Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Good weapon and armor. Also armor that reduces your weight is good because of so much running.
Starting Point:
The Gamers' Grotto, north of Falador.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

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The Fist of Guthix cave can found in the Gamers' Grotto, just north of Falador. You can use a Games Necklace to teleport there.

Fist of Guthix location

Head to the South of the Grotto and enter the portal to visit the Fist of Guthix site.

Fist of Guthix entrance

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Getting started:

Once you are in the cave, go talk to the Fiara; it isn't hard to find her, because she is very large. Fiara will tell you the basics of this Mini-Game.


After you have spoken to Fiara and are ready to battle enter the the waiting room. If enough players have entered the room the game will start, otherwise you will have to wait.

Lobby map

Note: You cannot enter the cave if you have any kind of food or potions in your inventory.

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Playing the game:

Once you have entered the cave, you will be automatically paired up with another player. You can see his/her name on a box in the top-right corner of your game screen. Before you can hunt/hide, you must wait a few seconds (just like in the Duel Arena). After this countdown you will know that are you the hunter of hunted (you can check this on the box where your opponent's name appears). Fist of Guthix is a two-round Mini-Game, you will swap roles with your opponent at the end of the first round. The Hunter's mission is really easy; simply find and slay your opponent. If you are being hunted, your mission is to avoid your opponent and collect as many charges as you can.

All players will get the following items when they enter this Mini-Game.

Note: These items won't replenish when you swap roles with your opponent!

Name Image Amount Purpose
Bandages Bandage 5 Heals 150 Hitpoins
Catalytic rune Catalytic rune 300 Replaces all Non-elemental runes, so you do not need bring your own mind, body, chaos, astral, nature, death, blood, and soul runes
Elemental rune Elemental rune 1000 Replaces all Elemental runes, so you do not need bring your own air, water, earth and fire runes
Tele-orb Tele-orb 1 Teleports you to the Fist of Guthix in the center of the Arena

After you have died or have killed your opponent or when time has run out you will swap roles with your opponent. You will then be teleported to the edge of the arena and the second round will begin.

The cave of Fist of Guthix is not empty, there are a few interesting places.

Fist of Guthix map

Fist of Guthix:

The Fist of Guthix is an ancient source of power. If you are being hunted, try to get as close to the Fist of Guthix as you can. You will get Charges much faster there than anywhere else. There Your running energy will also replenish much faster. You can teleport to The Fist Of Guthix using your Tele-orb.

Portal Chambers:

Portal Chambers are areas where no one, not even your opponent, can see you. Only the person being hunted can enter these. You won't get any Charges and will lose Hitpoints while in the houses. There is a teleport portal inside which will randomly teleport you to another portal. Each time when you use portal it will cost you some Charges. Also when you leave one of the houses you will have a 20 seconds before you can enter a house again.

Note:There is a chance that it will fail. You will find yourself somewhere between the portal you were going in and your destination. This includes right outside the portal chamber you were teleporting from.

Stone Dispensers:

If you're being hunted, you need to carry a stone of power to collect charges. To get a stone of power simply click on the Stone Dispensers.

Stone of power

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Collecting charges is the main point of this Mini-Game. You need a stone of power to collect charges. Remember that you cannot wield a weapon or shield when you are carrying the stone of power. The closer you are to the Fist of Guthix the more charges you get. Note that you will take damage from the raging power when you wield the stone. The rate at which you take damage will increase while you are in a portal chamber.

You can see the amount of charges you have on the box where you also find the name of your opponent.


The max amount of charges is 5000. This means that either the next round will automatically start or the game will end.

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Suggested equipment:



F2p Hunter

  • Blue wizard hat
  • Blue wizard top
  • Green d'hide chaps
  • Green d'hide vamb
  • Any cape
  • Any boots
  • Amulet of power
  • weapon: an elemental staff, a maple shortbow with mithril arrows or above, and a rune scimitar (for an extra strength boost we recommend a Rune berserker shield)


When you are the hunter you should have a variety of equipment with you so you can hit your opponent while they still think you are using only one style. To do this it's recommended to bring a Drag Dagger(p++) and use its special on your prey to poison them. You should also bring some Range and Magic equipment. Note: If you are going to mage with Ancient Magicks then you will need an Ancient staff if you want to auto-cast.

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f2p Hunted

  • Rune full helm (if your hunter uses melee or ranged), or Blue wizard hat (if your hunter uses magic)
  • Rune platebody (if your hunter uses melee or ranged), or Green d'hide body (if your hunter uses magic)
  • Green d'hide chaps (Rune platelegs may also be used but they will increase the carried weight)
  • Any cape
  • Any boots
  • Amulet of power
  • Green d'hide vamb or Rune gauntlets


When you are being hunted there is a load of equipment you should wear. You need the right armor for the right attack style. This is why we recommend you to bring Range armour, Magic armour, and/or Melee armour. If your hunter is a mage then you should wear the best type of Dragonhide armor you can wear. If your hunter is a ranger then you should wear the best type of Magic/Melee armour you can wear with the best Ranged Defence bonus.

