Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Lost City (if you haven't completed the quest, you can still access this minigame by clicking on random crop circles that appear)
Skill Levels Recommended:
High Agility level
High Strength level
High Thieving level
Items Recommended:
Coins Boots of lightness Spotted/Spottier cape Penance gloves
Super/Energy potions Ogre flask (salt water) Runes*
*Used to case Bind/Snare/Entangle
Starting Point:
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Puro-Puro can be accessed by entering the center of a crop circle in a wheat field. A permanent crop circle is located in the city of Zanaris. Crop circles also randomly appear in wheat fields all across Gielinor, however, these portals will only remain open for a short amount of time, after which they will reappear in another wheat field.

If you enter Puro-Puro through one of the crop circles outside of Zanaris, you will receive a farming affinity boost, which will allow you pass through the magical wheat much faster for 30 minutes.

Talking to the Wandering Impling in Zanaris' wheat field will provide you with a hint as to where the current traveling crop circle can be found. He will not tell you its exact location, but will show it in a cut scene.

Crop circle

After you arrive in Puro-Puro, speak with Elnock Inquisitor. If this is your first time here, you can ask if he has any spare equipment you can borrow and he will supply you with a Butterfly net and 6 Impling jars. Additional jars can be bought from Elnock Inquisitor or made by yourself. If you have been here before, simply Right-click Elnock and choose either "Quick-start" or "Exchange" to receive items stored with him.

Elnock Inquisitor

In the top Right part of the screen, you will see a list of all types of implings and the amount of implings in jars you currently have in your inventory. This display can be hidden or shown by clicking the word "Hide" or "Show" at the top of the interface.


Playing The Game:

With empty Impling jars in your inventory and a Butterfly net equipped, make your way into the maze by Right-clicking it and choosing to push-through; this is how you will traverse through the maze. The higher your Strength level, the faster you will be able to move through the wheat. Note that every few minutes, the shape of the maze changes with new wall and passages.


Once you find an impling you want, you can try to catch it by clicking on it - you MUST have a Butterfly net (Magic butterfly net, Volatile clay butterfly net, and Sacred clay butterfly net will also work) equipped to catch imps in Puro-Puro. Since implings move around a lot, a good strategy is to use Bind/Snare/Entangle spells to temporarily stop them from moving. Be aware that once the imp is free, it will temporarily be immune to the spell.


Wandering around the maze with the implings are Imp defenders (three are seen in the image below). They will try to free the implings from the jars in your inventory. The higher your Thieving level, the harder it will be for these imps to free the implings. If you have less than 80 Thieving, it is advised that you keep a vial of Imp repellent in your inventory to decrease the chance that Imp defenders will be able to set the implings free. When an imp defender manages to free an impling, the jarred impling will be removed from your inventory and the imp will toss it on the ground nearby.


You may leave Puro-Puro at any point in time. There is no official start or stop time to this activity. When you are ready you leave, you can exit through the portal in the center. Simply clicking the portal will cause Immenizz to question you about your departure. If you wish to skip this, you can Right-click the portal and choose "Quick-leave".


As briefly mentioned earlier, you may use Elnock Inquisitor's exchange option to store your supplies before you leave. He can hold your Butterfly net, Imp repellent, and up to 127 Impling jars. Simply Right-click him and choose "Exchange".



Implings can also be found outside of Puro-Puro, where they can be caught barehanded or by using a Butterfly net and Impling jar. If you catch an impling barehanded, you will automatically loot them as you have no jar to place them in. The higher your Agility level the easier it will be to catch. Note that catching implings outside of Puro-Puro will earn you extra experience, as seen below.

