy snapdragon (2) Grimy toadflax (2) Grimy torstol (2) Guthix full helm
Guthix kiteshield Guthix page 1 Guthix page 2 Guthix page 3
Guthix page 4 Guthix platebody Guthix platelegs Guthix plateskirt
Irit seed Kwuarm seed Law rune (7-13) Limpwurt seed
Loop half of a key Mithril axe (hatchet) Nature rune (8-15) Nature talisman
Rune arrow (50) Rune dagger Rune full helm (g) Rune full helm (t)
Rune javelin (6-12) Rune kiteshield (g) Rune kiteshield (t) Rune med helm
Rune platebody (g) Rune platebody (t) Rune platelegs Rune platelegs (g)
Rune platelegs (t) Rune plateskirt (g) Rune plateskirt (t) Rune spear
Runite bar Saradomin full helm Saradomin kiteshield Saradomin page 1
Saradomin page 2 Saradomin page 3 Saradomin page 4 Saradomin platebody
Saradomin platelegs Saradomin plateskirt Snapdragon seed 8 Steel arrow (62-122)
Tooth half of a key Uncut diamond (4 noted) Uncut emerald (4 noted) Uncut ruby (4 noted)
Uncut sapphire (4 noted) Zamorak full helm Zamorak kiteshield Zamorak page 1
Zamorak page 2 Zamorak page 3 Zamorak page 4 Zamorak platebody
Zamorak platelegs Zamorak plateskirt

Shiny columbarium key

Shiny columbarium
In addition to the items above, the Shiny columbarium key has increased chances of rewarding the following items.

Adamantite ore (8 noted) Blood rune (20) Blue charm Crimson charm
Dragon spear Dwarf weed seed Gold charm Green charm
Grimy avantoe (2 noted) Grimy dwarf weed (2 noted) Grimy kwuarm (2 noted) Grimy lantadyme (2 noted)
Grimy snapdragon (2 noted) Grimy toadflax (2 noted) Grimy torstol (2 noted) Lantadyme seed (2 noted)
Limpwurt root (8 noted) Loop half of a key (noted) Red spiders' eggs (8 noted) Rune arrow (50)
Rune bar (noted) Rune helm (noted) Rune pickaxe (noted) Rune platelegs
Rune plateskirt (g) Rune spear (noted) Snape grass seed (8) Tooth half of a key
Uncut diamond (4 noted) Uncut ruby (4 noted) Watermelon seed (8)

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