Skill Levels Required:
At least 10 Woodcutting.
Quests Required:
Jungle Potion.
Items Needed:
Machete (of any kind), Food, Armor, Weapon, Antipoison potions, and Relicym's Balm.
Skill Levels Recommended:
At least 35 Woodcutting to have access to all the types of jungle available, and 16 Cooking for those who wish to cook Spiders on a stick.
Items Recommended:
Pickaxe, Spade, Prayer potions (unless you have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest), Beast of Burden familiar, an Anti-poison totem, Gem bag, and Normal or Super Restore potions.
Starting Point:
Murcaily, found roaming in front of the Mahogany and Teak trees area.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

Getting started

To get started with this activity, head towards Murcaily, found near the Mahogany and Teak tree area who will provide you some basic information about this activity:


Once you've done this, you are ready to equip your machete and start doing some work around the village to gain favour!

There are three types of "jungles" that you can clear in order to obtain material to repair the village's fence:

Types of jungle

  • Light jungle: Requires 10 Woodcutting (32 EXP) to be chopped to produce Thatch spar light. Thatch spar light image
  • Medium jungle: Requires 20 Woodcutting (55 EXP) to be chopped to produce Thatch spar med. Thatch spar med image
  • Dense jungle: Requires 30 Woodcutting (80 EXP) to be chopped to produce Thatch spar dense. Thatch spar dense image

Your machete will be the most vital tool for you to use in this mini-game, without it, you simply can't do anything!
This is why it is a good idea to obtain a gem incrusted machete which grant faster jungle clearing speed, a must have if you plan to play the activity for a while:
In crecent order of speed, we have:

  • Machete image Regular machete
  • Opal machete image Opal machete
  • Jade machete image Jade machete
  • Red topaz machete image Red Topaz machete

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Playing the game

In a couple of words, there are two tasks to complete in order to progress in this activity.

The first one, is to collect the best kind of Thatch spars your woodcutting level allows you to obtain to repair the village fence. This is when a Beast of Burden might be handy: to store more spars for you! When you have collected enough, simply head to the crumbled village wooden barrier and start reparing it section by section.

Reparing the village fence

The second task, is to protect the village from the threats that occasionally spawn while clearing up jungles, such as...

Broodoo victims

You might stumble across a tribal grave and awaken one of these restless spirits, and they won't be happy!
These are probably the most powerful opponents you will find in this mini-game, and while you can defeat them fairly easily with the appropiate materials, they are not to be underestimated. They can bind you and at the same time drain your combat stats, this why having a couple of Restore potions with you is recommended.

Broodoo victim attack

There are three types of Broodoo Victims you can encounter, and while they might look painfully slow to kill with a regular weapon, the secret to defeat them easily lies behind a couple of specific items! Each type of victim has a weakness for a certain consumable item, simply feed it to the victim to inflict critical damage on them.

Color Weakness Mask Image Broodoo Image
Blue Food (any kind) Blue broodoo mask Blue broodoo victim
Green Antipoison Green broodoo mask Green broodoo victim
Yellow Relicym's balm Yellow broodoo mask Yellow broodoo victim

As you might have guessed already, after you have defeated the victim, you'll be rewarded with the tribal mask that the victim was wearing.

Broodoo mask stats

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These will show up either in groups of one, three, or five. One mosquito is level 13, three mosquitoes will create a total of level 17, and five mosquitoes a total of level 20.

Mosquitoes attack

Once defeated you will be rewarded with favour, a small amount of agility xp, and a certain amount (subject to the amount of mosquitos killed) of proboscis. This peculiar drop is used during A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains quest, and also used in the creation of Spirit mosquito pouches with the Summoning skill.

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Sometimes you might discover an enemy tribesman hiding in the jungle! He won't thank you for blowing his cover, that's for sure.

Tribesman attack

Although their combat level is relatively low, the danger of this encounter is not the tribesman itself, but the poisoned spear he uses! This nasty strong poison can deal up to 110 Lifepoints damage, so it could be potentially dangerous. This is were Antipoison potions or an Anti-poison totem becomes vital to optimize your chances of survival.

