Items Needed to Enter Area:

Desert Clothing
Money for carpet ride
Enchanted water tiara
Choc ices

  1. Using the Dominion medallion to teleport to the Dominion Tower is the fastest way to acces the area. This option requires that players have 160 combat. Once you arrive at the Dominion Tower lobby simply leave through the exit and the Hunter Area will be a few steps to the North East.
  2. Magic Carpets - This method lets players travel from Shantay Pass to the Ruins of Uzer in the east. This way costs 200 coins unless you have reached a certain point in the Rogue Trader mini-game, 100. If players wear the Ring of Charos the price can be reduced to a mere 75 coins.
  3. Fairy Rings - To the south of the Hunter Area is a fairy ring with the combination D•L•Q. This method is fairly fast, but requires that the player reach a certain point in A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen. Players must be wielding the Dramen or Lunar staff.
  4. Eagle Transport System - This requires completion of the Eagles' Peak quest. They player must first move a boulder in a cave north of the Hunter Area to use it. The player must also have a rope, which can be found in the eagle's nest.

Uzer Hunter Area Map


Creatures found in the Hunting area:

Desert Devils
Golden Warblers
Orange Salamanders

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