Skill Levels Required:
Items Needed:
50 to 60 Swamp Paste. This can be made by collecting Swamp Tar at a swamp like Lumbridge Swamp, using it with flour, and then cooking the uncooked Swamp Tar over a fire. It can also be bought from the General Store at Port Khazard. Swamp Paste is used to repair leaks in the boat.

At least 5 Bailing Buckets. This can be bought at the Port Khazard General Store. It is used to bail water out of the bottom of the boat.

At least 6 to 10 Ropes. These can also be bought at the Port Khazard General Store, as well as a number of other places. These are used to fix the fishing net.
Starting Point:
Speak to Murphy at Port Khazard docks and agree to help him.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Trawler Fishing

NOTE: A "Activity Bar" appears in this game, Not enough activity (Bar is depleted) you will be booted from the minigame.

To start the mini-game, Murphy at the Port Khazard docks and agree to help him. He will make sure a number of times, and then allow you to get onto the boat.

Once the first person gets on the boat, other team members will have one minute to get on as well.

Once you are aboard, you will be see the pop-up box stating the gist of what needs to be done. If the boat starts to leak, try and fill it immediately by clicking on the leak. Each time you fill a leak you will use one Swamp Paste. When there is a leak, the boat will begin to fill with water. You can tell how much water is in the boat by the bar in the box on the right hand side of your screen. Keep bailing to keep the bar down.

Below Deck

In the box on the right side of the screen, you will also be able to see the status of the net. If it is ripped you will need to go to the rear of the boat and climb up the ladder. Click on the net and you'll use up one of your ropes to repair it.

Fishing Nets

To bail water out of the boat, click on the bailing bucket to fill it up, and then click again to get rid of the water. If the boat gets full of water, you will sink and end up in the water. To get out of the water, click on a floating barrel and you will end up at Port Sarim, and the boat will again be waiting for you at Port Khazard.

Game Over

Once ten minutes have elapsed, the mini-game is over. Once you get back to the port, inspect the net to claim your fish. Here you can choose to drag any fish you catch into your bank, or simply close out of the box to leave them on the ground.

Fishing Rewards

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