Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Weight reducing and energy restoring items (see Tips for more details).
Starting Point:
Accessed via the stairs found within each district of Menaphos.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:


In this minigame you can have between 1 and 5 players working together to clear a tomb. To do such, you will need to complete a few objectives and make it to the exit before the 5-minute timer runs out. Though it is not common, it is possible to die within this minigame if you choose to squish any scarabs that spawn. Beyond this danger, Shifting Tombs is a safe minigame that relies upon your ability to run the entire map, clearing obstacles, and locating the exit.


Around the entrance to the Tombs, you will notice several statues and braziers. Activating these determines what experience you gain when playing a round; choosing to not have them activated will gain you more coins instead of experience. Depending on your skill levels you can obtain experience in up to 8 skills; 4 primary and 4 secondary skills.

  • Tier 1 - You must have at least level 50 in the following skills to activate the statues and receive the experience
  • Tier 2 - You must have at least level 70 in the above skills, as well as these secondary skills to activate the braziers and receive the experience
  • Tier 3 - You must have at least level 90 in all 8 of the skills. As before, you will be able to activate all statures and braziers to receive the experience

The higher tier you can access, the more the tombs will reward you in experience for your chosen skills. The statues and braziers for each skill are found in the following locations of the lobby.

Note: You are also able to change the desired experience whdile playing the game by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the in-game information screen.



You must talk to Ozan about the shifting tombs before you can enter for the first time. He can tell you about what is down there, tell you about the statues/braziers, and explain the time limit. After you have learned about it from him, you are free to enter the tomb as you like.


In order to start a solo game, you will simply need to enter the tomb, the large pit in the center of the lobby. If you left click, it will ask if you wish to start a solo round or if you would like to search the surrounding area for people. Or you can right click and choose to start a solo round.

If you wish to play with others, you can search the surrounding area or, if you have a friend or two that wish to play with you, they can be invited using the grouping system.

To create a group, open the Community window on your ribbon, the 2 hooded people, and select the "Grouping System" tab at the top. Choose to "Create a new group", then select "Shifting Tombs", and "view selected".

Community Window

This will show you information about Shifting Tombs. Select "Update Group" then invite your friend(s). Once everyone is ready they will need to select "Ready", then the person who created the group must choose to enter the tomb and all will be teleported there. Note that while you enter together, you ALL must exit individually.

Tombs Info Window

Game Play:

Now that you know how to enter the Shifting Tombs, we will cover how to play a round. You are given a randomly generated map that contains several objectives. You must leave this tomb within 5 minutes of entering. If you do not climb the exit rope in time, you will be teleported out and not gain any rewards for completing the tomb; you will still have received the experience for smashing urns and feathers for opening chests, but you will receive nothing more. Note that if you are playing in a group, you must leave the tomb on your own; the team leaving will not force you to exit and complete the tomb automatically.

When entering the tomb, you will be given 3 objectives to complete. The number that you must perform before the objective is considered complete will vary each time you enter. In order for your trip to be considered successful, and for you to receive reputation, you must have completed at least 2 of the 3 objectives. You will know what your objectives are, your progress, the time remaining, which skills you receive experience in, and which tier you are by looking at the information screen displayed along the top of your screen.

Tomb Stats

Once in the tomb, a count down from 3 will begin. When it reaches Go, you will be allowed to begin running about the map completing your objectives. Often you will not be able to see nearby urns until the countdown has completed and the round officially begins, so be careful about running off too soon.


In order to loot a chest, you must have the required level in the specific skill needed to open it. The skill required to open it can be determined by how the chest is locked:

Skill Locking Method Image
Farming Covered in dirt and leaves Farming Chest
Firemaking Wax seal Firemaking Chest
Thieving Large lock Thieving Chest
Woodcutting Covered in roots Woodcutting Chest

The level needed to open any chest will vary from level 1 to level 99. Successfully opening it will reward you with 5-8 Feathers of Ma'at as well as some experience for the skill associated with the chest if you have the corresponding statue active. If you are in a tomb with multiple players, each person will need to loot the chest to have it count toward their objectives. Thankfully though, only 1 person will need to unlock it. Once it has opened, an icon will appear on the minimap so that the others can find it easily.

Chest Icon

Occasionally when opening a chest, corrupted fire will appear on the floor around it, spawning agitated scarabs that can be ignored or smushed for reputation. You can die from these scarabs as they wound you as per normal. If you are wearing/holding more than 3 items you will need to see Death in order to reclaim your items. If you are holding or wearing fewer items, you will simply respawn in the Menaphos Plaza.


The fastest way to cleanse corruption within the tombs is by smashing urns. These can be smashed from a distance, nearly as soon as you can see them, and are gone almost instantly. The amount of skill experience you will gain per urn can be as much as 350, depending upon what tier you are. Which skills you gain experience in will depend upon which braziers you have active. You will gain the same amount of experience for all of your secondary skills at the same time instead of specific urns being for specific skills.

When completing a tomb in a group, you will notice that the urns spawn separately for each individual. This makes it so that you do not need to be concerned about there not being enough urns for all teammates and you can proceed to smash them all as if you were playing solo.

When you smash 5 urns in quick succession, you will gain a special buff. When active, you will be able to smash through several crystallized corruption rocks in a row at one time. This effect lasts for up to 22 seconds unused and can stack to up to 3 uses. You can visually tell this buff is active as you will be covered in blue flames.


Another method of cleansing corruption is to mine the crystallized corruption. This method unfortunately, takes a bit of time to complete so it is recommended to only mine the corruption if it is necessary to access the area beyond it, if there are no urns available near you, or if you are using the buff as seen below.

Pew Pew!


In order to open a sarcophagus, you will need to essentially play Simon says. There are 6 icons of the lesser gods located randomly around each sarcophagus, 3 of these tiles will need to be clicked in order to unlock it before the sarcophagus can be opened. Which tiles, and in what order, you must click will vary for each one. The cycle begins with the sarcophagus flashing yellow.

Flashing Start

Then blue orbs will travel to the tiles in the same order you must click them. Sometimes it will be 3 different tiles, while other times it could be the same tile 3 times.

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

Once you have clicked the final correct tile, you will hear a click and can open the sarcophagus. When you are clearing a tomb in a group, only 1 person will need to open any given sarcophagus for it to count toward everyone's objectives.

If you choose the wrong tile, it will reset your clicks and you must once again click the tiles in order starting from the first. You can also force it to clear by right clicking the sarcophagus and choosing reset.



Per round:

  • Up to 666 reputation for your chosen district
  • Skill experience based on the statues and braziers you have active
  • Coins if you do not have statues and/or braziers active
  • Feathers of Ma'at from the chests

You also have the possibility of finding:

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