Skill Levels Required:
33 Runecrafting for level 2
66 Runecrafting for level 3
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
Items Recommended:
Weight-reducing equipment.
Starting Point:
Go through the portal on the roof of the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

Getting There

Head to the roof floor of the Wizards' Tower and you will find the green low-level portal on the east side and red high-level portal on the west side. There are several ways to get to the Wizards' Tower.

  • Wizards at each Runecrafting altar will offer to teleport you to the tower.
  • Teleport to Draynor Village and walk south towards the tower.
  • Use the Wicked hood's teleport option to teleport to the second floor of the tower.
  • Use the Fairy Ring code DIS to teleport right behind the tower.
  • Use a Runecrafting guild teleport tablet to reach the Runecrafting Guild. From there, go through the portal to the second floor of the Wizards' Tower.

Low-level portal

High-level portal

As soon as you have chosen an option you will appear in the center of the Runespan. In the center you will also find Wizard Finix who will give you a short tutorial. To leave the mini-game talk to any wizard in the Runespan or use their right-click teleport option.

Wizard Finix

While in the Runespan a number of symbols, showing useful information, will appear in the top left corner of your screen.

Icon Information
Points Icon Your current total of Runespan points, from earlier sessions.
Inventory Icon The current Runespan points value of the runes in your inventory
Floor Icon The floor you are currently on
Runesphere Icon Shows if a runesphere is active.

Within the Runespan you are able to access the 3 floors by climbing up and down ladders. You can travel to the second floor from the first floor by climbing up the vine ladder to the west. The top floor can be reached by climbing up the bone ladder located in the southwestern corner of the second floor. The vine ladder requires a level of 33 Runecrafting, while the bone ladder requires 66 Runecrafting.

Tip: To quickly reach the top floor from the second one, collect 3 air runes and cross the float platform to the island to the south. Collect 2 chaos runes from one of the creatures and cross the missile platform twice to the ladder in the southwest.

Vine and Bone ladders

Playing the Game:

The goal of the mini-game is to craft runes within the Runespan by siphoning energy from various creatures and nodes that inhabit the realm. There are several options in order to obtain the energy that you require.


Any runes or essence that you obtain in the Runespan cannot be taken outside of it. Crossing platforms and chipping runic creatures will decrease your points as you use up runes in these actions. When you leave the area your runes and essence will be converted into points that you can use to buy rewards from Wizard Fenix's shop next to the portal in the Wizards' Tower.

Rune Point per rune
Air 0.1
Mind 0.2
Water 0.3
Earth 0.4
Fire 0.5
Body 0.7
Cosmic 0.9
Chaos 1.1
Astral 1.3
Nature 1.5
Law 1.7
Death 2.5
Blood 3
Soul 3.5

Floating Essence:

The most basic way to get a hold of essence is by collecting it from Floating essence. Simply click on Floating essence to draw off its energy into Rune essence. If you already have more than 25 Rune essence in your inventory, you will not be able to siphon more from a Floating essence.

Floating essence

Runic Creatures:

There are runic creatures living in the Runespan that you can siphon to produce runes. You may also choose to chip them to collect even more essence. Chipping turn 10 runes back into 10 rune essence. If you chip a creature you will not be able to chip it again until you have chipped three other types of creatures. However, you may not always succeed. If you fail to create a rune, you will get 1 xp. The amount of xp you get from successfully siphoning is listed below. When a creature is killed, it will drop a certain amount of Rune essence which will go straight into your inventory.

Creature Runecrafting
Runes to
Xp per
Floor Members
Air essling
Air essling
None Air Air 9.5 All No
Mind essling
Mind essling
None Air Mind 10 All No
Water essling
Water essling
5 Air Water 12.6 All No
Earth essling
Earth essling
9 Water Earth 14.3 All No
Fire essling
Fire essling
14 Water Fire 17.4 All No
Body esshound
Body esshound
20 Mind Body 23.1 2 and 3 No
Cosmic esshound
Cosmic esshound
27 Earth Cosmic 26.6 2 and 3 Yes
Chaos esshound
Chaos esshound
35 Fire Chaos 30.8 2 and 3 Yes
Astral esshound
Astral esshound
40 Cosmic Astral 35.7 2 and 3 Yes
Nature esshound
Nature esshound
44 Chaos Nature 43.4 2 and 3 Yes
Law esshound
Law esshound
54 Astral Law 53.9 2 and 3 Yes
Death esswraith
Death esswraith
65 Nature Death 60 3 Yes
Blood esswraith
Blood esswraith
77 Law Blood 73.1 3 Yes
Soul esswraith
Soul esswraith
90 Blood Soul 106.5 3 Yes

