On Foot - There are several entrances to Varrock, shown in the map, and all are accessible via walking.

Lodestone - Must be activated once in order to use. Found at the South Gate and is an excellent way to arrive to the city.

Varrock Teleport - Magic level 25 or higher and uses 3 Air rune, 1 Fire rune, and 1 Law rune.

Skills necklace and Combat bracelet - These pieces of jewelry can be used to visit the Cooks' Guild and Champions' Guild, respectively. Each one will last four charges.

Canoe system - This transportation system allows travel to several landing points along the River Lum. All cutting stations are found on the East side of the river. The distance you can travel depends on the type of canoe you make, which in turn depends on your Woodcutting level. It is possible to travel both up and down the river.

Hot Air Balloon Transport System - South of the Lumber Yard, North East of Varrock. Requires completion of Enlightened Journey, the location to have been traveled to once before via this method, 40 Firemaking, and 1 Willow log.

Spirit tree - A magical Spirit Tree can be found within the Grand Exchange, North East of the market area. Use of this requires completion of Tree Gnome Village.

Fairy Ring - These strange rings of fungi were created by the fairies long ago and can teleport you to various locations either by right clicking and choosing your destination or by traveling to Zanaris (Lost City) before continuing on. Use of this requires completion of at least A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains. At this stage you will still need to use a Dramen or Lunar staff. If you complete A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift, the staff will no longer be necessary. The closest ring to Varrock is code D-K-R.

Gnome Gliders - These strange gnomish inventions are capable of transporting players to several areas across Gielinor. Use of these require completion of The Grand Tree.
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
Varrock's banks are located near the East and West gates, as well as in the Cooks' Guild (if you have completed the Hard Varrock Achievement set) and Grand Exchange.
Varrock Map

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Table of Contents


1. Bob Barter (herbs)
2. Banker
3. Grand Exchange clerk
4. Farid Morrisane (ores)
5. Murky Matt (runes)
6. Relobo Blinyo (logs)
7. Brugsen Bursen, Giles, Grand Exchange Tutor, Miles, and Niles
8. Hofuthand (armour and weapons) and Musician (Grand Exchange)
9. Local Mage* and Lucien*
10. Head chef and Romily Weaklax*
11. Dororan, Gudrun, andMusician (Cooks' Guild)
12. Caleb*, Fluffs, Gertrude, Kanel, and Philop
13. Sani and Soran, Emissary of Zaros
14. Apothecary, Stray dog, and Tanner
15. Katrine
16. Dreven, Guildmaster, Larxus*, Mystic Marge, Scavvo, and Valaine
17. Benedict Encumberyak, Charlie the Tramp
18. Dealga*, Shop assistant (Varrock Sword shop), and Shop keeper (Varrock Sword shop)
19. Iffie and Thessalia
20. Gypsy Aris
21. Naff and Zaff
22. Ambassador Ferrnook, Clive (Varrock), and Sir Prysin
23. Captain Rovin, Hartwin*, Reldo, and Surok Magis
24. Aeonisig Raispher, Ellamaria*, King Roald, and Treznor
25. Herald of Varrock and Horvik
26. Baraek, Benny, Cleaner, Market guard, Max*, Shilop, Urist Loric, Wilough, and Xuan
27. Lowe
28. Shop assistant and Shop keeper
29. Pillory Guard and Tramp
30. Bartender (Blue Moon Inn), Cook (Blue Moon Inn), and Dr Harlow
31. Moira and Molly
32. Straven
33. Mage of Zamorak*
34. Ernie, Stray dog, and Guard
35. Hooknosed Jack* and Pox*
36. Bartender (Dancing Donkey Inn), Chancy, Da Vinci, and Hops
37. Guidor, Guidor's wife, and Stray dog
38. Dimintheis* and Fancy-dress shop owner
39. Tea seller
40. Aubury
41. Rogue*
42. Town crier (Varrock) and Trial announcer
43. Art Critic Jacques*, Barnabus Hurma, Caden Azro, Curator Haig Halen, Historian Minas*, Information clerk, Marfet*, Marius Giste, Mark Brodie*, Mr. Mordaut*, Museum guard (Inside), Museum guard (Outside), Natural Historian (Varrock Museum)*, Orlando Smith*, Schoolboy, Schoolgirl, Sinco Doar, Teacher and pupil, Thias Leacke, Tinse Torpe, and Torrcs*
44. Estate Agent* and Grimesquit* with Phingspet* in the sewers
45. Elsie*, Father Lawrence, Gideon Bede, Jeremy Clerksin, and Martina Scorsby
46. Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn), Cook (Jolly Boar Inn), and Johnathon*
47. Overseer, Phil, Sawmill operator, and Will
48. Squire Fyre
49. Odd Old Man
50. Maria
51. Drezel and Monk (Devious Minds)*
52. Blaze Sharpeye
53. Assistant Serf*, Happy Imp, and Melancholic Imp
54. Anna Jones and Musician (Eastern Varrock)
55. Brana, Launa, and Tolna
56. Museum guard (Gate)
57. Captain Errdo and Ed Wood
58. Barge foreman and Barge workman
58. Celia Diggory, Digsite workman, Elissa*, Student (green shirt), Student (purple shirt), and Student (red shirt)
60. Nick, Nisha, and Panning guide
61. Terry Balando, Dr. Nabanik*, Examiner, and Researcher
62. Musician (Southern Varrock)
63. Rat Burgiss
64. Andrew, Ian, and Paul
65. Denath
66. Tarquin
67. Relaxed Imp, Sanguine Imp, and Sigurd
*Only able to be seen on Members worlds.


In an attempt to not clutter the map more, the item spawns will be listed below with a brief description of where they can be found.


The larger groups of monsters are indicated on the map, however, several of these monsters can also be found wandering within the city limits, around the city, and within the local dungeons.

Places of Interest:

These locations are listed in pink numbers upon the map.

  1. Shortcut to/from Grand Exchange – 21 Agility required
  2. Canoe station
  3. Fairy Ring D-K-R
  4. Edgeville Dungeon
  5. Air Runecrafting Altar
  6. Solomon's General Store, Well of Goodwill, and Trial Announcer
  7. Spirit Tree
  8. Varrock Sewers
  9. South West Mine
  10. Shortcut to/from Lumbridge – 13 Agility required
  11. Yew and Elder trees, and the South East Mine
  12. Bright Wisp colony
  13. The Senntisten digsite
  14. Tree Gnome Glider
  15. Chaos Tunnels
  16. Earth Runecrafting Altar and Hot Air Balloon

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