Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
High level combat skills are an advantage.
Items Recommended:
Armor and a weapon (capes cannot be worn).
Starting Point:
Castle Wars lobby, west of Yanille.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

To play Castle Wars, you'll first have to make your way to the lobby. There are a few ways to get your way there with the most convenient method being a Ring of Duelling, an enchanted emerald ring. After you operate it, you will see the screen below. Obviously, choose the Castle Wars option.


  • Teleport to Ardougne (Level 51 Magic and completion of the Plague City quest), then walk southwest until you get to the Battlefield. Walk south on the west side of the river and you will eventually find it.

  • Home teleport to Yanille Lodestone and walk west.

  • After you complete the Enlightened Journey quest, you can travel by hot air balloon right outside of the lobby. The only condition is that you must have traveled there at least once from Entrana.

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The Lobby and Waiting Room

When you first arrive in the lobby, you will notice the three portals: a Zamorak portal (red), a Saradomin portal (Blue) and a Guthix portal (Green). The Zamorak and Saradomin portals will transport you to the respective waiting room, while the Guthix portal will transport you to whichever team has fewer members on it.


The waiting room is, obviously, the room you wait in for the next game to start. Here, you will see everyone who is on your team and how much time is left until the next game begins.

Waiting room

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Start room and Screen Information

Once the game starts, you have two minutes to leave the start room or be removed from the game. Before leaving, you can takes bandages from the table to heal you and restore run energy. If you wish to leave the game, there is a portal here to do so.
If it's your first game, the screen information may be a little confusing at first. This should clear any confusion.

  • Red: Team scores
  • Dark Green: Game time remaining
  • Orange: Flag status
  • Light Blue: Main door status
  • Purple: Side doors status.
  • Dark Blue: North/South tunnel status
  • Yellow: East/West tunnel status
  • Light Green: Catapult status
Game screen

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Supply Room

Below the start room is the supply room and here you will find several items you can use to help defend your own flag and capture the opposing team's flag.

Game screen
Name Image Use
Explosive potion Explosive potion Destroys underground rockslides, barricades, and catapults
Rock Rock Ammo for catapult
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe Creates and destroys underground rockslides
Rope Rope Use on enemy's Castle's outer wall to climb inside
Toolbox Toolbox Fixes the catapult and the main door when damaged
Barricade Barricade Blocks a path. Only a max of 10 can be used by your team at a time
Bucket Bucket Fill with water to put out fires on barricades and your catapult
Tinderbox Tinderbox Sets barricades and the enemy catapult on fire

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The Battlefield

With the exception of your respawn room, everywhere in the arena is a multicombat zone.

Floor maps

The stepping stones aren't commonly used, but they are useful when being chased with the flag. Simply click on the stone in front of you to cross the river.

Stepping stones

The catapult is located on the outer wall of your castle. Click on it with a rock in your inventory to use it. Click on the map to aim and click fire to cause damage to nearby enemies.

Catapult Menu

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The Underground

A large battle usually ensues to capture this area because it's a direct route from your castle to your enemies.


On each path before the middle room is reached, you may encounter a rockslide. This blocks you path and must be destroyed to get past.


To destroy it, use an explosive potion or a pickaxe on the rocks. To cause it, use an explosive potion or a pickaxe on the wall near it. If the rockslides fall on you, you WILL die.

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Capturing the Enemy Standard

It is only recommended to attempt to capture the flag if you have high combat stats (80+) and good armor (God Wars Dungeon armor, Barrows, Eastern armor). It is vital to have several explosive potions and as many bandages as possible to successfully escape the enemy's castle and make it back to yours alive.

  1. Enter the tunnel below your castle by using the stairs in your supply room. Run through the tunnels using your bandages to restore your running energy as you go. Use the exploding potions to destroy rocks that block your path.
  2. When you get to the opponents base, take a second to grab two barricades, and restock on exploding potions. Run up the stairs using potions to destroy barricades in your path. Grab the flag and run back down to the tunnels.
  3. Now, click and start running down the tunnels. When you get to a narrow section, (only one square across) drop a barricade and keep on running. If you're lucky, you should be home free, even if the enemies pursuing you have exploding potions, you probably have enough of a head start to be safe, however, use the other barricade when you get to another narrow section anyway. then, simply run up the stairs of your base, destroy the barricades in your way, and plant the flag in your standard holder.

  • Remember that you need to have two inventory spaces free to pick up the flag at the opponent's base, so if you need to waste bandages, don't worry about it.
  • Try to keep your run energy and Life points above 50% at all times.
  • You can drop barricades while running, so if you get the timing down, you can barricade the narrow spots of the tunnel without having to stop.
  • It is not recommended that mages or rangers try to capture the flag, but there is also no rule against it.
  • The flag is a 2-handed weapon, so any weapon and shield you bring along is optional.

