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Table of Contents

How to Recognize the Games Room
The Games
- - Draughts
- - Runelink
- - Runesqaures
- - Runeversi


First off, you are going to want to know how to get to Burthorpe. There are five ways.

  1. Use the Burthorpe home teleport.
  2. Use a Games necklace to Troll Invasion.
  3. Use the Player-Owned House teleport, if your house is in located in Taverley, and walk north.
  4. Walk. Burthorpe is northwest of the Heroes' Guild. It's on the east side of White Wolf Mountain and located just north of Taverley.
  5. Keldagrim. One of the mine carts will take you to the east side of White Wolf Mountain. You only need to walk north from here.


How to Recognize the Games Room:

Games Room Location

The Games:

When you reach the building, go inside and click on the stairs leading down on the west side. You will be given the option to either play with people on this world or play with everyone.

Entrance stairs

Choose an option, then head down the stairs. On the west side there is a bar, where you can buy beer from for 2gp. On the east side are stairs that lead to the second floor. Walk north through two sets of doors and you are now in the Games Room.

Games room inside

Currently there are four games to enjoy. These games are Draughts, Runelink, Runesquares, and Runeversi. In each game you have a rank. The first time you play you have 1000 ranking. When you beat someone at a game your rank increases and if you lose it decreases. The amount your rank changes depends on how much higher/lower your opponent's ranking is compared to your own. When you pass 1500 rank in a game, you will be able to go upstairs and challenge people with a high ranking.

If you're not standing in a specific game room, when you challenge someone you will be asked to choose which game you would like to play.

Select game

After you have chosen the game, you will need to choose a few options, such as your playing piece, the amount of time each player is allowed to take per turn, and if it's a ranked game or not.

Select options


The game of checkers where your aim is to capture all of your opponents pieces by jumping over them.



Connect four of your own pieces in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, before your opponent does.



Connect two dots to form a line each turn. Your objective is to create as many one-by-one boxes as possible.



Like reversi, the goal is to have the most pieces at the end of the game. By placing a piece, you may change some of your opponents pieces into your own.



While there are no actual rewards for this minigame besides an increase in your rank, it can be hours of fun spent with your friends.

Happy Gaming!

Game ranking

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