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How do I get my own kingdom?
A word of advice
Ghrim's book
Map of your kingdom
How to manage the kingdom
Money, money, money
Additional rewards

How do I get my own kingdom?

Miscellania is one of the islands located a bit northwest from the shores of Rellekka. To get there you need to take the ship from the middle dock of the port. You must have done The Fremennik Trials to do this. Once on the island, go west into the castle, up the stairs and have a talk with King Vargas. This is the starting point of both Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble quests.

Advisor Ghrim and King Vargas

It's advisable to finish both quests before attempting to manage your kingdom. More resources are available, which means more workers and an increased coffer size.

A word of advice

Once you have finished both quests, go talk to Advisor Ghrim. Ask him how the kingdom is faring and he will tell you about your popularity amongst the people.

Advisor Ghrim

The percentage of your popularity determines how hard your workers will work for you. In order to keep your workers happy and content you need to help them with their chores. But you need to meet one or more of the following requirements.


  • Level 10 Farming and a rake to help Gardener Gunnhild. (A rake can be bought from Gunnhild for 15 coins)
  • Level 30 Mining and a pickaxe to help Miner Magnus.
  • Level 40 Fishing and a lobster pot or harpoon to help Fisherman Frodi.
  • Level 45 Woodcutting and an axe to help Lumberjack Leif.
  • Level 35 Woodcutting and an axe to help Carpenter Kjallack. (Only after finishing Royal Trouble)
  • Level 10 Farming and a rake, a watering can or a bucket of compost to help farmer Fromund. (Only after finishing Royal Trouble)

The popularity rating will decrease by 1% per day (3% decrease if you have only finished Throne of Miscellania) so make sure you help them every day to get the most out of your workers. If you decide to help Farmer Fromund you can get supplies from the nearby Leprechaun, if you have items stored that is. No need to run back and forth from the bank. If you decide to help Gardener Gunnhild you can buy a rake from her for 15 coins.

Gardener Gunnhild

There is no need to run around and help them all. Pick one you would like to help and stay there until they are content. They will eventually tell you that you have done enough work for them and that they are grateful.

Carpenter Kjallak

Note that you will not keep anything you collect (except for the weeds). Instead you automatically give it to the worker next to you. You receive 1 XP for every 10 items you collect.

Ghrim's Book

Ask Advisor Ghrim what you are supposed to do with your new kingdom and he will give you a speech about how everything works. It's far less detailed than this guide. At the end of his speech he will give you Ghrim's Book - or as the title says: "Managing Thine Kingdom for Noobes, 1st edition" (or second, depending on if you have finished both quests). The book explains the very basics of workforce, money and approval.

Ghrim's Book

Map of your kingdom

This is a map of your kingdom and it's workers.

Kingdom Map

Managing your kingdom

When you are done with that, Advisor Ghrim will fill you in on the recent stock of resources. If you have any resources in stock, he will ask you if you would like to collect them. You can take them or leave them in there. The choice is yours. However, there's just one catch; your workers only collect resources once a day! They always gather resources at the same time every day, so it might be helpful to figure out when, or you could just check your kingdom at the same time every day. If you collect, the resources will be automatically moved to your bank. You will be unable to collect them if you do not have enough space in your bank; in this case Advisor Ghrim will tell you the amount of free space required. You will need to return to him once you have created the required amount of bank space. Once you have agreed to collect the resources there is no way to back out or decline.

Next, Advisor Ghrim will open up a map of the kingdom, and shows what the workers are working on. Here's the fun part... You can move the bars in any way you want! You get a total of 10 workers after Throne of Miscellania, who can all work on the same thing if you want. After you have finished Royal Trouble you get 5 more workers. Each chore can only have 10 workers at the same time so you need to place those extra 5 elsewhere, if you decide to max out one chore. If you look to the bottom left hand corner, you will see a bar that says "Idle". Those are the workers that are currently not working. Never have idle workers. What you do is basically pay them for doing nothing. Make sure you employ everyone!

Note: The interface will not include farming and hardwood if you haven't finished Royal Trouble. The gardener is a little picky about what she grows. She will not collect any Guam or Marrentill. She will grow all herbs above those two.


Some of the resources, such as gardening, fishing and hardwood, have multiple options. You may choose either flax or herbs from the gardener, but not both. If you want the carpenter to gather both types of hardwood simply choose 'Both'. You can also choose if you want raw fish or cooked fish (tuna and swordfish) delivered from the fisherman. But remember, you will miss out on cooking experience if you choose cooked.

Small tip for people who are after the bird nests: use 9 workers for Maples and the 6 wherever wanted elsewhere. As you get 1 nest per 100 maples, using 9 workers gives 803 maples per day at full investment (75k per day) and 100% rating. Using the 10th worker doesn't get you to 900, therefore it does not get you another nest. You can go 2 days without restoring your approval to keep 1601 maples and 16 nests - very efficient. - max quantity nests per log.

Money, money, money

If you have a look at the top left corner of the kingdom interface, you will see money that has been deposited. This is what you have in the royal coffer, the kingdom's bank. The more money you store, the harder your workers will work, and ultimately, the more resources you'll get. At the end of a Runescape day your workers will get 1/10th of what you store, or a maximum of 50k after completing Throne of Miscellania, and 75k after completing Royal Trouble. You may store up to 5 million coins after completing Throne of Miscellania, and as much as 7.5 million coins after completing Royal Trouble.

For maximum return from your workers you will need at least 750k in your coffers. You can deposit less but you will not receive as much for your money. To get an idea of your possible returns please check this calculator.

The way it works is, when you collect supplies, they are calculated by taking the total coins spent, multiplied by weighted average approval since the last check, divided by the intrinsic "cost" of an item. For example, for every 40.0 coins that are allotted to Flax picking after both quests are completed, the workers shall gather one lot of Flax.

But if the user has only completed Throne of Miscellania, then the cost of each flax shall be 60.0 coins, this is 50% more than the cost after both quests, and similarly, the 40.0 coins from both quests is 2/3 of the cost of the 60.0 from just Throne of Miscellania.

Your kingdom can pay for itself if you choose to sell some of the resources your workers collect for you. For example if your workers collect 886 maples each day for you, and you sell 750 to another player for 100 coins each you will make 75k to pay for the day, and any other resources the workers collect would be free.

Additional rewards

Depending on how well your workers do their job you will end up with additional rewards, listed below.

Reward Reward Quantity
Uncut gems 1 per 200 coal
Bird nests 1 per 100 maples
1 per 400 teak
1 per ?? Mahogany
Caskets 1 per 50 fish
Herb seeds 1 per 110 herbs
1 per 625 flax
Tree seeds 1 per 200 non-tree seeds
Clue Scrolls 1 per ? fish
Fremennik Gloves 1 per ? fish
Fremennik Boots 1 per ? fish
Half of a key 1 per ? fish

Note: The numbers are not 100% accurate. They are based on this calculator.

The ratio of how often you will get a reward all depends on how often you visit Advisor Ghrim and when you collect. Resources and bonuses are calculated when you COLLECT resources, not when they are gathered. Therefore, from the 892 maples you get per day (with 100% approval and maximum 75k payment), you could get only 56 bird nests per week checking daily (8 nest per day), whereas you could get 62 nests per week checking weekly.

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