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Bush snake

Although not very often, some sneaky snake might pop in to attempt an ambush! Just as the tribesmans, bush snakes can poison you, so be sure you have anti-poison mesures with you at times.

Bush snake attack

This challenge event is usually fancied by players as bush snakes will drop Snake skin used in the craft of Snakeskin armor, details of which can be found in the rewards section.

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Jungle spider

Aracnophobics beware, as a level 44 Jungle spider might as well come out of one of the jungles to engage a battle with you!

Jungle spider attack

Once defeated, you will be able to collect its carcass which you can use along with a skewer to make a Spider on a Stick. If you have 16 Cooking or higher you will be able to attempt to cook this exotic dish to regain some lifepoints from the battle if you're low on food. Yum!

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Trading sticks

Now, you may have noticed that as you progress on your threat extermination and fence repairs, you will start gaining Tai Bwo Wannai favour. You can keep track of it using the counter found in the left corner at the top of the game screen:

Counter image

Trading sticks, which is the local currency of this village, are obtained as a reward for all your work around the village. Cash your Tai Bwo Wannai village favor into Trading sticks by talking to most of the Villagers that you can find around:

Cashing in

Here's a map of all the natives you can ask for Trading sticks within the village:

Villager location map

With these Trading sticks you'll be able to purchase some snazzy tribal garments or gnome beverages off Gabooty as well. Gabooty can be found roaming around the centre of the village:

Gabooty's clothes

Gabooty's drinks

Tribal clothing is nothing more than decorative though:

Tribal clothes

You can also pay 100 Trading Sticks (per time you enter the area) to gain access to the rare tree area, where you will be able to find a selection of Mahogany and Teak trees ready to be chopped down. Beware though, jungle snakes are to be found inside this enclosed area, and they can poison!

Rare tree area

In case you forgot to bring your own hatchet, you will find two Iron hatchet respawns inside the area for you to use.

And it's not over yet! You can also bring your trading sticks along with some gems and Gout tuber to Safta Doc, who can craft gem incrusted machetes for you in exchange of the right amount of materials.

Location of Safta Doc

  • Opal machete: 3 cut or uncut Opal gems, 1 Gout tuber, and 300 Trading sticks.
  • Jade machete: 3 cut or uncut Jade gems, 1 Gout tuber, and 600 Trading sticks.
  • Red topaz Machete: 3 cut or uncut Red topaz gems, 1 Gout tuber, and 1200 Trading sticks.

And last, but not can pay Rionasta with Trading sticks for him to become your personal human bank deposit box!

Location of Rionasta

He will charge you 10 Trading sticks per item you wish to deposit.

And if any of the services that the Tai Bwo Wannai village offers you in exchange of Trading sticks are not appealing to you, do not worry, they are tradeable! So you can sell them directly to other players, and using the Grand Exchange.

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Snakeskin armor

As it was mentioned a while back in the guide, Bush snakes will drop their skin, which after being tanned can be used to craft snakeskin armor pieces, armor fancied by archers. Specially the boots!

Snakeskin armour set

But unlike the dragon or cow hide armor, the snakeskin will require way more tanned skins to craft the armor:

Name Image Level required
to craft
Skins needed to craft
Snakeskin boots Snakeskin boots 45 6
Snakeskin vambraces Snakeskin vambraces 47 8
Snakeskin bandana Snakeskin bandana 48 5
Snakeskin chaps Snakeskin chaps 51 12
Snakeskin body Snakeskin body 53 15

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Special rewards

Gem rocks

Gem rock mining

After you have fully cleared a jungle bush there's a chance of a gem rock to pop up, this is when having a pickaxe and a Gem bag in your inventory comes in handy. The gem bag will help you save some invetory space as you mine it in you get one of the four principal precious gems.

Gout tuber

After you have fully cleared a jungle bush you have a slim chance of getting a gout tuber sprout to appear, note that this is what the spade is for (although we would simply recommend you have one stored with the Leprechaun near the Calquat tree patch).
This is probably the most fancied event above all in this activity, as the gout tuber because of its rareness can be sold at a very profitable price, or you can choose to plant it in a herb farming patch to grow goutweed herbs, or trade them along with other items to Safta Doc in exchange of gem-incrusted machetes.

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