Name Image Hunter Level Experience
Puro Puro Gielinor
Baby impling Baby impling 17 20 25
Young impling Young impling 22 48 65
Gourmet impling Gourmet impling 28 82 113
Earth impling Earth impling 36 126 177
Essence impling Essence impling 42 160 225
Eclectic impling Eclectic impling 50 205 289
Spirit impling Spirit impling 54 227 321
Nature impling Nature impling 58 250 353
Magpie impling Magpie impling 65 289 409
Ninja impling Ninja impling 74 339 481
Pirate impling (after
Rocking Out)
Pirate impling 76 350 497
Divine impling (after
Fate of the Gods)
Divine impling 79 375 520
Dragon impling Dragon impling 83 390 553
Zombie impling Zombie impling 87 412 585
Kingly impling Kingly impling 91 434 617
Crystal impling Crystal impling 95 525 820

Making Impling Jars:

So long as you have 1 jar to catch implings, you can sell any full jar to Elnock in exchange for 3 more Impling jars. But what happens if you somehow run out? Have no fear! In these situations, you can make your own with the following method.


Note that these supplies will only create ONE jar.


  1. Speak to the Chemist in Rimmington about Impling jars. Ask if he has a spare Sieve.
  2. Use 8 Anchovies with a Pestle and mortar to make Anchovy paste (stackable). Use all of them with a Sieve while having a Vial in your inventory to make a vial of Anchovy oil.
  3. Use 14 flowers (Rosemary, Marigolds, or Nasturtiums) with the Anchovy oil to create vial of Imp repellent.
  4. Return to the Chemist with a Butterfly jar and Imp repellent vial. Use the Imp repellent with the Lamp Oil Still on the table in the Northeastern corner of the house to produce 1 Impling jar.


There are two choices of rewards in this activity: looting the imps or trading them for items.

Looting Implings

When trying to loot an impling jar, the jar might break. If this happens, you will simply get rid of it, but still keep the loot. Click on the impling jar images below to be taken to that item's database page.

Baby impling jar Baby impling jar

Air talisman Anchovies Ball of wool Bowstring
Cheese Chisel Flax Hammer
Hard leather Knife Lobster Mud pie
Needle Sapphire Seaweed Silver stone spirit
Soft clay Spice Thread

Young impling jar Young impling jar

Bowstring Chocolate slice Coal stone spirit Defence potion (3)
Garden pie Jangerberries Lockpick Meat pizza
Mithril stone spirit Oak plank Pure essence Small plated steel salvage
Snape grass Soft clay Steel nails (5) Studded chaps
Tiny bladed steel salvage Tuna Yew shieldbow

Gourmet impling jar Gourmet impling jar

Bass Chef's delight Chocolate cake Cooked karambwan (2 Noted)
Curry Curry leaf Fish pie Frog spawn
Garden pie (6 Noted) Jangerberries Lobster (4 Noted) Meat pie
Meat pizza Mud pie Rainbow fish (5 Noted) Raw karambwan (2 Noted)
Shark (3 Noted) Spice Strawberries (5) Summer pie
Swordfish (3 Noted) Tuna Ugthanki kebab

Earth impling jar Earth impling jar

Bucket of sand (4 Noted) Coal stone spirit (1; 6) Compost (6 Noted) Earth rune (32)
Earth talisman Earth tiara Emerald (2 Noted) Fire talisman
Gold stone spirit Harralander seed (2) Jangerberry seed (2) Mithril stone spirit (1; 3)
Ruby Small spiky mithril salvage Supercompost (2 Noted) Uncut emerald (2 Noted)
Unicorn horn Wildblood seed (2)

Essence impling jar Essence impling jar

Air rune (30) Blood rune (7) Body rune (28) Chaos rune (4)
Cosmic rune (4) Death rune (13) Fire rune (50) Fire talisman
Lava rune (4) Law rune (13) Mind rune (25) Mind talisman
Mud rune (4) Nature rune (13) Pure essence (12; 35 Noted) Smoke rune (4)
Soul rune (11) Steam rune (4) Water rune (30)

Eclectic impling jar Eclectic impling jar

Adamantite stone spirit (10) Air rune (30-60) Battlestaff Blue dragonhide chaps
Candle lantern (empty) Curry leaf Diamond Gold stone spirit (1; 5)
Medium plated adamant salvage Oak plank (4 Noted) Red spiky vambraces Slayer's respite (2 Noted)
Small spiky mithril salvage Snape grass Tiny spiky rune salvage Unicorn horn
Watermelon seed (3) Wild pie

