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Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
Farmer Winkin's farm.
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Getting Started:

To get to Farmer Winkin's farm, you must talk to a Tool Leprechaun at any of the Farming patches or use the teleport option when you right-click them. Once inside, you can go talk to Mrs Winkin for a detailed introduction of the mini-game or by looking at the Signposts nearby for information on what to do. Your points will be recorded and shown to you in the top-right portion of your game screen.

Mrs Winkin

Now, you must get your hands on some flags to flag the seed spots. You can obtain them from Mrs Winkin if you talk to her about what to do outside in the farm or you can talk to Farmer Blinkin and get them from him. Your first set of 10 are free, but after that they are 500gp each if you lose them. If you leave the mini-game through the portal, your flags will be returned, and you'll gain 10gp for each Ogleroot you have.


Playing The Game:

Once you have your flags and spade, head out into the farm by climbing over the stiles. Now you have three options from these holes: Dig, Flag, and Inspect. When you dig a hole, there are three things that can happen. One: A number pops up where you dug, two: A bunch of numbers and a large space appears, or three: Seeds show up from the ground. When you dig and a number shows up, you get one point for digging between 1-8 times. Note that the number indicates how many spaces adjacent to the location have seeds.


When you dig and a bunch of numbers and a large space is shown, you have unlocked a patch that tells you that there is no seed in that area. When this happens, you will receive some points (no exact amount.) If you dig up a seed, you will lose 10 points.


When you determine the position of a hole with a seed or are very sure, flag the hole with one of your flags. This will summon the Farmer to come and dig the seed up. If you are successful and a seed is dug up the Farmer will reward you and those around you with a random amount of points, dependent on your Farming level. Playing this mini-game with a large number of people will allow each player to get bonus rewards for other's success. Rabbits, however, will also be summoned when you place a flag. Ogleroots, when used with the rabbits will fend them off and you obtain 30 Hunter experience.


When you are done, you may leave the farms through the portal on the north-east corner of her housing area. You will be returned to the area where you teleported via the Leprechaun.


A good way to limit your loss of flags and make sure before you flag or dig, is to inspect the hole. Only dig in spots where you are certain that there are no seeds. When you inspect a hole, a message will pop on and off underneath your Points Amount box. A strategy for more experienced players consists digging spots with 3 spaces in between until you hit an 'empty' spot that will reveal a larger area. Although you are more likely to hit a seed, uncovering a larger empty area fast to flag a few spots will gain you more points than you would lose points from digging up a seed.

If you can't find the right hole because you've inspected them all, you can search and flag holes in the small open ares in between those filled with numbers. In the picture below shows an example of what we mean. Do note that this option does not assure you for a 100% that it's a seed, but it's a helpful hint that saves some time.



Points can be exchanged for experiences, farming related items, and flags at Mrs Winkin's Rewards shop. To get compost potions, you must have completed the Garden of Tranquillity quest. The table below shows a list of prices for each item on the screen. If you choose to use your points on experience, you get 1 XP per point if your Farming is 40 or above. However if you do not have achieved level 40 Farming, you will receive less then 1 XP per point.


Item Price
In Points
Item Price
In Points
Flag 50 Asgarnian seed 5
Cabbage seed 10 Jute seed 500
Tomato seed 10 Yanillian seed 60
Sweetcorn seed 150 Krandorian seed 20
Strawberry seed 165 Wildblood seed 100
Watermelon seed 680 Redberry seed 5
Guam seed 10 Cadavaberry seed 5
Marrentill seed 10 Dwelberry seed 5
Tarromin seed 10 Jangerberry seed 10
Avantoe seed 1250 Whiteberry seed 25
Wergali seed 3800 Poison Ivy seed 30
Ranarr seed 4000 Acorn 100
Kwuarm seed 1000 Willow seed 1800
Cadantine seed 10 Maple seed 12000
Snapdragon seed 16000 Yew seed 29000
Lantadyme seed 7500 Pineapple seed 10000
Dwarf weed seed 9000 Papaya tree seed 10000
Fellstalk seed 15000 Palm tree seed 35000
Torstol seed 45000 Calquat tree seed 35000
Rosemary seed 10 Spirit seed 55000
Nasturtium seed 10 Compost potion (4) 5000
Woad seed 30 Barberry seed 3000
Limpwurt seed 70 Prickly peer seed 3000
Cactus seed 1200 Fly trap seed 1000
Bittercap mushroom spore 800 Sunchoke seed 1000
Morchella mushroom spore 2500 Butterfly flower seed 3000
Belladonna seed 300

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