Runic Energy Nodes:

These concentrated essence nodes spawn randomly in the Runespan. Higher level nodes will spawn in higher levels of the area. You can siphon these to obtain runecrafting xp and runes. Each time you try to make a rune you will use rune essence from your inventory. However, you may not always succeed. If you fail to create a rune, you will get 2 xp but will not have used up a rune essence.
Nodes last a set amount of time, and last longer if you are siphoning it with other people.
The amount of xp you get from successfully siphoning is listed below.

Node Runecrafting
Runes produced Xp per essence Floor Members
cyclone node
none Air rune 19 All No
mind storm node
Mind storm
none Mind rune 20 All No
water pool node
Water pool
5 Water rune 25.3 All No
rock fragment node
Rock fragment
9 Earth rune 28.6 All No
fireball node
14 Fire rune 34.8 All No
vine node
17 Earth rune
Water rune
30.3/34.3 All No
fleshy growth node
Fleshy growth
20 Body rune 46.2 2 and 3 No
firestorm node
Fire storm
27 Fire rune
Air rune
22.8/41.7 2 and 3 No
chaotic cloud node
Chaotic cloud
35 Chaos rune 61.6 2 and 3 Yes
nebula node
40 Astral rune
Cosmic rune
63.8/85.6 2 and 3 Yes
shifter node
44 Nature rune 86.8 2 and 3 Yes
jumper node
54 Law rune 107.8 2 and 3 Yes
skulls node
65 Death rune 120 3 Yes
blood pool node
Blood pool
77 Blood rune 146.3 3 Yes
bloody skulls node
Bloody skulls
83 Death rune
Blood rune
144/175.5 3 Yes
living soul node
Living soul
90 Soul rune 213 3 Yes
undead soul node
Undead soul
95 Death rune
Soul rune
144/255.5 3 Yes

Traveling between Islands:

To access the various islands around the Runespan you will need a number of runes to move between “bridging points”. This always costs at least 1 rune. However, the amount of different types of runes and the required Runecrafting levels can make it impossible for you to use that particular platform. If you have the runes and level to use a platform, then the platform on your end and at your destination will glow. When traveling from a small island to a bigger island you will not get charged. Traveling to a smaller island, however, will require payment. If you do not know the way to reach a certain island you can open the world map, which will show you the entire Runespan area.


Platform Runecrafting
Runes Floor Members only
Float None Air All No
Earth 9 Earth All No
Ice 15 Water and Air All No
Small missile 20 Mind and Elemental All No
Conjuration 25 Body, Mind, and Essence 2 and 3 Yes
Missile 35 Chaos and Elemental 2 and 3 Yes
Vine 44 Water, Earth, and Nature 2 and 3 Yes
Mist 50 Body, Water, and Nature 2 and 3 Yes
Comet 55 Law, Cosmic, and Astral 2 and 3 Yes
Skeletal 65 Death 3 Yes
Greater missile 77 Blood, Death, and Elemental 3 Yes
Flesh 85 Blood, Death, and Body 3 Yes
Greater conjuration 95 Death, Blood, Soul, Body,
Mind, and Essence
3 Yes

Yellow Wizard:

While traveling through the runespan you will find various wizards, one of which is dressed up in yellow robes. Every 10 minutes you will hear a yellow wizard call you. This wizard is stranded and requires your help. Give him the runes he asks for and you will receive a decent amount of experience. You can only hand a max of 10 runes to a wizard at a time. If you do not have the required runes in your inventory, give him the best runes you have but you will receive less experience. To find the yellow wizard ask Finix or any other wizards around to point you in the right direction.

Yellow Wizard


Runespheres are balls of pure rune essence that spawn every few hours. You have to siphon the different layers of the sphere to get to the core. The outer layer requires the highest Runecrafting level. Siphoning the various layers converts rune essence into runes and Runedust. When you reach the core, you can trade your Runedust for 25 runecrafting xp each. You can, however, gain no more than 1000 Runedust a day and you can only siphon one sphere a day. Below is a list of layers a sphere can have along with the required levels.


