Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Starting Point:
Northeast of Al Kharid, west of Lumbridge, and southeast of Varrock. You can teleport to the Duel Arena using a Ring of Duelling.

Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:


At the entrance is Mubariz, who can provide you with lots of useful information. He will tell you some information about dueling and the history of the Duel Arena.

Opposite Mubariz is a scoreboard showing the results of last fifty duels on the server you are using. There's also a second scoreboard inside the arena.


Hospital, Altar and Bank box:

Inside the arena is an area with an altar and bank boxes towards the back to prepare for the fights. This is also where you are able to actually challenge someone to a duel.


You'll see there are several nurses around here. If you speak to them, they will heal you for free.

Dueling - General Info:

To start dueling, you must be in an area which has the charging axe symbol in order to duel. To challenge somebody, right click on an opponent and select the "Challenge" option. After that, you will see a small screen which asks what kind of duel you would like, friendly or staked.


There are several styles of arenas, 2 open space and 2 with obstacles, as well as dedicated boxing and Summoning arenas.

Dueling - Friendly Duels:

Friendly duels are 100% safe because if you die you will not lose anything. To start a friendly duel, choose the "Friendly" option when the challenge screen appears. You will have to wait for the other player to accept your duel. Once your opponent has accepted, a screen will appear with the rules you want to duel with and your opponent's name and combat level at the top. You can remove items by clicking them (for example if you remove boots, you cannot use them whilst dueling).

Friendly Rules

If you use arrows while dueling, you will get some of them back. If you use runes while dueling, you do not get them back. The same goes for potions. A Ring of life will not work while in a duel.

The duel options are explained below:

Rule Description
No Ranged You can't use Ranged attacks
No Melee You can't use Hand-to-Hand attacks
No Magic You can't use Magic attacks
Fun Weapons You can use Fun Weapons to defeat your opponent, such as flowers
No Forfeit You can't leave the arena through the trapdoor
No Drinks You can't use any drinks, such as potions
No Food You can't eat anything
No Prayer You can't use Prayer
No Movement You can't move
Obstacles The arena will have obstacles in it
Enable Summoning Allows you to use Familiars to attack your opponents
No Special Attacks You can’t use Special Attacks

Note! You cannot choose:
- Fun Weapons and No Melee at the same time.
- Fun Weapons and No Forfeit at the same time.
- No Movement and No Forfeit at the same time.
- No Movement and No Melee at the same time.
- No Movement and Obstacles at the same time.

Dueling - Staked Duels:

If you die in Staked Duels you will only lose the items/cash you have staked, everything else is safe. There is no limit to much you can stake. To Start a Staked Duel, choose the “Staked Duel” option when the small screen appears.

After your opponent has accepted your challenge, a staked duel screen will appear. The Staked Duel Screen looks very similar to the Friendly Duel screen but in Staked Duel screen there are two boxes on the left. The topmost box shows items that you have staked. You can stake items by clicking them on your inventory. The box under the last one shows items which your opponent has staked.

Staked duel

Dueling - Fight:

Once you and your opponent have accepted dueling rules, you will be teleported to the arena. After you have teleported to the arena you have 3 seconds before the fight begins. At these 3 seconds you can move anywhere at the arena (if you did not accept “No Movement”) and your opponent cannot hurt you (and you cannot hurt your opponent). To find your opponent, your opponent has big yellow arrow above him/her. After 3 seconds, you can fight.


Victory or Loss:

If you win your battle, congratulations! If you staked anything, claim your fee and be happy!


If you lose your duel, you will lose the items that you have staked so be careful!

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