Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Skill Levels Recommended:
A high Runecrafting level.
Items Recommended:
An Explorer's ring and Runecrafing pouches.
Starting Point:
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

The Great Orb Project is a team game, consisting of a Yellow and a Green Team. To join a team, right click a team leader and select "Join". If this is your first time playing, you will be told the basics of the mini-game. If there is already another game taking place, you will not be able to join until it has finished. You will be told to go try the other team, when one of the teams is full. Once you have joined a team, you will be given 4 items to be used in the mini-game.

Wizard Acantha

Wizard Acantha is the leader of the Green Team.

Wizard Vief

Wizard Vief is the leader of the Yellow Team.

Image Item Name Use
Yellow HatGreen Hat Runecrafter hat Indicates what team a player is on
Yellow AttractorGreen Attractor Attractor Used to attract orbs
Yellow RepellerGreen Repeller Repeller Used to repel orbs
Yellow Barrier GeneratorGreen Barrier Generator Barrier Generator Creates barriers to stop orbs

When both teams are ready to start, proceed through the portal that appears on the northern edge of the room. The game has now started. If you do not go through the portal while you are on a team or exit during the game, you will have to wait 15 minutes until you can join another game.

Entrance Portal

The Mini-game consists of 6 rounds for F2P and 8 for P2P, each lasting 2 minutes. The rounds take place at the following Runecrafting altars.

  • Air
  • Mind
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Body
  • Chaos (Members Only)
  • Nature (Members Only)

Playing The Game:

Once you have entered the portal, you will find yourself at the Air Altar. There will be green and yellow coloured orbs around the edge of the alter.

Gaming Screen

During the game, your interface will indicate you the following information about the game:

  • At the bottom right of the screen, there is a circle that shows you how much time is left until the end of the round, and how many orbs each team has directed to the altar.

  • At the top, the screen shows which altars the teams have been to and who won. The green team won the first round, the second round was a tie, the yellow team won the third round and they are currently playing the fourth round.
  • There's another bar at the bottom right of the screen which represents your activity in the game. When you are not active enough, you'll be kicked from the game.

The aim of the game is to get as many of your colored orbs to the altar by using the given wands. The attractor-wand will pull orbs towards yourself, whilst the Repeller-wand will push them away. Use the Barrier Generator to create temporary barriers, which stop orbs from passing. One can destroy barriers by selecting their "Destroy"-option.
During the last 30 seconds of each round, you will not be able to use your wands on the orbs of your opponents. Once a round has ended a portal will appear, which will take you to the next altar. Between each round you have a short period of time at your disposal to use the randomly awarded essence to craft runes. When the final altar has been fought for, a portal will take you back to the Runecrafting Guild, where you will be granted your reward in the form of tokens.


This mini-game requires teamwork.

The best strategy is switch between the Attractor and Repeller wands to get orbs past obstacles and towards the altar faster. An alternate way of using the same strategy is to have one team member using a Attractor, whilst the other one uses a Repeller. To pull orbs at a certain angle have team members pulling or pushing from different angles. Having several members pulling one orb will save you a fair amount of time.

To give the opposite team a hard time getting the orbs towards the altar you may your Repeller wand to push their orbs further away from the altar. Barriers can also be set up to prevent orbs from passing. It is best to place barriers in between the standing stones. Some teams tend to set up barriers near the edges of the arena, where the orbs respawn, to block them from being pulled towards the center of the arena. These barriers will, however, not stop orbs from moving when they are already being pushed or pulled.

Because orbs need to touch the altar in order to be counted in the score, it is advised to stand on the other side of the altar when pulling the orb. Otherwise, you might block the orb from touching the altar.

Hints and Tips:

  • If you do not care which team you will be one, you may sign up with any of the wizard apprentices. They will randomly assign you to either the green or yellow team.

  • The velocity at which you can push or pull an orb depends on your Runecrafting level. Player with a high Runecrafting level will be able move orbs much faster than others.

  • Remember not to use the portals represented by the transportation icon to access the next altar, as they will teleport you out of the game. You may use these portal if you want to leave a game.

  • If a person leaves by using the exit portal, the game fill automatically come to an end.

  • For the runes crafted during the game, you will receive double the amount Runecrafting experience. Member are therefore advised to take pouches with them and save up their essence for the Chaos or Nature altar.


For each altar that a team wins, each player on that team receives 100 tokens with an additional 200 for the team that won the most altars overall. If both teams won the same number of altars overall, each player receives 25 additional tokens. Even if your team lost, you will be giving 10 tokens for the effort. Additionally, each player will be rewarded an extra amount of tokens based on the quality of their play, whether their team won the game or not.

These token can be used to claim the following items from the wizard Elriss.

