Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
High Combat level.
High Magic level.
High Ranged level.
Items Recommended:
Melee/Magic/Ranged combat gear, Potions, and Food.
Starting Point:
The Gamers' Grotto, north of Falador.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents


The safety of this activity depends on the chosen mode of play. Some settings can result in loss of items. Beware!

How To Get There:

The Clan Wars lobby can found in the Gamers' Grotto, just north of Falador. You can use a Games Necklace to teleport there.

Clan Wars lobby location

The Clan Wars arena is located in the Wilderness, east of the Wilderness Volcano. This is the place where the battles are fought and there are no entrances to or from the Wilderness.

Clan Wars arena location


  1. You must first join a clan by clicking on the clan chat button and typing in the player name of the person whose clan you wish to join. Alternately, you may also use your own clan chat to set up a clan wars.

  2. When you are part of of a clan, it must engage in a clan war by challenging other clans. Only its leader, generals, and captains are able to challenge the members of another clan, as long as they meet the same requirements.

  3. Once your clan has challenged an opposing clan, you will be given a list of rules for the war. This menu allows the leaders leaders, generals and captains to set the rules for the war.

    Clan Wars Menu


    • Knock-out: From the moment the war starts, no new clan chat members will be able to enter the arena, nor will the existing members be able to re-enter the arena after death. The war will end when all the members of a clan have been defeated.

    • Kill Count: When one of the clans has reached the limit, set by the highly ranked members, the war will end. The limit can vary from 25 up to 10,000 kills required for victory. New members may enter the arena during the war. This option also allows existing members to re-enter the arena after death.

    • Most Kills at End: This option only applies to timed battles. When the time expires, the team with the most kills will be declared victorious.


    • Ignore 5: Choose this option if you do not wish to hunt down the last members hiding somewhere in the arena. The war will end when one clan has only 5 members left.

    • Kill 'em All: This option requires of your your clan to kill each and every member of the opposite clan.

    Time Limit:

    • You may choose to have a limit between 5 minutes and 8 hours, or no limit at all. When the limit is reached the clan with either the most survivors (victory set to knock-out) or the most kills (victory set to kill count) will win the war. This option does not apply when either Kill 'em all has been set as requirement for victory, or Ignore 5 for stranglers.

    On Death:

    • ... you keep your items: Upon you death you will keep all your items

    • ... you lose your items: If your clan has chosen this option you will lose ALL of your items. Remember, no gravestones will appear. Although, the Protect Item-prayer will enable you to retain your most valuable item. Additionally, you will be able to loot some of the others member's items when they die. These items include food, options, runes, arrows, and other types of items you can use to replenish your supplies. Note that you will only be able to pick up the items if they are allowed in the current battle, and that this will affect you and your opponent's trade limit. You are prohibited to re-enter the arena and retrieve your items.

    Combat Rules (... allowed or not):

    • Melee
    • Magic - all spells allowed, standard spells only, bind/snare/entangle only, or no spells at all
    • Ranged
    • Prayer
    • Summoning
    • Food
    • Potions


    • Classic: A landscape filled with lava pits, crumbled walls and dead trees. This arena is a remnant of the original Clan Wars mini-game.

      Classic Arena

    • Plateau: A withered plateau rising with very few obstacles.

      Plateau Arena

    • Forsaken Quarry: An abandoned mine packed with rocks and puddles.

      Forsaken Quarry Arena

    • Blasted Forest: A dead forest full of dead trees. Please note that this arena is single combat only!

      Blasted Forest Arena

    • Turrets: Turrets and small ruins dominate the surface of this battleground. This arena is well-suited for clans that have a lot of rangers and mages amongst its members

      Turrets Arena

  4. Once the war has been accepted, the two players who accepted the war will automatically teleported into the arena. The rest of the clan will then be notified, and will have two minutes to enter the portal to join their clan in battle. If you are in the same world as your clan you will be notified if your clan is having a war, this applies anywhere in RunScape.

    War Message


  5. If you fail to join your clan in time and the knock-out mode is active, then you can still enter one of the portals but will be limited to viewing only from the jail. To view the clans in battle use the viewing orbs. If the war rules are set so that a number of kills is required to win, you may enter at any time.