Nature impling jar Nature impling jar

Avantoe seed (5) Belladonna seed Cactus spine Clean snapdragon
Clean tarromin (4 Noted) Clean torstol (2 Noted) Coconut Curry tree seed
Dwarf weed seed Harralander seed Irit seed Jangerberry seed
Kwuarm seed Limpwurt seed Magic logs Orange tree seed
Ranarr seed Torstol seed Willow seed

Spirit impling jar Spirit impling jar

Adamant bar Air talisman (4 Noted) Bagged plant 1 (2) Banana (18-24 Noted)
Bronze bar (6 Noted) Bronze claw (6; 9) Carved evil turnip Chinchompa (4)
Clean guam (4) Cockatrice egg Compost (12; 14 Noted) Coraxatrice egg
Dagannoth hide Evil turnip Evil turnip seed (1-4) Fire talisman
Fishbowl (empty) (5 Noted) Flowers (red) Goat horn dust (2 Noted) Gold ring (8-10 Noted)
Granite (500g) (5 Noted) Guthatrice egg Harpoon (9-14 Noted) Honeycomb (10 Noted)
Iron bar (5) Iron platebody (5) Kyatt fur Larupia fur
Marigolds Mithril bar Pengatrice egg Polar kebbit fur
Pot of flour (14-17 Noted) Potato cactus Pouch (25) Proboscis
Raw beef (11 Noted) Raw bird meat (5; 7 Noted) Raw chicken (12; 15 Noted) Raw rabbit (5-6 Noted)
Raw rat meat (25 Noted) Ruby harvest (In jar) (2; 4 Noted) Rune bar Saratrice egg
Spider carcass Steel bar (2 Noted) Steel ingot (2 Noted) Swamp lizard
Swamp toad (5 Noted) Thin snail (5) Tinderbox (10-26 Noted) Tortoise shell
Unicorn horn Vulatrice egg Water orb (2 Noted) Water talisman (1-2)
Willow branch (2 Noted) Willow logs (32-65 Noted) Wolf bones (3 Noted) Yak-hide (5-7 Noted)
Zamatrice egg

Charms (Blue, Crimson, Gold, Green) can also be obtained, however, they are automatically looted and the impling will not be placed in a jar.

Magpie impling jar Magpie impling jar

Amulet of power (3 Noted) Black dragonhide (6 Noted) Diamond (4 Noted) Diamond amulet (3 Noted)
Dragon dagger Loop half of a key Medium blunt rune salvage Medium plated rune salvage
Mystic cloth (Noted) Nature tiara Pineapple seed Ring of forging (3 Noted)
Ring of life (4 Noted) Runite stone spirit (2) Sinister key Snapdragon seed
Splitbark gauntlets Tooth half of a key

Ninja impling jar Ninja impling jar

Black dragonhide(10; 16) Dagannoth hide (3) Dragon dagger Large plated rune salvage
Medium bladed rune salvage Medium blunt rune salvage Mystic cloth (Noted) Onyx bolt tips (4)
Onyx bolts (2) Opal machete Prayer potion (3) (4 Noted) Rune arrow (70)
Rune dart (70) Rune knife (40) Rune throwing axe (50) Runite stone spirit (4)
Snakeskin boots Splitbark gauntlets Splitbark helm Tiny spiky rune salvage
Weapon poison+ (3) (4 Noted)

Pirate impling jar Pirate impling jar


Bandana and eyepatch (blue) Bandana and eyepatch (brown) Bandana and eyepatch (red) Bandana and eyepatch (white)
Gold stone spirit (15) Left eyepatch Pieces of eight (1-5) Pirate bandana (blue)
Pirate bandana (brown) Pirate bandana (grey) Pirate bandana (orange) Pirate bandana (purple)
Pirate bandana (red) Pirate bandana (white) Pirate boots Pirate leggings (blue)
Pirate leggings (brown) Pirate leggings (grey) Pirate leggings (orange) Pirate leggings (purple)
Pirate leggings (red) Pirate leggings (white) Stripy pirate shirt (beige) Stripy pirate shirt (blue)
Stripy pirate shirt (brown) Stripy pirate shirt (grey) Stripy pirate shirt (orange) Stripy pirate shirt (purple)
Stripy pirate shirt (red)

After Pieces of Hate

Agility Arena ticket Coins Left eyepatch Pieces of eight
Pirate hook (right) Raw shark Shark The Stuff

In Trouble Brewing Mini-Game

Bitternut Blue flowers Bowl Bowl of blue water
Bowl of red water Bucket Bucket of water Logs
Pieces of eight (1-10) Red flowers Scrapey tree bark Steel hatchet

See Trouble Brewing Mini-Game guide for more information.

