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There are six chartered islands that make up Wushanko Isles: Waiko, Whale's Maw, Aminishi, Tuai Leit, Goshima, The Islands That Once Were Turtles, and Cyclosis. Each of these islands have specific perks for each player.

Waiko features the main hub of vendors and mini-quest NPC's. It is here where you start gaining all of your chimes and supplies for visits to Uncharted Isles. In the center of this island are vendors you can sell all of the items you acquire around the Arc for Chimes.

Waiko Map

Whale's Maw features hunting and fishing spots to catch tortles, raw Sillago, and raw Seerfish.

Whales Maw Map

Aminishi has many slayer creatures that you can kill for chimes and other various rewards and drops. Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami, and Arhat are the available monsters to fight here.

Aminishi Map

Tuai Leit is home to many shops and people. Here you can find a bank, vendors to sell your wares to in exchange for chimes, a berry planter, and berry bushes. The vendors on this Isle offer better prices compared to other vendors on the Isles within the Arc. This is also the home of the Tuai Leit Moai who askes you to call her Sparkle.

Tuai Leit Map

Goshima features Negative energy springs, mushroom clusters, and the City of Gongdung. The mini-quest Final Destination takes place here as well. You can exchange the Negative energy you collect for chimes.

Goshima Map

The The Islands That Once Were Turtles is home to dead moai, whom you can train your Divination on, if you've obtained level 90. You can also train on Mushroom Clusters which require 90 Farming. To travel between each of the isles, you will need to use a Tortle Portal. These can be located on the blue dots and lines on the map below.

Turtles Map

Cyclosis features the Cyclops city, where The Eye for an Eye mini-quest takes place. You can find Salty Crabletines to mine, Cyclops villagers to pickpocket, and various vendors here to trade your wares in for chimes.

Cyclosis Map


You can buy supplies from Rosie on Waiko to journey to Uncharted Isles. Each day, you can claim five free supplies from the crate on the ground next to her. Uncharted isles can contain any resources available in the Arc with varying rarities.

Long Voyage: Large islands with 2-3 rare resources (20 supplies)
Median Expedition: Medium-sized islands with 1-2 rare resources (12 Supplies)
Short Junket: Small isles with 0-1 rare resources (5 supplies)
Claimed Island: Return to your claimed island (3 supplies)

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