Layer Runecrafting
Members only
Air None Air No
Mind 8 Mind No
Water 15 Water No
Earth 22 Earth No
Fire 29 Fire No
Body 36 Body No
Cosmic 43 Cosmic Yes
Chaos 50 Chaos Yes
Astral 57 Astral Yes
Nature 64 Nature Yes
Law 71 Law Yes
Death 78 Death Yes
Blood 85 Blood Yes
Soul 92 Soul Yes


First of all, it is very much recommended to use official worlds for this minigame, as they're very much populated which assures the nodes will last longer. The official worlds for Runespan are World 38 (Free) and World 39 (Members). When entering the Runespan, your priorities are collecting essence and runes. Collect 25 essence from one of the nearest floating essence and use it to siphon runic creatures to collect runes and more essence. If you previously gained Runespan points, you can talk to Wizard Finix in Runespan to receive 10 of each rune you can siphon at the cost of a small number of points. However, if you are planning on hunting nodes and yellow wizards, it is advised to gather around 50 of each rune. This will ensure that you can travel between islands for a while without having to restock all the time.

Generally, there are 2 strategies one can use depending on whether you are after experience or points. If are looking to maximize your points, it is advised to camp on an island with highest level creature that you can siphon. If your focus lies on experience, it is advised to camp on a central island with a low-leveled runic creature, for fast essence gathering, and to travel to the surrounding islands when a high-level nodes appears on them.

High level nodes do not always give you the most experience and runes compared to Mid level nodes as they usually take longer to successfully siphon. As you level, you will be able to siphon previously unlocked nodes more successfully than at the level you unlocked them.


Although you cannot keep the runes you crafted inside the Runespan, you will receive a number of points when exiting it. These points can be spent in Wizard Finix' shop. The amount of points that are available from previous games are displayed next to the gold disc-like icon in the top left corner of your screen. The points that you will receive upon leaving the mini-game are listed next to the the bag-like icon.


Reward Point Cost Requirement Use
Wicked hood
Wicked hood
175 None. 100 free elemental runes or 5 non-elemental runes a day. 100 un-noted rune essence a day.
Wicked Robe Top
Wicked robe top
15,000 80 Runecrafting Increases the daily essence from Wicked hood by 25. Increases the amount of times you can teleport each day by 1. Reduces your weight by 10 kg.
Wicked legs
Wicked legs
7,500 55 Runecrafting Increases the daily essence from Wicked hood by 25. Increases the amount of times you can withdraw runes a day from hood by 1. Reduces your weight by 8 kg.
Wicked Cape
Wicked cape
2,500 30 Runecrafting Increases the daily essence from Wicked hood by 25. Increases the amount of times you can withdraw runes a day from hood by 1. Reduces your weight by 6 kg.
Lesser Runic Staff
Lesser runic staff
5,000 30 Runecrafting and 30 Magic None.
Runic Staff
Runic staff
12,500 60 Runecrafting and 50 Magic Holds and absorbs 500 casts of the spell that is aligned to it.
Greater Runic Staff
Greater runic staff
25,000 90 Runecrafting and 75 Magic Holds and absorbs 1000 casts of the spell that is aligned to it.
Massive Pouch
Massive pouch
1,000 90 Runecrafting Holds up to 18 essence, but disintegrates after a 42 uses.

Note: All these items are members only.


For the cost of 2000 points, you can change the color of the Wicked hood, robes, and cape. Make sure you have in your inventory all the parts you wish to have recolored, otherwise you will have to pay another 2000 points to recolor the remaining parts.


Those who have already purchased a Wicked hood and cape can change their design and symbol by buying esteem ranks. The symbol of the rank is displayed on both the hood and the cape. Buying a certain rank will reduce the cost of the prize of the higher esteem ranks. For example, buying the esteem rank 9 will reduce the cost of all the higher ranks by 60 points. This means that rank 8 will only cost 130 points instead of 190. Esteem rank 1 is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.

Rank Points Image
10 15 Esteem
9 60
8 190
7 560
6 1,560
5 4,360
4 11,860
3 31,860
2 86,860
1 211,860

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