Wizard Elriss


After each round has ended, whether you lost or won it, you will be awarded a random number of essence (Rune for F2P, Pure for P2P). You can use this essence to craft runes in between rounds. Additionally you may buy more essence from Elriss, each for the price of 1 token.

Runecrafter Robes:

Runecrafter robes yield you a bonus to your Runecrafting whilst playing The Great Orb Project mini-game. These clothes can be stored in the Costume Room of your Player Owned House).

Item Name Image Token Cost Stats
Runecrafter hat Blue  runecrafter hat Yellow  runecrafter hat Green  runecrafter hat 1000 Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic +3, Range +0
Defence: Stab +3, Slash +3, Crush +3, Magic +3, Range +, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0
Runecrafter robe Blue runecrafter robe Yellow runecrafter robe Green runecrafter robe 1000 Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic +5, Range +0
Defence: Stab +5, Slash +5, Crush +5, Magic +5, Range +5, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0
Runecrafter skirt Blue runecrafter skirt Yellow runecrafter skirt Green runecrafter skirt 1000 Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic +4, Range +0
Defence: Stab +4, Slash +4, Crush +4, Magic +4, Range +4, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0
Runecrafter gloves Blue runecrafter glovers Yellow runecrafter glovers Green runecrafter glovers 1000 Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic +2, Range +0
Defence: Stab +2, Slash +2, Crush +2, Magic +2, Range +2, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0

Master Runecrafter Robes:

Master Runecrafter robes provide an experience bonus whilst Runecrafting.

Item Name Image Token Cost Bonus
Master runecrafter hat Master runecrafter hat 15,000 0.4
Master runecrafter body Master runecrafter body 15,000 0.8
Master runecrafter skirt Master runecrafter skirt 15,000 0.6
Master runecrafter boots Master runecrafter boots 15,000 0.6
Complete set 5%


Talisman staves are used in the creation of Runecrafting staves and the Omni-talisman staff. Both type of staves act as Runecrafting talismans/tiaras. They also make it easier to distract the eyes in the Abyss. To attach a talisman to the staff, simply the use the staff or talisman on the corresponding altar.

Note: The law staff has no combat bonuses, and can therefore be taken onto the island of Entrana. Staves which have not been assigned to an altar cannot be wielded.

Item Name Image Token Cost Stats
Talisman staff Talisman staff 10,000 Cannot be wielded
Runecrafting staff Runecrafting staff N/A Attack: Stab +0, Slash -1, Crush +7, Magic +5, Range +0
Defence: Stab +2, Slash +3, Crush +1, Magic +15, Range +4, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +33, Prayer +0

Runecrafting Teleport Tablets:

Runecrafting teleport tablets are similar to the teleport tablets made in Player Owned Houses. These tablets will teleport a user directly to the entrance of the altar. You may only access those altars for which you have the Runecrafting level and the corresponding talisman, tiara, or runecrafting staff.


Item Name Image Token Cost Requirements To Use
Air altar teleport Air altar teleport 30 1 Runecrafting
Mind altar teleport Mind altar teleport 32 2 Runecrafting
Water altar teleport Water altar teleport 34 5 Runecrafting
Earth altar teleport Earth altar teleport 36 9 Runecrafting
Fire altar teleport Fire altar teleport 37 14 Runecrafting
Body altar teleport Body altar teleport 38 20 Runecrafting
Cosmic altar teleport* Cosmic altar teleport 39 27 Runecrafting
Chaos altar teleport* Chaos altar teleport 40 35 Runecrafting
Astral altar teleport* Astral altar teleport 41 40 Runecrafting,
Lunar Diplomacy quest
Nature altar teleport* Nature altar teleport 42 44 Runecrafting
Law altar teleport* Law altar teleport 43 54 Runecrafting
Death altar teleport* Death altar teleport 44 65 Runecrafting,
Mourning's Ends Part II quest
Blood altar teleport* Blood altar teleport 45 77 Runecrafting,
Legacy of Seergaze quest
Runecrafting guild teleport Runecrafting guild teleport 15 50 Runcrafting



Item Name Image Token Cost Requirements To Use
Air talisman Air talisman 50 1 Runecrafting
Mind talisman Mind talisman 50 2 Runecrafting
Water talisman Water talisman 50 5 Runecrafting
Earth talisman Earth talisman 50 9 Runecrafting
Fire talisman Fire talisman 50 14 Runecrafting
Body talisman Body talisman 50 20 Runecrafting
Cosmic talisman* Cosmic talisman 125 27 Runecrafting
Chaos talisman* Chaos talisman 125 35 Runecrafting
Nature talisman* Nature talisman 125 44 Runecrafting
Law talisman* Law talisman 125 54 Runecrafting

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