Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
No Requirements.

The entrance to the dungeon is found at south of Taverley and west of Falador. After the Troll Warzone update it was moved much closer to a bank. This is found south of the dock just past the bridge next to the wheat patch.

A Water Obelisk can only be reached by making your way through this dungeon. Water Obelisk Island is just off the coast near Catherby. There is a one-way Mithril grapple shortcut from the island to the shore which requires 36 Agility, 39 Ranged, and 22 Strength.

The Dusty Key:

The Dusty key is required to gain access to the deeper areas. To aquire it, simply go through the dungeon going south to the Black Knight headquarters. Enter through a narrow passageway, kill the Jailer (Level 39), and obtain the key as a drop. Once you have the key use it to open the door of the jail cell and speak to "Velrak the Explorer" to get the key. Note: if the key gets lost, simply go through the steps again to reobtain.

Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
Taverley, just north of the Dungeon Entrance!

Taverley Dungeon Map


Monsters Found Within Dungeon:

Baby blue dragon
Black demon
Black dragon
Black Knight
Blue dragon
Chaos druid
Chaos dwarf
Giant bat
Hill giant
Ikadia the Exile
Lesser demon
Magic axe
Monk of Zamorak
Posion spider
Posion scorpion
Suit of armour

Dungeon Walkthrough:

The entrance/exit ladder is the only way to access this dungeon.

By the ladder are two shortcuts. If you posses the required levels there is no need to bring the dusty key.

The level 70 Agility shortcut leads to a chamber containing Blue dragons, and Baby blue dragons. Make sure that you are prepared.

The level 80 Agility shortcut leads to the Poison spider area located deep into the dungeon.

The area north of the ladder contains aggressive Skeletons and Ghosts.

Two Suits of Armour stand before the door to the room with the Cauldron of Thunder. Players have the choice to engage the suits or simply walk past them.

Chaos druids can be found in the north easter chamber. These are popular for skilling on for thier Herb drops.

The area south of the axe room contains Poison Scorpions. Preperations should be made when entering into this area.

Taking the south route you will encounter Hill Giants.

South of the Hill giants is the location of the Black Knight headquarters. This area is filled with "Black Knights".

Lesser Demons are found north of the dwarves. They protect the entrance to the area with the Baby blue dragons.

The next corridor swings north and a chamber of Black demons soon opens up.

North of the demons are several rooms filled with Poison spiders. One of these rooms has a false wall that can be pushed to access a "Khardian scorpion". Whis is needed in the Scorpion Catcher quest.

The Hellhound chanber is located north of the spiders. This is a good place if they are given as a Slayer assignment.

Black dragons are north of the spiders.

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