Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Finished the Cabin Fever quest.
Items Recommended:
Any weight reducing armour such as Boots of Lightness or a Spotted Cape, Rune axe, and Amulet of Monkeyspeak.
Starting Point:
On Mos Le'Harmless Island.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Trouble Brewing is in many aspects, like Castle Wars with no combat. It consists of two teams trying to get ingredients then combine them all to brew "The Rum". In order to get there Board the boat in Port Phasmatys and speak to Bill Teach. Go north through the gates and then head east past the Jungle horrors. There is no real plan for winning, except for teamwork. This guide explains how to do things rather than how to have a plan.

Before going into the game it might be helpful to know where to get the items.

Name Picture How to make
Coloured Water Coloured Water Coloured water is made by getting your team color flowers from the other side of the base and using them with the kettle at your base. Used itself for brewing and to color monkeys.
Bitternuts Bitternuts Once you find a Bitternut tree, catch a nearby monkey and use a bowl of colored water on it. Then use the monkey on the Bitternut tree and it will throw a nut down at you!
Sweetgrub Sweetgrub Get some raw rat meat from the workbench and use it on a grub mound scattered throughout the game. Sometime you will get sweetflies, RUN its just a nicer name for the swarm.
Scrapey tree bark Scrapey Tree Bark Chop down a Scrapey tree with the axe your brought (if you forgot there are bronze axes in the workbench) and get some logs. Back to the workbench for your knife, use it with the logs to get the bark. Note: Sometimes you will get diseased this is nothing to worry about as it will not lower your HP. It will wear off soon.
Buckets of water Buckets of water Fill it up at the lake or the water pump at your base.


  1. Choose a Team by speaking either to San Fan for the blue team, Fancy Dan for the red team, or to Honest Jimmy for any team. Just like in Castle Wars, games last for 20 minutes, however at the 10 minute mark you will be added. Theres a handy book to read inside the waiting room.


  2. Once the game has started, head to the workbench and get your tools!


    Name Uses
    Bucket Puts out fires.
    Bowl Holds coloured water.
    Bamboo pipe Repairs burned pipes.
    Lumber patch Repairs burned boilers.
    Bridge section Repairs burned sections of the bridges.
    Knife Scrapes the bark off the Scrapey logs.
    Bronze hatchet Chops Scrapey trees or normal trees.
    Raw rat meat Collects sweetgrubs.
    Torch Burns the enemy base down.
    Tinderbox Lights torches.

  3. The number one rule is TEAMWORK, think of the we not the me. Most people start off getting buckets of water, bark, and sweetgrubs. Grab some bitternuts, colored water, or logs to get brewing even faster. Once you have your supplies for the "Rum", run up the ladder at your base and deposit it in the corresponding hopper. Notice on the wall there are posters next to the hopper that tell you what goes where.


  4. Grab a torch and a tinderbox and head to the enemy base! Use it with the bamboo pipes, the water pump, or the hoppers upstairs. Setting their waterpump ablaze will make putting out their fires much more time consuming. Doing this will disable their brewing for a short while. The regular trees can also be set on fire, to keep people from getting and wood from them. To keep them out of action longer, go in small groups. Your torch will burn out after some time and you will need to run back to your base and grab a new one. On the way back from the other teams base, grab 5 flowers to add to your kettle. Watch out when burning bridges, they will also block your team from using them!

    The Torcher

  5. If someone sets the Boiler pipes on fire, you have the option of "venting" the steam to put out the fire and deal some damage to them. In order to vent the pipes you must first pump to build up pressure. The pump is located near the first boilers. Doing this will give you 10 strength EXP. Then while the pipes are on fire, select the vent option. It will put out the pipes and leave the torcher scalded with steam.


  6. Defend your base! Always make sure that your pipes, pump, and boiler are in perfect shape. Use parts from the workbench or chop logs then use with the workbench to the right of the one which has tools. Putting fires out sooner will result in less materials needed for a repair. Always carry around at least one bucket full of water and a bamboo pipe, just in case you see anything on fire.

  7. A full boiler is a happy boiler! Keep them full at all times. Wood can be found in the wood store located near the kettle and the third boiler. However, wood is not always available so you may end up chopping it yourself. There are jungle trees around the island and directly to the East and West of your base.

  8. Doing these tasks will earn you Pieces of eight, which can be exchanged at Honest Jimmy's shop near the waiting area. The prices for each item are listed on the lower right side, next to the Pieces of eight symbol. You will also have the option to buy a Clue Scroll (level 2) for 5k Pieces of eight.


The Naval Gear does not give stats. When added to the brewing process, "The stuff" will decrease the time needed for brewing to take place. It also increases the chance of any ale becoming mature. The blue or red rum will teleport you to the trouble-brewing mini-game when drunk.

Now you can walk Around RuneScape dressed as a legendary pirate!


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