If you have high Defence and prayer wearing a monk robe bottom or holy symbol will boost your prayer.

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Seek and destroy. There are several strategies you can use however the best strategy is a combination of all the ones listed.

Strategy #1:

Some prey tend to hang out around the middle of the arena. Therefore run as fast as you can to the center to find out the location of your prey. If your opponent is not there wait a couple of minutes for him to show up. If he does not, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around near the edge of the arena, making sure to keep the edge of the arena in your mini-map.

Strategy #2:

Run directly across the arena to where your opponent spawns and bind/snare/entangle or use the Drag Dagger's (p++) special on them immediately. Attack them for as long as you can and keep using bind/snare/entangle.

Strategy #3

If your prey tends to hide near the houses, what players call "a house hugger", run to the house he entered. Then walk out of their mini-map's range and go back to it. Some opponents use the portal inside while other simply leave the house when they think it is safe. Keep repeat this process to rouse your prey. Depending on your camera angle, you may have to go slightly more towards other house.


Grab a stone, and wield it. Wear the best balanced armor you can until you are sure what combat style your hunter uses

Strategy #1:

Run around the arena in circles, but don't go too close to the middle to avoid your hunter. Remember to stay in the 10 charges range to maximize the your charges. If he/she spots you, run through the middle a couple of times and use the houses to hide. If your hunter does get to you, run to the edge of the arena and use the Tele-orb.

Strategy #2:

Run to the center of the arena. When you spot your hunter put the appropriate prayer on and use some of the bandages. If your health runs to low head to the nearest house, but don't enter it. Only enter when your hunter is almost next to you. Now you have 2 options, use the teleport inside or leave the house through the barrier. Use the first option when the hunter keeps guarding the house you are in. If the hunter runs to another house you may leave the house the way you came in. Keep repeating this process using either one of these options. From time to time run through the center to the next house to get extra charges. When you are almost of out hitpoints, put on the appropriate prayer and teleport to the center of the arena, using the tele-orb. This way you receive a final bunch of charges right before you die.

Note: Note: Only use this strategy if you have high Defence and high prayer. And keep in mind the house portals work about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time they will teleport you to the middle, near your hunter if (s) he is there. Also when you leave a house you will not be able to enter another one for another 20 seconds.

When in the middle it helps to keep moving you character around with-in the Fist area. That way you are making it a lot harder for your opponent to click "attack" or try to use a spell on you since there are so many people in there. However it is still suggested that you keep the appropriate prayer on, for eventually they will able to select you. Remember to always to use your mini-map for moving inside the Fist area, because you have a very likely chance of clicking "attack" on someone and not moving at all.

Strategy #3 "Dancing":

Run along the edge of the arena, just in 10 charges range. When your run energy runs out hide behind the stones, statues and ruins. When your hunter spots you, you can can teleport to the center or hug houses. Another option is to block your opponent's attack and save energy by hiding behind a single rock/statue/ruin. However you will need to stay alert to every movement of your enemy and be ready to move when needed.

Strategy #4 "House hugging"

This is one of the safest ways to collect as much charges as possible. Stay in the vicinity of the houses. If the hunter spots you, enter the house. Then either use the portal or leave the house by the barrier when the hunter is out of range.

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  • Always have Auto Retaliate on. This is very useful when ranging or maging your prey.
  • From time to time run to the center and stay there for a while to replenish your run energy.
  • Use a combination of attack styles (melee, magic and ranged).
  • Members should use Drag Dagger (p++) and poisoned arrows or bolts. As armor members can wear a combination of Karil/Torag/Dharok.
  • When using magic cast the highest battle-spell you can. Ancient magicks also helps in member worlds.
  • Use prayers that increase your attack style.


  • Always have Auto Retaliate off.
  • From time to time run to the centre and stay there for a while to replenish your run energy.
  • Use the appropriate prayer depending on the attack style your hunter uses (Protect from Melee/Magic/Range, Steel Skin/Rapid Heal/Redemption help too).
  • Heal yourself with the bandages when needed.
  • Wear a mix of armor.
  • Keep moving when the hunter is near
  • Always keep an eye on your mini-map.

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You win the game when:

  • both rounds are completed and you have the most charges
  • your opponent leaves the arena and thereby forfeits the game

The second round starts when:

  • the time has run out
  • the hunter has killed the hunted

After the game ends, you and your opponent will be returned to the entrance cave. The winner is the person who has collected the most charges. If you happen to tie, which does not happen often, both players lose the game.


