Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Items Needed to Enter Area:
Located West of Daemonheim and North of Edgeville, Goblin Village, and Varrock.
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
Nearest Landmark:
Nearest Other:
Runescape Wilderness Map

The Wilderness is a vast and very dangerous area that is north east of Gielinor. Dying in the Wilderness either by player vs player or by the monsters found in this area will cause a players to lose all of thier items, except their 3 most valuable. A maximum of five items can be saved by using the protect items Prayer and a Portent/Sign of item protection unless on a high risk server.

Teleports Restrictions:

Teleports will not work above level 20 of the Wilderness, except for a select few such as the Amulet of glory, which may be used by members up to level 30.

Allowed Teleports Items to Level 30:

Amulet of glory
Combat bracelet
Skills necklace
Pharaoh's sceptre
Ring of wealth
Grand seed pod
Ring of life
Saradominist, Zamorakian, Armadylean and Bandosian tokens

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