Skill Levels Required:
50 Construction
60 Agility
60 Farming
60 Crafting
70 Magic
Lunar Spellbook activated
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Astral, Nature, Law, Earth, and Water runes in great amounts. Plus a couple of Cosmic, Mind, and Death runes.
Skill Levels Recommended:
93 Magic to be able to obtain the full experience for all the tasks/events within this game.
Items Recommended:
Mud battlestaff or Mystic mud staff to remove the need for Earth and Water runes.
Starting Point:
Pauline Polaris, North of the Lunar Isle village gate.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents:

Getting Started:

First of all, please be aware that this activity consumes a large amount of runes. So be sure to have a wide number of the vital runes before starting. This includes: 2,000 Astral runes, 1,000-2,000 Nature runes, 500-1,000 Law runes, as well as 2,000-5,000 Earth runes and Water runes (alternatively a Mud battlestaff or Mystic mud staff will work).

With this in mind, you can now start by heading to Pauline Polaris. Speak with her to receive a quick tutorial to understand the basics of Livid Farm. You must complete this tutorial before you will be able to play this minigame.

It All Starts Here

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Playing the Game:

Livid Farm works uses a system of 5 repeating timed stages. This means that once a stage starts you will have a certain amount of time to complete all the tasks available in the area before it resets again. Not to worry, you will not get penalized if you don't complete them all. You will be rewarded with Produce points and experience points only for what you have done; no more, no less. Also, even if you do not have the required Magic level, you will be able to cast all the spells needed to complete a certain task in the farm, regardless oh how much higher it is. However, if you cast spells without the required Magic level, you will be rewarded with only half the produce points, and it will still consume your runes.

The stages are as follows:

Assuming every task is performed during each stage of a cycle, you will earn 1,580 Produce Points.

Below you will find a table that details the experience and produce gained for each task; from lowest to highest Magic level required for full points. While you do not need to have the Magic to cast the spells, if your level is not high enough you will not receive experience for it and your Produce points will be halved. If you wish to know what Produce points you will gain for casting any given spell, right-click Pauline and choose "Claim-rewards". Under the "Tasks" tabs, you will see what you will gain.

Task Magic Level Runes Needed Experience Gained Produce Points Other Notes
Cure plant 66 1 Astral and 8 Earth 90 Magic
137.5 Farming
20 3 plants each stage.
String jewelry 80 1 Astral, 10 Earth, and 5 Water 124.5 Magic
405 Crafting
120 Per batch You cannot hold more than 10 Livid plants or 2 Livid plant bunches at a time; both of these items stack. Experience is gained when bunches are placed in the cart, but runes are used when they are created.
Fertile soil 83 3 Astral, 15 Earth, and 2 Nature 130.5 Magic
137.5 Farming
20 3 plots each stage.
Plank make 86 2 Astral, 15 Earth, and 1 Nature 135 Magic
81.5 Construction
20 You cannot hold more than 50 Lunar lumber and 50 Lunar planks at a time; both of these items stack. Experience is gained when fences are repaired, but runes are used when planks are created.
Encourage Pauline N/A N/A 254.5 Agility 100 If you accidentally choose the wrong phrase, you can try again to encourage her.

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Farming the Livid:

Fertilizing and curing are the first tasks you should focus on at the beginning of every stage. You will need Nature runes, Astral runes, and Earth/Water runes. Alternatively you can use a (Mystic)Mud battlestaff to save on Earth/Water runes.

First, fertilize the empty livid patches to give birth to new Livid blossoms. This is done by simply clicking empty patches along her farming plots.

Fertilizing Patches

Next is a more problematic duty! You will need to restore the health of the diseased livid, these are the livids that have turned black.

But as easy as this might sound, having the Cure Plant spell runes won't be enough; your ability to recognize shapes will be tested. There are four different shapes of livids growing in the farm. To successfully cast the Cure Plant spell, you will need to select the right shape from the menu.

Types of Livid to Cure

Luckily, the location where each type of livid grows is fixed. This being the case, you will simply have to see which spot it is in and compare to the image below to be able to successfully cure the plant.

