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No Requirements.
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No Requirements.
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No Requirements.
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No Requirements.
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They supply runs are started by taking goebie supplies from the supply rock by Querci in Kanatah. Doing this displays a message "You are now flagged for safe PvP." It is required then to travel through the Nemi Forest to deliver the supplies to Quercy in Otot. Once they are given to Otot a message will be displayed " You've successfully handed in all you can for today. PvP has been toggled off." The player is marked for safe PvP for the whole journey. When the player dies, they lose only their Goebie supplies. While players are marked, they are not able to use the rangers to travel faster. Killing other players will not result in getting their loot.


After delivering the Goebie supplies to Otot, players get to choose the experience reward between two skills. The skills you can choose between are randomly given as one of the following: Agility, Crafting, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, and Woodcutting.

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