Skill Levels Required:
50+ Combat for Novice boat
100+ Combat for Intermediate boat
150+ Combat for Veteran boat
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
Items Recommended:
Melee and Ranged equiment.
Starting Point:
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

The official worlds for Pest Control are 69 (P2P).

When you enter the city, head south and cross the gangplank. You will now be in the landing boat waiting area. You will depart after 5 minutes after the last departure or when you have 25 people in the boat at once.

  1. The Veteran boat is located on the most Western dock. You must be Combat Level 100 or higher to get on this boat.
  2. The Intermediate boat is located on the middle dock. You must be Combat Level 70 or higher to get on this boat.
  3. The Novice boat is located on the Eastern dock. You must be Combat Level 40 or higher to get on this boat.

Intermediate Boat

Playing The Game:

As soon as a game has started a couple of icons will appear in the upper left and right corner of your screen. The squiggly line inside a box shows the Void Knights health, the sword shows the total amount of damage that you have dealt, and the minutes show how long is left in the game.

Void Knight's lp annd damage

In the upper right corner a number of icons will appear showing the health and of location of the portals. It will also inform you whether the shield protecting a portal is enabled or disabled.

Portal Information

The point of this mini-game is to destroy all the portals before the Void Knight in the middle is killed. There are 4 portals total, each weak against a certain attack style. Whenever a portal is destroyed, the Void Knight will heal 5000 Life points.

Blue Portal: East of the camp, weak against Bolts.

Blue portal

Purple Portal: West of the camp.

Purple portal

Yellow Portal: South-East of the camp, weak against Smash attacks.

Yellow portal

Red Portal: South-West of the camp, weak against Arrows.

Red portal

This may sound easy, but there are a lot of monsters invading the island, eager to kill the Void Knight. All of the monsters can teleport, not just the shifters! Your attack style does not affect the type of monster appearing. When a monster cannot be walked through, this also means you cannot range or use a halberd over them.

Void Knight

Name Image Weakness Description
Brawler Brawler None These guys look quite intimidating, but they aren't that hard to kill. They take up more than one space which makes them a pain to get around. They attack with melee and they can't be walked through.
Defiler Defiler Stab These are not that difficult and only take up one space. These are range based monsters.
Ravager Ravager None These can inflict heavy damage to the gates, but they aren't that strong against players. This is another melee based monster.
Shifter Shifter None These are probably the most dangerous ones since they can teleport a short distance and easily reach the Void Knight. They attack with melee as well.
Spinner Spinner None These are the most annoying since they can heal the portals. Attack them as soon as they appear. When you've attacked them, keep going because these will not counter-attack. They are quite easy to kill. These will explode and poison anyone around them if a portal is destroyed near them.
Splatter Splatter None These look quite silly, but when you kill them they will explode dealing up to 240 damage! It is best to leave them alone unless they are on a suicide run towards your gates. Upon death, Splatters will injure surrounding monsters and players, such as retribution does.
Torcher Torcher Thrown weapons These can attack players and the Void Knight over the gates and from a long distance. These are magic based monsters.


Once the boat arrives on the monster-infested island, you have 2 options:

  1. Destroy the portals
  2. Defending the Void Knight in the middle

Destroying the Portals:

When going through the gates, make sure you close them. Otherwise, the creatures can easily enter and swarm the Void Knight to death. When you attack the portals, monsters will attack you to try and defend them. The monster that you have to worry about the most is the Spinner. It has the ability to heal the portals' health very fast, so when one appears, make sure you kill it quickly.When you attack the portal from behind, the creatures (except for shifters who will teleport next to you) can't attack you, though you should go attack a spinner when it appears.

Portals have a fair amount of hitpoints, but are easy to destroy with a large group of people. The portals have indestructible magic shields protecting them when you start out the game. However, after a short amount of time, one of the shields will break down and the portal will become vulnerable to attacks. After a little while longer, another will become vulnerable, then another, then another. The order that they become vulnerable is completely random each game. It is very useful to split into two or three groups. One or two groups should go attack portals, and the other should stay and protect the Void Knight. If you have brought along a team that you gathered yourself, place jobs for each person, or stick them with groups.

Defending the Void Knight:

If you decide that you don't want to attack the portals, you may also try to defend the Void Knight. He/she has a decent amount of hit points, but if no one defends him/her or the gates, they will be dead in minutes. A good way of defending them is to attack the Shifters that appear by the Void Knight first. After that you may want to go through the gate and kill some Torchers and Defilers, since there are a lot of these and they can deal a lot of damage to the Void Knight over the gates. There are four towers located at the walls. You can climb one of the ladders and use them to attack creatures on the ground from there. Shifters can still teleport up the towers, so watch out! It is highly recommended to mage or range at one of the two towers near the southern gate, as that one is most heavily attacked. Using Ancient Magicks at these really helps to protect the Void Knight and gives great magic experience.

Another way to defend the Void Knight is to chop down nearby trees and then use them to repair the broken gates. This requires a hammer and an axe. Kill any Ravagers to prevent them from destroying the gates again.

When all the portals are destroyed, you will get a coin reward depending on your combat level along with Void Commendation points, 2 in the Novice boat, 3 in the Intermediate boat, and 4 in the Veteran boat. If you fail to destroy the portals before the Void Knight is killed, you will not receive any rewards. The amount of coins you will receive is determined multiplying the number of your combat level by 10. A person with combat level 108 would receive 1080 coins per win. If you work hard enough and collect 100 points and cash them in all at once using the 100 pt option, you will receive an extra 10% experience. You can also use the 10 pt option to get a 1% experience bonus.

With these points you can buy a variety of different items. The full list is shown in the image below. In order to get the reward you need to deal at least 5000 points of damage. Even if your team wins, but you haven't dealt enough damage, you will not receive any rewards. When you have 500 commendations, you won't get anymore from playing the game until you trade them in for experience.

Note: To buy the armor, the mace, or the helms you need 42 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Ranged and Magic, as well as having 22 Prayer or more. While playing Pest Control, you have a chance to obtain boots from the three Hybrid armour sets.

Experience Rewards

Equipment Rewards

Consumables Rewards

Item Image Cost Other info
Void knight mace Void Knight Mace 250 Void Knight points Acts as a wand with 668 accuracy. This item is not required for the Void set effect.
Void knight top Void Knight Top 250 Void Knight points Required for the Void set effect.
Void knight robe Void Knight Robe 250 Void Knight points Required for the Void set effect.
Void knight gloves Void Knight Gloves 150 Void Knight points Required for the Void set effect.
Void mage helm Void mage helm 200 Void Knight points You will get 5% Magic accuracy and +5% Magic damage bonus if you wear this helmet with the full Void outfit.
Void melee helm Void melee helm 200 Void Knight points You will get 5% Melee accuracy and +5% Melee damage bonus if you wear this helmet with the full Void outfit.
Void ranger helm Void ranger helm 200 Void Knight points You will get 5% Ranged accuracy and +5% Ranged damage bonus if you wear this helmet with the full Void outfit.
Void seal Void seal 10 Void Knight points Deals 100 damage to surrounding void pests when activated. Has 8 charges.
Void knight deflector Void knight deflector 150 Void Knight points and 1250 Conquest rank Can be used to replace any piece of the Void armor, besides the headgear.
Elite void knight top Elite void knight top 100 Void Knight points + Void knight top Upgraded version of the Void knight top. You must have complete The Void Stares Back quest to unlock this armor.
Elite void knight robe Elite void knight robe 100 Void Knight points + Void knight robe Upgraded version of the Void knight robe. You must have complete The Void Stares Back quest to unlock this armor.

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