Guide to Curing Livid

You will only need to perform one spell per plant, if required, per stage. Once you have made sure the Livid are growing deadly and healthy, you can move on!

If you are Magic level 66+, for each Livid that you cure you will gain: 20 Produce points, as well as 90 Magic and 137.5 Farming experience.
If you are Magic level 83+, for each plot you fertilize you will gain: 20 Produce points, as well as 130.5 Magic and 137.5 Farming experience.

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Repairing the Fence:

It seems that just like the natives of Tai Bwo Wannai village, Pauline needs some help repairing her fence! But unlike at Tai Bwo Wannai, the problem here is much less complicated.

For this task, be sure to stock up with Nature runes, Astral runes, and lots (if not infinite) of Earth runes!

Log Pile

Collect the desired amount of lumber from the log pile along the North edge of Pauline's farm. You can right-click and choose to take 1 or 5 logs at a time, or you can spam click the pile grabbing one each time. When you have your desired amount of lumber, up to 50, convert it into Lunar fenceposts by clicking the lumber. These fenceposts will then be used to repair Pauline's fence. During each stage, the fence will get broken at two specific spots. The combinations along with the spots are shown in the map below:

Fence Locations

If you are Magic level 86+, for each section of fence that you repair you will gain: 20 Produce points, as well as 135 Magic and 81.5 Construction experience.

Note: It may be helpful, before actively working on the farm, to create a large number of fenceposts so that you can quickly repair the broken areas and move on.

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Packing the Livid:

For this task, be sure to stock up with Astral runes, Earth runes, and Water runes; or Astral runes and a (Mystic)Mud battlestaff. When Pauline harvests the crops on the farm, she will place them in the produce pile. This can be found along the Northern wall of the farm, just next to the Lunar lumber bin:

Taking Produce

Click the bin once and you will collect all 10 livid plants that you will now need to bunch together using the String Jewelry spell. Simply click twice on the Livid plants and they will become bunched. You do not need to wait for the spell animation to end before you can string the second batch of livid; you can quickly click twice to gain some time!

Once you have your livid bunched, head to the trade wagon full of bunched produce in the South East corner.

Deposit Here

And deposit your bunches here. If you are Magic level 80+, for each bunch of Livids you deposit, you will gain: 120 Produce points, as well as 124.5 Magic and 405 Crafting experience.

Note: You can only have 2 Livid plant bunches OR 10 Livid plants in your inventory at the same time.

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Encouraging Pauline:

As we all do at some point in our lives, Pauline needs to be encouraged to keep going! And it seems that she needs that quite often in this activity.

Encourage Pauline

If it is not time to harvest the Livid, you will notice that Pauline gets drained. You will need to encourage her with the right phrase. You can do this by right-clicking on her and clicking "Encourage". Then choose the positive phrase of the 4 options given. The choices you want to make are listed below:

  • Come on, you're doing so well.
  • Keep going! We can do this.
  • Look at all the produce being made.
  • Lokar will really appreciate this.
  • Extraordinary!
  • You're doing a fantastic job.

If you are Magic level 90+, for each time you motivate Pauline, you will gain: 100 Produce points, as well as 254.5 Agility experience.

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Random Events:

But it doesn't stop there! As part of any unusual place, peculiar events are bound to happen. Be sure to watch out for these Random Events to collect on the extra gains! For each one completed, you will gain 20 Produce points.

Sick Ibis:

Meteora's ibis doesn't seem to be doing well. She wants to know what's wrong with it and wants you to do something about it. Help Meteora unveil the enigma by casting Monster Examine on her ibis (or right-click and choose "Diagnose" on the ibis), then tell Meteora what's wrong with her pet.

Sick Ibis

You will need 1 Cosmic, 1 Mind, and 1 Astral runes to cast the Monster Examine spell.

It had to be a Suqah:

It seems that the Moonclan members and the Suqah are still just as friendly as ever! Sometimes a Suqah will decide to sneak into the farm and start attacking Pauline! She's going to need your help.

