Skill Levels Required:

43 Firemaking to start the mini-game
See table below for individual beacon requirements.
Quests Required:

All Fired Up
As a First Resort... (recommended)
Desert Treasure (recommended
See table below for individual beacon requirements.
Items Needed:
Logs (at least 20 of any type for each beacon, depending on your skills), and a Tinderbox.
See table below for individual beacon requirements.
Skill Levels Recommended:
Items Recommended:
Boots of lightness, Spotted cape or Spottier cape, Energy potions or Super energy potions, Penance gloves, Explorer's ring, Amulet of glory, Varrock teleport method, Trollheim teleport method, Goblin teleport orb, Ancient staff, Games necklace or Ring of slaying, Beast of Burden pouches, and 12 Macaw pouches. For weight reduction while running: Wicked Cape, Wicked Hood, Wicked Robe Top, and Wicked Legs
Starting Point:
Varrock Palace, speak to King Roald.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

There are 14 beacons across Misthalin from the River Salve through Varrock, Edgeville, Goblin Village and spreading through the Wilderness as far as the Frozen waste Plateau. The object of the game is to keep as many beacons lit simultaneously as possible. In order to light a beacon you will need 20 logs of the same kind. As with other fires, the beacons can die down. To prevent this from happening you will require 5 more logs of the same kind per beacon. You may however give the 5 logs to the person tending a specific beacon and they will keep the fire lit automatically when it begins to die down.


As you are progressing in lighting the beacons, you might want to know about the status on the beacons you have lit. You can gather information on the status of the neighboring beacons by selecting the "information"-option on each attendant. If you give all of these people a Macaw pouch you will be able to get information on all of the beacons, simply by using the Macaw's "Talk to ..."-option.

Information Screen


Location Tended By Firemaking
Other Requirements To
Requirements To Use
1 Near the Temple of Paterdomus Blaze Sharpeye 43 None None 216.2
2 West of the Rag and Bone Man's hut Squire Fyre 43 None None 235.8
3 North of the Jolly Boar Inn Orry 48 None Must have started
The Family Crest quest
4 North of Varrock Castle Ube 53 None Garden of Tranquillity quest,
White tree fruit
5 North of the Grand Exchange Waldo 59 None None 194.3
6 Near Edgeville's General Store Gjalp 62 Completed all 4 areas
of the Stronghold of Security
None 86.7
7 East of the Black Knights' Fortress Brother Fintan 68 31 Prayer,
Must have joined the Monastery
53 Prayer 224.4
8 Northeastern corner of the Goblin Village No one 72 Land of the Goblins quest Davy kebbit hat 194.8
9 Northeast of Burthorpe Doronbol 76 56 Smithing, a Hammer, and 2 Iron bars A Tail of Two Cats,
and a Catspeak amulet
10 East of Death Plateau Crate 79 42 Construction,
a Hammer, 2 Planks, and 5 Nails
Lava eel 249.9
11 Near the Trollheim Agility Shortcut Egg 83 64 Agility Climbing boots (to get to Egg), Troll
, and My Arm's Big Adventure quests
12 Near the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon Nanuq 87 60 Crafting,
a Needle, and 3 Jute fibres
81 Summoning 255
13 Near small temple in the Wilderness No one 89 70 Smithing,
a Hammer, and 2 Iron bars
OR 59 Construction,
a Hammer, 2 Planks, and 4 Nails.
None 198.9
14 Frozen Waste Plateau No one 92 None None 147.9

Beacon Map

The Logs:

Each of type of log will burn for different lengths of time before the fire will die out completely.

Log Name Time Lit
Regular 10 mins 45 secs
Oak 12 mins 45 secs
Willow 14 mins 15 secs
Teak 14 mins 30 secs
Maple 14 mins 45 secs
Mahogany 15 mins 30 secs
Yew 16 mins 45 secs
Magic 18 mins 15 secs

Firemaking Experience:

For lighting a beacon you receive a set amount of experience, not depending on the type of log you used. In addition, you will receive an extra firemaking experience bonus for having several beacons lit simultaneously. Even having one beacon lit will yield you a bonus.

Total XP = XP for lighting each beacon + XP for the amount of beacons lit

Beacons Lit Firemaking Bonus
1 608.4
2 1622.4
3 1987.4
4 2149.6
5 2149.6
6 2514.6
7 2555.2
8 2758
9 2839.1
10 3041.9
11 3123
12 3244.7
13 3366.4
14 4867.1


Item Image No. of Beacons
Ring of fire Ring of fire 6 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience.
Gloves of fire Gloves of fire 10 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience.
Can be worn with the Ring of fire to provide even more firemaking experience.
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 14 When used while woodcutting, functions as a Dragon hatchet. While you are mining,
it will function as a Rune pickaxe. There is a 25% chance of incinerating logs while
woodcutting, providing both Woodcutting XP and Firemaking XP at the same time.

Hints and Tips:

  • The beacons can be lit in any order to receive the rewards. Therefore, if you have not fulfilled the requirements for one, you may just proceed to the next beacon.

  • Setting up each of the beacons before you light them will give you more time to reach each beacon.

  • You can leave 5 logs with the Person tending the beacon and they will keep the fire lit automatically when it begins to die down.

  • Those of you have completed the As a As a First Resort... quest, may use the salt water pool to have their run energy constantly reverting to 100% for a certain period of time. If you have not completed this quest you may use a Beast of Burden familiar to carry extra logs, (super) energy potions. You may also use some Beast of Burden's scrolls to replenish your run energy.

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