Near Shantay Pass in Al Kharid. You can access the garden from the Sorceress's house, which is just east of the path leading to Shantay Pass. Speak to the Sorceress' Apprentice on the ground floor until you convince her to teleport you to the garden.
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Sorceress's Garden Map


The garden is split into five different area. You start in the central gardern by a fountain and Del-Monty the cat. Drinking from the fountain will teleport you back to the Sorceress' house. Del-Monty will tell you about the garden and the minigame, if you speak to him while wearing a catspeak amulet.

Around the central garden are four seasonal gardens.

The Winter garden has a tree with the most under-ripe fruits (five required for one glass of Sq'irk juice).
The Spring garden has a tree with the slightly under-ripe fruits (four for one glass).
The Autumn garden has a tree with overripe fruits (three for one glass).
The Summer garden has a tree with perfectly ripe fruits (two for one glass).

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