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The basement of the Pick and Lute pub in Taverley.
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This minigame takes place on a separate server. You'll be taken there by talking to Brian O'Richard. You have 15 minutes to collect your score. The higher your score, the more points you are rewarded... at least up to 1,260 points. At this point, you will have reached the the score where you will no longer gain more reward points for going higher.

The Game

When teleported to the area, you'll have a few items in your pack:

  • Refining apparatus: The number also shows up in bars above your head. These give you a small score boost when mixing reagents.
  • Catalyst powder: You'll need 1 for each time you combine both reagents. Make sure you never fall without or you'll be kicked.
  • Empty pressure flask (a): You can fill this by heading to the machine with the yellow marker above.
  • Empty pressure flask (b): You can fill this by heading to the machine with the blue marker above.
  • Sealed funnel: Contains charge gained by the charge machine. It will give you a score bonus of 10% for 1 charge and 20% for 2 charges (max). This also contains a bit of residue.

The area consists of a few machines separated by corridors and obstacles. The outer corridors do not have doorways. The inner ones can only be accessed by an open doorway or a pressing a blue button to open a doorway. The yellow marker will always be within the inner circle while the blue one will be in the outer area. Both arrows will point to a reagent machine. The yellow arrow will point to the A machine, collecting this will fill pressure flask(a).. The blue one will fill pressure flask(b). The order in which you collect either does not matter.

Reagent Machine

Once you have both reagents, make your way to a mixing machine.

Mixing Machine

You'll notice another machine in the outer edges called a Charge Machine. This can be accessed with your Refining apparatus. You can hold a maximum of 2 charges at a time, giving you a 20% score boost. Once you arrive at a Mixing Machine, you will receive 100 score for both reagents + bonus charges + bonus from your Refining apparatus and some residue bonus. Checking how much you'll receive can be done by calling the status on your Sealed funnel.

Each time you use a Mixing Machine, you will require one Catalyst powder. When you run out of this powder, you will be teleported out of the game.

Charge Machine

To collect more Catalyst powder, you can run to the middle of the room where you'll find the Catalyst Machine. Attempting to pick this will result in either failing or obtaining more Catalyst powder. If you fail to pickpocket, simply try again.

Another way to get more Catalyst powder is by searching rubble on the ground. The rate at which you can receive it from this is completely random.

Catalyst powder machine

Obtaining another Refining apparatus can be done by pickpocketing other players. Each player has their amount of apparatuses resembled above their head in small bars. The amount of bars equals how many they have. As with Catalyst powder, Refining apparatuses can also be obtained from rubble.

Another way to gain more is to run around the map as every time a player leaves, his Refining apparatuses will be scattered around the outer edges of the map. The maximum amount of apparatuses a player can have is 6.

Watch out when going through corridors with doorways as these will close down when another corridor is openend. If you find yourself trapped in a corridor, click the doorway to escape. Make sure you get out of the corridor in time, otherwise you'll be teleported away to a random location. The outer edges of the game are always safe to move through, but it'll take longer to get around.


As stated above, rubble can contain Refining apparatuses and Catalyst powder. It can, however, also contain flash powder (although this does not appear in your inventory), pieces of the rogue outfit, or lots of useless rock. It's usually found at either Reagent machine (A) or at a Mixer machine. You'll have to look very carefully as it won't show up on the minimap and is a collection of very small rocks. Search the rubble to get your reward.


  • Abandoning any equipment will result in you being removed from the game. A warning will be prompted when you attempt this.
  • Corridors can be dangerous, a corridor might close while you are in it. This will result in the corrider being depressurized. You'll need to click the doorway in order to leave. If you are not in time, you will be teleported to a random corner in the game area.


Whenever you play this game, you need to collect the reagents. If you ever pass a Charge Machine and you do not have 20% charge, you should use it. Pickpocketing players is not profitable as apparatuses only give a minor bonus to your score. If you happen to come across rubble or Refining apparatus on the ground, go for it.

When going for maximum points, 1,260 is the maximum score for which you get points. Anything above that will not award any additional points. For a 1,260 score, you will be awarded 180 points. For a 500 score you will get 71 points and for a 1,000 score, you'll get 142 points.

Pickpocketing players is usually a waste of time, but when you are standing still at a Mixing Machine and you get the opportunity it might be rewarding in the long run.

Decency states that when you have 1,260 points and you still have time left (>2 or >4 minutes), you let people know that you are free for pickpocketing. This gives players a little extra bonus.


When the time is up, or when you've left, your score will be converted to Brianpoints. These are calculated by dividing your score by 7 and rounding down to the nearest whole number. Unfortunately, the max amount of points that can be obtained per game is 180. Thus scoring above 1,260 is pointless as 1,260 / 7 = 180.

For every point that you earn you get closer to buying one of the following prizes from Brian O'Richard:

Item Cost Other Information
1,750 Thieving experience 10 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
17,500 Thieving experience 100 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
175,000 Thieving experience 1,000 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
1,750,000 Thieving experience 10,000 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
950 Agility experience 10 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
9,500 Agility experience 100 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
95,000 Agility experience 1,000 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
950,000 Agility experience 10,000 points Provides experience without the hassle of a lamp.
Factory mask Factory mask 2,025 points Gives additional luck when searching rubble.
Factory top Factory top 3,150 points Gives two additional minutes in the game area.
Factory trousers Factory trousers 2,475 points Gives two additional Catalyst powder.
Factory gloves Factory gloves 1,575 points Improves your pickpocketing ability.
Factory boots Factory boots 1,575 points Improves obstacle performance.
Multitool Multitool (Rogue kit) 35 points Can be converted into chisel, rope, tinderbox, or spade.
 helm Botanist’s mask 1,000 points Gives +1% experience when doing Herblore.
 robe Botanist’s top 1,000 points Gives +1% experience when doing Herblore.
 legs Botanist’s trousers 1,000 points Gives +1% experience when doing Herblore.
gloves Botanist’s gloves 500 points Gives +1% experience when doing Herblore.
boots Botanist’s boots 500 points Gives +1% experience when doing Herblore.

Outfit information

  • When having 3 pieces of the factory armor equipped, you have a chance to make a 4-dose potion instead of a normal 3-dose.
  • When having 5 pieces of the factory armor equipped, you will gain exp from making unf pots. The exp-rates are the same of cleaning the corresponding herb.

Buying pieces of the Factory set would be strategic in the following order:

  1. Factory trousers (eliminates the need to collect more Catalyst powder in game)
  2. Factory boots (fail less obstacles)
  3. Factory mask (more luck with rubble)
  4. Factory gloves (better pickpocketting)
  5. Factory top (2 extra minutes in game, but you can leave 4 minutes before the end of the game without getting a penalty)

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