    If you are not in one of the participating clans, you can still spectate two other clans that are currently in battle. To do this, simply enter the portal and select one of the following options shown below. You can enter the name of a friends' clan that is fighting, or choose to spectate a random clan.

    Viewing A War

  6. Both clans start at one end of the arena. From there you can either move to the center, or you can go hide somewhere in the arena. You will not be allowed into the other team’s half of the arena until the war has started.

    In the red highlighted area pictured below, you will see the amount of members both clans have, as well as a countdown to when the game starts. If a certain number of kills are required, it will also show how many kills are required and how many kills each team has. If a time limit is set, you will also be able to see how much time is left in the round. In the blue highlighted area will show whether the war is safe or not.


  7. Once the two minute entry time is over the barricades will disappear and the war will begin. Players are now allowed to pile or gang up on another player, as the arena is multi-combat. Some areas may be single combat. During the two minute waiting period it is best if you exchange tactics in your Clan Chat. This is also the moment to choose a "caller" if you wish to. It is advised to put a high ranked member or the leader up as your caller. The name and everything thing that this person says will show up on the left side of your screen. A caller can be chosen prior to the war by talking to Calladin in the lobby. During the war, you may choose or change your caller by right-clicking the speech bubble. You may also set a member of the opposing clan as your caller if you wish to spy.

  8. If you are killed during the war you will be put inside the jail with anyone else in your clan who has died. Here, you will be able watch the rest of the war via the viewing orbs or you may go back to the lobby by using the portal. If the knock-out mode is chosen, you will not be able to re-join the game if you die. However, if you have to achieve a certain number of kills to win, then you can re-join the action by returning to the lobby via the portal, and then re-entering the arena by the lobby portal.

    Note: You are not allowed to teleport out of the mini-game.


  9. The winning clan is the one which defeats the other clan first, or the team with the most kills after the time limit has bee reached. You can see how many players are remaining in each clan by looking at the top right corner of your screen.

    Note: This is sometimes incorrect due to a glitch. E.g, if it says that there is 1 person left but there are actually 2 still standing, then one of them will be the vital person. If he dies, the clan loses regardless of the other person.

  10. After the war has ended, you will receive a message stating whether you clan has won or lost. The members of both clans will be returned to the lobby.






Death Dot (DD):
The complete clan stands on one spot, so that it looks like only one person is standing there. When the opposing clan comes to attack, the leader shouts a name or level for everyone to attack. Sometimes the clan's members do not stand in a dot, but rather in a line or a kind of formation close together.

This is used in conjunction with the above. One person, usually of a low combat level, will stand at the front and will try to get all of the other clan to attempt to attack him. From the moment he is being attacked, he will run back to where the rest of his clan is hiding, who will then attack the opposing clan.

This strategy is plain and simple. As much people as possible will attack a single target at once.

A high defence level and bonus is needed to implement this strategy. It is most useful if many people are trying to pile you. Run around walls or trees to get them stuck. Then, the rest of your team will attack the opposing team.

Team Capes:

There are many capes that can be worn to distinguish you and your fellow clan-members from others. When you wear a wilderness team cape anyone who is wearing that cape will appear blue on your mini map. These cape can be bought from sellers scattered throughout the wilderness, one of which is located at Clan Wars. Speak to Larry if you wish to buy a Team Cape.

Larry The Cape Seller


There are two other portals in the lobby that lead to 'Free for all' arenas, in which you may attack any player regardless of their combat level. You do not have to be part of a clan to enter and fight in these arenas. No rules apply in these arenas, this implies that fellow clan members will be able to attack you. The white portal on the left is the safe arena, while the red portal on the read will lead to the dangerous arena.

Free-For-All Portals

Once you step through the portal of your choice, you must cross the ditch to engage in combat. When you are killed you will respawn back at the Clan Wars lobby.

Free-For-All Arena

Note: If you die in the dangerous arena you will lose your items, be careful! As a gravestone will not appear, you will not be able to retrieve some of your items.
In the safe arena you keep all your items. You will be able to loot some of the others member's items when they die. These items include food, options, runes, arrows, and other types of items you can use to replenish your supplies.


There are no rewards for this mini-game besides the glory of your clan defeating another.

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