The Boss

You will have to encourage her so she can teach the Suqah who's the boss! Simply right-click her and choose "Encourage".

A Pirate's Revenge:

Murky Pat, an unpopular pirate, comes to livid farm looking for something that can help him increase his public image - revenge! Speak with him to learn who has been causing him trouble. Then right-click him and choose "Apply-vengeance". This will open a window where you need to select the person who is giving Pat a hard time. Once you have made your selection, the spell will be cast.

Murky Pat

You will need 3 Death, 3 Astral, and 10 Earth runes to cast the Vengeance Other spell.

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As you progress on the livid farm, you will be awarded Produce points. These points can be used to unlock a whole new variety of interesting and useful Lunar spells.

Spell Name Magic Level Produce Points Effect/Use
Teleport to South Falador 72 35,000 Teleports you near the farming patch South of Falador.
Repair Rune Pouch 75 70,000 Repairs and reinforces a rune essence pouch.
Teleport to North Ardougne 76 110,000 Teleports you near the farming patch North of Ardougne.
Remote Farming 78 150,000 Allows you to check the status of any farming patch and remotely cure those which are diseased.
Spiritualise Food 80 200,000 Spiritualizes one piece of food in your inventory, feed it to a familiar to restore its Life points, boost its combat stats, and replenish its timer.
Make Leather 83 250,000 Tans up to 5 hides in your inventory.
Disruption Shield 90 290,000 Protects you from any damage from one enemy attack. This spell has a 30 second cooldown. It only works in PvP.
Vengeance Group 95 330,000 Casts Vengeance on any player near to you, those nearby get to rebound damage. Up to 50 players can have it active in a 7x7 area.
Teleport to Trollheim 92 370,000 Teleports you to the farming patch in Trollheim.
Teleport Group to Trollheim 93 400,000 Teleports the group nearest to you to the farming patch in Trollheim.
Borrowed Power 99 430,000 Grants you the ability to cast any one of the following spells once it has been set by Pauline:

Air wave, Water wave, Earth wave, Fire wave, Entangle, Enfeeble, Vulnerability, Slayer Dart, High Level Alchemy, Bones to Peaches, Telekinetic Grab, and Home teleport.

Note: Unlocking new Lunar spells will not consume your Produce points.


If you thought the point of this activity ended after you acquired all the new spellcaster knowledge, think again! After you have unlocked all the new Lunar spells, you will have the option to spend your Produce points on wishes that can prove to be very useful for non-combat skills.

Wish Name Produce Points Effect/Use
Let it rain seeds 18,000 A batch of seeds will fall from the sky! Be ready to pick the ones you want
Gimme herbs 18,000 A certain number of grimy herbs are placed in your inventory.
Vial my herbs 5,500 Magically turns cleaned herbs into unfinished potions. Works on up to 50 noted herbs at a time.
Turn Lunar lumber into runes 5,500 Turns all the lunar lumber in your inventory into runes.
Reduce the fish I burn 18,000 Tendency to burn raw fish will be reduced for 30 minutes.
More planks please 18,000 Chance of getting an extra plank when using the Plank make spell; spell is active for 20 minutes.
Let it Rain Awesome Seeds 55,000 Seeds drop around Pauline. Be quick to pick up the ones you want!
I'd Like a New Patch! 18,000 Provides an additional allotment farming patch. The patch remains until it is cleared for the first time.
Unset Borrowed Power! 0 The Borrowed Power spell is unset and any unsued charges will be refunded. Produce points are not refunded.
Set Borrowed Power! 18,000 Pauline will set the Borrowed Power spell to a spell of your choice at the cost (in runes) of 1,000 casts of that spell.

For example: If you set Air wave as your spell (costs 4 Air runes to cast), it will cost you 4,000 Air runes as well as 18,000 Produce points.
Protect a Patch for me! 37,000 Gives a scroll that, when used on a tree or fruit tree patch, will protect that patch for the next 10 growths in that patch.

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