Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
There are obstacles in this dungeon which require at least 40 Agility.

Players must travel to Yanille in order to enter the dungeon. Listed below are a few other ways to get there.

Using the Watchtower Teleport. This teleport will place you close to the northern entrance.

Teleport to a player owned house in Yanille.

Ring of dueling. Teleport to the Castle Wars, west of Yanille.

Fairy Code C-I-Q, Northwest of Yanille.

Ardougne Cape. Monastery to the north of Yanille.

Yanille Lodestone.

North Entrance:

The northern entrances is a small house north of the Yanille city walls. It is very close to the shortcut under the wall by the farming patch. A spider web blocks the entrance to the house. Players must cut through the web before they can enter the house using a Knife from their toolbelt.

South Entrance:

The southern entrance is a house in south-east Yanille, west of the smithy with the anvils. Players can access this house and its basement, but the door connecting the basement to the rest of the dungeon is locked. To pick the lock and open the door, players must have a Lockpick in their inventory and must have a Thieving level of at least 82.

Nearest Landmark:

Yanille Agility Dungeon Map



The dungeon is made up of a upper and lower level. In the upper level you will find mostly monsters and items. The lower level can be entered by praying at the altar, or by failing either the balance ledge or the monkey bars. To leave the lower area, players can use the one way staircase found in the north end of the dungeon.

The Sinister chest can only be opened with the Sinister key, which is occasionally dropped by Salarin the Twisted deeper in the dungeon. The chest can release poison gas when opened, so having an Anti poison potion, Totem, or equivalent is recommended. The chest always yields 9 grimy herbs: Harralander (2), Ranarr (3), Irit (1), Avantoe (1), Kwuarm (1), and Torstol (1).

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