The first time you access the Lost Grove you must do so by touching the stone found West of the Incandecent Wisp Colony. Once you have repaired the Fairy Ring near the center of the island (using 5 Bittercap mushrooms), you will be able to travel here using the code B-J-S.
The Lost Grove

Within the Grove you can find 4 people. The first 2 have stationary positions labeled on the map. The other 2 can be found wandering the Island.

Here we can also find 3 different Slayer Monsters; which can only be assigned by Morvran.

Once he has been added to the game, this island will also provide access to Solak. He is expected to be the strongest Boss in game, so many are excitedly awaiting his release along with the Tier 92 crossbows that you can receive from him.

North East of the island center, also known as the Cradle, we find some ruins. Clicking on these will take you though a dialog about the lore of Solak. Going through this dialog will also award you a music track.

In addition to the above we can also find the weekly Distraction and Diversion Wisps of the Grove. Completion of this provides you with the chance to obtain the Vinny pet. When wandering the island searching for the wisps, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Mossy rock. Once found, you will need to bring it to Headless moss golem in order to obtain the Clover pet

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