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Protecting Your Standard

The most essential part of the game is being able to protect your own standard. One of the simplest ways to do this is by setting up barricades inside around your castle so that the opposing team cannot easily access your flag. Once you've collected some barricades from the supply room, simply stand where you want to place one and click set up barricade. (Note: Your team can only set up 10 barricades at a time and they can be destroyed by the other team so will most likely need to be replaced regularly).
Alternatively, if you are attacking the opposing team's castle, you may need to destroy their barricades. You can do this by attacking them, burning them with a tinderbox, or using an explosive potion to destroy them instantly. Therefore, it's recommended to collect several explosive potions before leaving your castle.

Combination 4

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You will receive 2 Gold tickets and 1 Silver ticket for winning a game and 1 Gold and Silver ticket for drawing a game. You receive 1 Silver ticket for losing. Trade Lanthus in the lobby to purchase decorative armor and capes:

Decorative Armour
Name Image Ticket cost
Basic decorative helm Basic decorative helm 4 Silver
Basic decorative platebody Basic decorative platebody 8 Silver
Basic decorative platelegs Basic decorative helm 6 Silver
Basic decorative shield Basic decorative shield 6 Silver
Basic decorative sword Basic decorative sword 5 Silver
Detailed decorative helm Detailed decorative helm 40 Gold
Detailed decorative platebody Detailed decorative platebody 80 Gold
Detailed decorative platelegs Detailed decorative platelegs 60 Gold
Detailed decorative shield Detailed decorative shield 60 Gold
Detailed decorative sword Detailed decorative sword 50 Gold
Intricate decorative helm Intricate decorative helm 400 Gold
Intricate decorative platebody Intricate decorative platebody 800 Gold
Intricate decorative platelegs Intricate decorative platelegs 600 Gold
Intricate decorative shield Intricate decorative shield 600 Gold
Intricate decorative sword Intricate decorative sword 500 Gold
Profound decorative helm Profound decorative helm 650 Gold
Profound decorative platebody Profound decorative platebody 1100 Gold
Profound decorative platelegs Profound decorative platelegs 800 Gold
Profound decorative shield Profound decorative shield 800 Gold
Profound decorative sword Profound decorative sword 800 Gold
Name Image Ticket cost
Saradomin team cape Saradomin team cape 10 Silver
Saradomin team hood Saradomin team hood 10 Silver
Zamorak team cape Zamorak team cape 10 Silver
Zamorak team hood Zamorak team hood 10 Silver
Castle wars flag cape Castle wars flag cape 2 Silver
Castle wars kills cape Castle wars kills cape 2 Silver
Castle wars hobbyist cape Castle wars fhobbyist cape 2 Silver
Castle wars enthusiast cape Castle wars enthusiast cape 2 Silver
Castle wars professional cape Castle wars professional cape 2 Silver
Guthix halo Guthix halo 300 Silver
Saradomin halo Saradomin halo 300 Silver
Zamorak halo Zamorak halo 300 Silver
Faithful shield Faithful shield 200 Silver

After playing a large number of games (at least 60), you may receive a Hybrid helm. You can choose between a Trickster, Battlemage, or Vanguard helm and once owned, these helms will provide a damage bonus when playing certain Minigames (see Hybrid armor special report).

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Miscellaneous information

Wearing armor into a portal that is not that god's armor will transform you into an animal. (Example: Wearing a holy symbol into the Zamorak Portal)

Sheep Guthix
Rabbit Saradomin
Imp Zamorak
  • After you complete the Catapult Construction quest, you will no longer hurt your own teammates with using the catapult.

  • All noncombat related items, such as coins, are not allowed into the game. Potions, however, are.

  • A great way to stop someone who has your flag is to use ancient magicks such as Ice Barrage. They are very effective in dealing with your enemy.

  • If you kill someone who has your flag, you may pick it up yourself. However, if you are inside of your base, it will return to it's holder. This includes one square at the bottom of the ladder in the underground. The only exceptions are that if you die on the stepping stones or under the rockslide, it will return to your base.

  • It's a good idea to bring 2 different types of combat armor (Melee, magic, or range) into the game to deal with all types of enemies.

  • A good advantage to have is to wear a Castlewar brace into the game. It allows you to hit 20% more damage against an enemy with your flag. It also allows bandages to heal you 50% more than normal.

    To make a Castle wars bracelet, you will need one gold bar, one emerald, a bracelet mould, level 30 crafting, and level 27 magic. These are also tradeable, so it would be easier to just buy them from the Grand Exchange.

    Note: Even if you take the bracelet off while in a game, the effects will still last for the rest of the game.

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