Divine impling jar Divine impling jar

Bright energy (80-121; 50-151) Brilliant energy (80-121; 50-151) Elder charm (1; 5) Elder energy (80-121; 50-151)
Flickering energy (80-121; 50-151) Gleaming energy (80-121; 50-151) Glowing energy (80-121; 50-151) Incandescent energy (80-121; 50-151; 82-1,217)
Luminous energy (80-121; 50-151) Lustrous energy (80-121; 50-151) Nightmare muspah pouch Pale energy (80-121; 50-151)
Portent of life Portent of restoration I Portent of restoration II Portent of restoration III
Portent of restoration IV Portent of restoration IX Portent of restoration V Portent of restoration VI
Portent of restoration VII Portent of restoration VIII Portent of restoration X Radiant energy (80-121; 50-151)
Sign of death Sign of life Sign of the porter I Sign of the porter II
Sign of the porter III Sign of the porter IV Sign of the porter V Sign of the porter VI
Sparkling energy (80-121; 50-151) Vibrant energy (80-121; 50-151)

Divine impling loot is given in proportion to your Divination level e.g. Sparkling energy at level 40-49 or Gleaming energy at level 50-59. You will ALWAYS recieve some energy (80-121) and another reward, be aware that the second reward may be energy as well.

Dragon impling jar Dragon impling jar

Amulet of glory (2-3 Noted) Baby dragon bones (107-300 Noted) Death tiara Dragon arrow (96-500)
Dragon arrowheads (100-500) Dragon bolt tips (10-49) Dragon bolts (3-40) Dragon bones (50-100 Noted)
Dragon dagger (3 Noted) Dragon dart (105-350) Dragon dart tip (105-350) Dragon longsword
Dragonstone (3-6 Noted) Dragonstone amulet (2-3 Noted) Magic seed Mystic cloth (2 Noted)
Snapdragon seed (6) Summer pie (5-15 Noted)

Zombie impling jar Zombie impling jar

Baby dragon bones (2-6 Noted) Big bones (5-15 Noted) Curved bone Dragon bones (3)
Fayrg bones (3) Long bone Monkey skull Ourg bones
Raurg bones (2 Noted) Wyvern bones (3)

Kingly impling jar Kingly impling jar

Amulet of glory (3-11 Noted) Crystal key (2 Noted) Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 2
Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Dragon 2h sword Dragon arrow (40-150) Dragon arrowheads (50-148)
Dragon bolt tips (55-70) Dragon bolts (40-70) Dragon dart (182-319) Dragon dart tip (70-259)
Dragon longsword (1-2 Noted) Dragon spear Dragonstone (6 Noted) Dragonstone amulet
Onyx bolt tips (1-75) Onyx bolts (43-60) Royal amulet Royal crown
Royal leggings Royal sceptre Royal shirt Runite stone spirit (10)
Shield left half Uncut diamond (15-34 Noted) Uncut dragonstone (5 Noted) Uncut onyx

Crystal impling jar Crystal impling jar

Coconut (20 Noted) Crystal acorn Crystal tool seed Crystal triskelion fragment 1
Crystal triskelion fragment 2 Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Crystal weapon seed Elder seed
Golden rock Lantadyme seed (2) Loop half of a key Magic logs (30 Noted)
Magic seed Onyx bolt tips (16) Prayer potion (4) (8 Noted) Super restore (4) (8 Noted)
Thinker boots Thinker gloves Tooth half of a key Torstol seed
Uncut diamond (10 Noted) Uncut dragonstone (10 Noted)

Trading Implings

You can also exchange the implings you have caught with Elnock Inquisitor for one of the following items.

Trading Screen

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