The winner of game will get some tokens (the amount depends on the charges you have collected and your skill total). The loser of game will get 1 token when both players had more than 1000 charges).

Fist of Guthix Token

Your rating will also increase/decrease when you win or lose a game, dependent on your and your opponent's combat level. . If you have over 500 rating, you will be displayed on the hiscores for Fist of Guthix.


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This mini-game offers a wide variety of rewards that benefits both members and non-members. These rewards can be bought from Reggie in exchange for Fist of Guthix tokens

All items are nontradeable when they aren't uncharged. Like barrows items these items degrade over time. They can be recharged by Reggie for a few tokens.


Name Image Members Requirements Token cost Recharge cost Effect
Druidic mage hood Druidic mage hood No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 100 10 Magic boost
Druidic mage top Druidic mage top No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 300 30 Magic boost
Druidic mage bottom Druidic mage bottom No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 200 20 Magic boost
Combat hood Combat hood No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 50 5 Magic boost
Combat robe top Combat robe top No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 150 15 Magic boost
Combat robe bottom Combat robe bottom No 20 Magic, and 10 Defence 100 10 Magic boost
Battle hood Battle hood Yes 60 Magic, and 50 Defence 250 25 Magic boost
Battle robe top Battle top Yes 60 Magic, and 50 Defence 1500 150 Magic boost
Battle robe bottom Battle bottom Yes 60 Magic, and 50 Defence 1000 100 Magic boost

While wearing a full druidic set your Bind, Snare, and Entangle spells will be more effective.

While wearing a full combat set there is a chance that the set will provide you with mind, chaos, death or blood runes when using a combat-spell.

While wearing a full battle set there is a good chance that the set will provide you with mind, chaos, death or blood runes when using a combat-spell.


Name Image Members Requirements Token cost Recharge cost Effect
Bronze gauntlets Bronze guantlets No None 15 3 Defence boost
Iron gauntlets Iron guantlets No None 30 5 Defence boost
Steel gauntlets Steel guantlets No 5 Defence 50 8 Defence boost
Black gauntlets Black guantlets No 10 Defence 75 13 Defence boost
Mithril gauntlets Mithril guantlets No 20 Defence 100 17 Defence boost
Adamant gauntlets Adamant guantlets No 30 Defence 150 25 Defence boost
Rune gauntlets Rune guantlets No 40 Defence 200 35 Defence boost
Dragon gauntlets Dragon guantlets Yes 60 Defence 300 50 Defence boost


Name Image Members Requirements Token cost Recharge cost Effect
Adamant spikeshield Adamant spikeshield No 35 Defence 50 5 Defence and Strength boost
Adamant berserker shield Adamant berserker shield No 35 Defence 100 10 Defence and Strength boost
Rune spikeshield Rune spikeshield No 45 Defence 200 20 Defence and Strength boost
Rune berkserker shield Rune berserker shield No 45 Defence 300 30 Defence and Strength boost


Gloves are the only rewards of the this mini-game that are not tradable. As opposed to the other rewards these items crumble after a while and cannot be recharged.
Name Image Members Requirements Token cost Effect Crumbles after
Air runecrafting gloves Air runecrafting gloves No 10 Runecrafting 75 Double the experience when crafting Air runes (10 Exp) 1000 essence
Water runecrafting gloves Water runecrafting gloves No 20 Runecrafting 75 Double the experience when crafting Water runes (12 Exp) 1000 essence
Earth runecrafting gloves Earth runecrafting gloves No 30 Runecrafting 75 Double the experience when crafting Earth runes (13 Exp) 1000 essence
Swordfish gloves Swordfish gloves No 65 Fishing 200 100 extra experience per Swordfish caught 1000 swordfish caught
Shark gloves Swordfish gloves Yes 90 Fishing 200 100 extra experience per Shark caught 1000 shark caught
Irit gloves Irit gloves Yes 50 Herblore 75 50% chance that the next herb dropped is a Grimy irit 100 grimy irit drops
Avantoe gloves Avantoe gloves Yes 60 Herblore 100 50% chance that the next herb dropped is a Grimy avantoe 100 grimy avantoe drops
Kwuarm gloves Kwuarm gloves Yes 70 Herblore 200 50% chance that the next herb dropped is a Grimy kwuarm 100 grimy kwuarm drops
Cadantine gloves Cadantine gloves Yes 80 Herblore 200 50% chance that the next herb dropped is a Grimy cadantine 100 grimy cadantine drops
Dragon slayer gloves Dragon slayer gloves Yes 70 Slayer 200 15% extra Slayer Experience and a 10% Attack boost when killing a Dragon on a Slayer task 1000 dragon kills

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